Wednesday, June 19, 2019

UPDATED: British Columbia Responds to Federal Decision re Trans Mountain Pipeline

UPDATED:  June 20, 2019 I'm leaving this up for another day to show the hypocrisy of the MZM in censoring the truth, even if it is delivered by a Provincial Premier!  RT has published a great analysis of the hypocrisy of Le Dauphin.  Announcing Climate Emergency one day and approving massive environmental destruction the next.  PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THE COMMENTS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE RT ARTICLE...IT'S JUST A TASTE OF HOW CANADIANS FEEL ABOUT TRUDEAU!

BC Premier John Horgan says
BC will continue legal fight against Pipeline
Video removed in Act of Censorship
Not allowed to tell BC side of issue

UPDATE:  A Global News report from this mornings says that Burnaby Mayor objects to the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion on grounds that the City [where the Terminal is situated on the Burrard Inlet] has not been consulted:
“....Well, the real impact could be totally disastrous. Major fires, major chemical explosions, things down that very serious line. And serious loss of life is possible,” Hurley said.

And those concerns have been waved away, he said, with the pipeline being “pushed onto” a community that doesn’t want it and hasn’t had an opportunity to make its voices heard.

“Well, we’re absolutely ignored. We’ve been ignored through the whole process in the interest of foreign oil companies, instead of taking our citizens into consideration,” Hurley said.

“We’re left here holding the real risk for the rest of the country here in Burnaby. So no one seems to have taken into consideration the great risk that our residents will be facing....”

As someone who has sailed the Vancouver coastal waters for over forty years now, I cannot fathom making our way out to sea....working around the 7-fold increase in oil tankers that will be clogging up the Burrard Inlet...which is already crowded with oil tankers much of the time:

Unusual photo of Burrard Inlet 
with only one tanker in view. There will be
seven times as many tankers in these narrow 
waters we sail through each summer

Everyone interested in the back story to this "internal" Canadian dispute should read the following analysis by John McMurtry that appeared in Counterpunch on June 18, 2019.  Here is just a brief snippet:

Koch-Oil Big Lies and Ecocide Writ Large in Canada

"....Canada is attacking itself without knowing it.

A US Big-Oil backed juggernaut of Conservative provincial governments and the federal Opposition are well advanced in a Canada campaign to reverse longstanding parliamentary decisions, environmental laws, climate action initiatives, Supreme Court directions, first-nations negotiations, and bring down the government of Canada. Yet no-one in public or media circles has joined the dots.

Canada’s vast tar-sands deposits are world famous as surpassing Saudi Arabia oil-field capacities in total barrels of potential yield. Great Canada! Yet few notice that over two-thirds of the entire tar-sands operations are owned by foreign entities sending their profits out of Canada, and almost all its raw product is controlled for refining and sale in the US.

What is especially kept out of the daily news is the incendiary fact that the infamous, election-interfering and oft-EPA-convicted Koch brothers have a dominant stake in the toxic crude of the Alberta tar-sands seeking a massive BC-pipeline out to their US refineries.

Koch-owned industries have already extracted countless billions of their near $100-billion fortune from the tar-sands and deployed their well-known voter-manipulations to change the balance of power in Canada as they have done in the US.

The objective is the same in both cases – ever more tax-free, publicly subsidized and state-enforced control by US Big Oil of Alberta’s massive oil resources with no government regulations or interferences in the way.

A Short History of the Background Facts

Prior to the wide-mouth pipelines of toxic Alberta crude planned through BC mountains, lands and waters to US processors, oil has to be extracted from the tar-sands first. This demands a continuous gargantuan depleting and polluting of the great Athabaska Lake, River and watershed to steam-boil the tar out of the vast open-pit mines. The immense open-pit mines are not formed or pumped out of desert as in the Middle East. They are torn in state-size chunks out of the earth’s mantle by monstrous wrecking machines ripping out the boreal forest lands by the roots to destroy the carbons sinks and water-hold stabilization they provide in the Northern region as well as pump out ever more climate-changing gases.

To boil the tar out of the endless open-pit mines already demands the equivalent of twice the amount of water the entire City of Calgary uses and recycles in a year. But water consumed by the tar-sand boiling is permanently polluted and wasted, and its fresh- water take from the great Athabaska watershed will only increase as the tar-sands ‘development’ is maximized, accessible oil fields are exhausted and prices rise. So too the annihilation of the boreal forests acting as a sink for carbon and holding the watershed together will be permanently lost.

Yet this is only the beginning of what ends up being the biggest single point-source of carbon pollution and climate destabilization in the world. It pollutes 2.5 times more carbon gases than natural oil. Extraction mechanisms cost almost 8-times more fossil fuels than natural oil, and use overall almost as much energy as is produced!

For many years now, the Kochs have made most of their vast fortune from processing billions of barrels of tar-sand crude in the US, not Canada. This is why their octopi funding fronts have relentlessly pushed for ever more pipelines through others’ lands (including Dakota’s indigenous Standing Rock) to control this bigger and safer business than tar-sand extraction itself.

This is also why the Kochs have led the huge financing of climate change denial against the known science, in which tar-sand extractions and burning produce far more toxic carbon gases than high-grade oil. Most of all, the Kochs have acted out of sight to ensure control over elected governments that might regulate and control their above-the-law activities. They spent more than the Republican Party itself on the 2012 US elections...."
Greencrow says: The burning question is: Why doesn't Alberta instead of constantly pressuring and punishing British Columbians with something that we don't need or want...simply keep the bitumen in Alberta...and refine it into oil in Alberta...thus keeping the jobs and the money there?  But you'll never hear that question raised in the MainZtream Media.... or by Justin. Wake up, Canada!


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

hi gc, i was replying on this subject on your last posting but it got out hand both in size and reality so I killed the reply.

I would like you to consider the most obvious way to solve tar sands not for ordinary canadians though. This formed the very last part of that moot.

The oil will be needed to fuel the ChiComm operations, not civil ordinary person's power, so imagine an East India company type outfit, west pacific company, and its massive mobile nuclear geo engineering ships in alberta.

Sounds stupid? Give it a few decades and the Royal BC oil company will be there on queenee's lands supplying her, I am using q for ease of understanding, Orinetal war machine.

Reading between the lines said...

This comment would not be well received by Albertans but I will say it anyway .Oil and energy production across our vast country should be nationalized and should have been many years ago when Trudeau the older tried to do it.
Today we are all being used and abused by capitalists who really don't give a damn about nation states and the environment. It is way too late to try and do this today because we would have a civil war in this country if we did.

greencrow said...


BC has been flooded with Public Opinion Polls saying that most British Columbians support the pipeline. I wonder about the legitimacy/reliability of those poll numbers. As I've said before on this blog. There is NOTHING in the plans that speaks to the needs of British Columbians. We're just supposed to "go along to get along". Oh, yes. The only incentive is that they've promised that we'll get some "relief at the gas pump" for the artificially punitive gas prices they've sucker punched us with.

greencrow said...


I remember when the Federal government sold most of Petro-Canada. I knew it was a very bad move. As far as the Alberta Tar Sands are concerned. IMO, they're a ticking time bomb that will eventually blow Canada sky high....and here's the worst part. They were ALWAYS designed with that in mind.