Saturday, June 22, 2019

"A general', 'operators' could be behind US intrusion: Iran

A "General", "Jack D. Ripper",
from the black comedy "Dr Strangelove"

The criminally complicit MZM is now on hyperdrive, trying to minimize and distract from the planetary near death experience of a few day ago when "someone" [we know not who] ordered a military strike on Iran.

Some in the alternate media are making fun of it, like this brilliant piece from "The Onion", while others are desperately trying to wake the somnolent American Talmudvisioned populace up to how close they came to incineration.

The most reliable source of information about the averted crisis is the Iranian national news network, PressTV.  There is no reason for them to lie.  The Facts, res ipsa loquitur, speak for themselves.  PressTV speculates that only one "general" or a small group of operators could have initiated the aborted attack as a rogue operation without the knowledge of the legal authorities, including the president.  Please read the following and I will have more comments to follow:

"...It may be that the violation by the Americans has been carried out by a general or several operators," head of the IRGC’s aerospace division General Amirali Hajizadeh said on Saturday.

"We are not aware of this issue, but this is a violation of the international aviation regulations by a spy plane that faced our natural response," he told state news agency IRNA...."

"...Nobody provides us with any defense equipment, including missiles and defense systems. Hence, we provide all the equipment we need self-sufficiently," [the Iranian spokesperson] he said.

"For example, the advanced American spy aircraft, which recently violated the territorial space of Iran, was targeted by an all-Iranian system," he added.

'Fire to interests of US, allies'

Another Iranian general warned the United States that any aggression against the Islamic Republic would have serious consequences for US interests across the Middle East.

"Firing one bullet towards Iran will set fire to the interests of America and its allies," Armed Forces General Staff spokesman Brigadier General Abolfazl Shekarchi said.

"Today, the situation in the region is to Iran's advantage.

"If the enemy -- especially America and its allies in the region -- make the military mistake of shooting the powder keg on which America's interests lie, the region will be set on fire," Shekarchi warned."


Greencrow says:  But, but, can the above holocaust be avoided?  Given that USrael is in the midst of a covert civil war.  The sane versus the insane...with the latter winning most of the skirmishes thus far.  Can you imagine the brazen, cold-blooded planning that went into this latest caper?  Sending a $160 million dollar piece of military equipment to sure destruction...not to mention the accompanying reconnaissance plane carrying a crew of 35 innocents to the slaughter.  It was the ultimate False Flag catastrophe, averted at the very last moment.  Oh, and I pasted the second part of the PressTV report to remind readers that it was the Iranians who gave the Khibiny technology to Russia.  We have NO idea how advanced the Iranians are...but I certainly would never sell them short.

Here's Moon of Alabama's theory that Trump was not in on the decision to send the mission against Iran.  Well then, who was?  It is just a microscopically tiny indication of how fu*ked up the USrael government is, that this question is not even being asked?  NOBODY IS ASKING WHO ORDERED THE MISSION!  Trump is being blackmailed into taking the official "blame" so that there won't be an 'effed up is that!?

And the entire world is being blackmailed by either one "general", let's call him "General Jack D. Ripper" or "Jack" plus a few other "operators".  That's what it's all come down to.  Remember the movie "The Wizard of Oz where the curtain is pulled back to reveal one crazy old man with a "wind machine"?  Remember the plot of Dr. Strangelove, where a nuclear WWIII is started by one demented general?  THAT's how it's all going to end.  At this point of time, with absolutely no sane leadership anywhere in the Atlanticist West [and that definitely includes Canada], and with "General Jack D. Ripper" still on the loose...that seems to be the inevitable outcome.


Anonymous said...

You certainly asked the right question. Who ordered the American attack.
While most suspect the CIA is most likely, it would be nice to know.
Its even possible Trump saved us all from a nuclear ending.
Once started it is hard to put out a fire.
Surprise there was an unknown peace conference in Russia, and attended by the US and 130 countries.

Garudha sends bows to all.

Anonymous said...

was the violation a provocation or an error ? you can't dismiss error hyp. at this stage since it happened already with those multiple navy boats collisions recently, AND the fact that an UAV operator doesnt engage his very life when cruising like does an actual pilot in the plane.
UAV remote flying can lead to inattention errors and is a fertile ground for provocations, much like cyber attacks finally: what about hacking ("hijacking") of an UAV with very serious consequences ?

Reading between the lines said...

Just as a possibility .Maybe the US military were testing their stealth / invisibility
to see what capabilities the Iranians have . Now they know and might just keep all their aircraft safe on deck of their naval ship.
Kind of expensive way to do this though given the drone cost but on the other hand whats a few million when you owe over 73 Trillion.