Saturday, June 29, 2019

Won't Get Fooled Again? Of Course We Will! Take 9/11 as a Case In Point

James Corbett asks whether Humanity
is more "woke" than before the Iraq War
h/t to Jody Paulson for the video

James Corbett of "The Corbett Report" blog has asked for our opinion on whether humanity has "woken up" since we [the West] were "fooled" into the Iraq War.  Here is the response that Greencrow posted in the comments section of the YouTube video:

The Public, unfortunately, is determined to be unawake. It is part of their self-image and self esteem. They cannot be seen to be "conspiracy theorists" believe in things like "9/11 being an Inside Job" would destroy them mentally.

Sadly, I arrived at that conclusion years ago after trying in vain to "wake up" those who were closest to me.  By observing and analysing their reactions--and extrapolating from that exercise to the general population--I concluded that most (at least 75%) of humanity is hardwired to be "herded".  They don't want to, or can't, think outside the box...It is in their genetics--their DNA.  I suppose there must have originally been some evolutionary "selective" reason for this herd mentality, but obviously in this "nuclear" age it has turned out to be a profound deficit.  It could lead to our extinction as a species and the death of planet earth.

Let's just look at the case of 9/11.  It should be obvious to anyone who watches a video of the implosions of the buildings, particularly building 7, that the explosives were pre-planted.  But because we were told by the "authorities" that a gang of al qaeda terrorists took the buildings down by driving jet planes into them...the herd simply cannot use their own eyes to deviate from the "official story"....they will not believe "their own lying eyes".

If you take them step by step through the myriad of implausibility's about 9/11  and "force" them to look at the implosion of building 7, which was not hit by a plane.  Then they will become very angry, turn on you and shout "I DON'T CARE!  I JUST DON'T CARE!!!

That's what I mean in the comment above...about how admitting that 9/11 was an inside job would "destroy them mentally".  You can see it in their eyes...they simply cannot make the mental leap to the MOST LOGICAL premise--that some entity would be so evil as to have planted explosives in the buildings and brought them down with 3,000 deaths at the time and thousands more since...resulting from the radiation in the buildings.  They need to have a foreign, dark-skinned "terrorist" boogyman to have driven a plane into the suits their comic book mentality.

And speaking of the unspeakable horrors of the 9/11 atrocity:

New Yorkers fleeing Pyroclastic, Toxic
 Blast of 9/11 Implosion

I read a few weeks ago that New York celebrity Jon Stewart is leading a movement to shake down New York Ziofascists for more Shekels for Silence.  This is the slush fund set up to buy the silence of the victims' families.  It's now running dry and the perps need to top it up.  With the workers who cleaned up the contaminated Ground Zero all dying of radiation cancers, the slush fund is more important than ever.  How appropriate that tribe member Jon Stewart is leading the cause. Jon should be able to hit up "Lucky Larry Silverstein" for a couple million shekels at least.

And also recently in the newz, Donald Trump was quoted as saying "I think I know who was behind the 9/11 attacks."  Can you imagine?!  The President of the United States of America says he thinks he knows who was "behind" the attacks and nobody follows up with a "Who Was It!!!????" or calls a grand jury together for Trump to testify before. No.  Nothing further is said about it.  That just proves my point about most Western excuses for humanity not being mentally able to "handle the truth".

Oh, I do believe humanity will eventually accept that the WTC buildings were wired with explosives and even "suitcase" nukes. Just not in our lifetimes. Just like Galileo, the sentient amongst us are condemned to keep repeating "Eppur se Muove" until the day we die.

Then in a hundred years....when everyone remotely gonnected with the crimes are gone...[if there is still a human civilization on this planet] there will be an official government apology and an acceptance of the truth. Just like with Galileo.

Portrait, attributed to Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, of Galileo Galilei gazing at the wall of his prison cell, on which are scratched the words "E pur si muove" (not legible in this image).


Jody Paulson said...

I'm amazed that people still believe the moon landing was real. So it's been 50 years, and we still haven't been back there? I thought we were supposed to have colonies there by now! :/

greencrow said...

Hi Jody:

Yes, it can be very lonely in the land of the harsh reality of truth. No "great step for mankind" darky boogymen al Qaeda, etc., etc., nauseum.

Unknown said...

The twin towers were not imploded. Cognitive dissonance extends to "woke" individuals as well.

Stewart (leibowitz) has been tasked with obfuscating the now proven fact of carcinogenic radioactive compounds at ground zero causing cancer.