Friday, May 3, 2019

USrael "Snookered" - by Venezuelan Motorcycle Gangs?

Motorcycles in Venezuela

The complicit and treasonous Western MainZtream Media is having sober second thoughts this morning, reflecting on the Venezuelan coup that might have been...but failed on Tuesday last.  Penny for your thoughts has posted an op-ed from the Toronto Star, written by someone named Walkom, who opines that three top level Venezuelan government officials had pledged to abandon President Maduro and switch their loyalties to Random Guyaido at a signal early Tuesday Morning.  But, these heartless turncoats/traitors "snookered" Guyaido--and his USraeli mentors--by perversely remaining loyal to the Maduro government.

The National Post is also insisting that Guyaido and Co. were snookered...but by Venezuelan motorcycle gangs, no less.  Here is a snippet from the report and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

As unrest has snowballed in Venezuela, one constant government tactic to quell it has emerged — the use of motorbike-riding foot soldiers loyal to Nicolás Maduro’s regime.

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido stunned the nation Tuesday when he appeared on a video surrounded by a few dozen national guardsmen asking troops to abandon Maduro and join those clamouring for the socialist leader’s ouster.

After the call to arms, hundreds of soldiers, police and paramilitaries rode out on two wheels, shooting from the hip as they drove past or toward Guaido supporters. Some fired tear gas but many, too, fired live rounds, their two wheels allowing them to move quickly, sow terror among the crowds and avoid becoming bogged down among their enemies...."


Greencrow says:  lol....the Motorcyclists were "sowing terror" amongst the foreign lackeys/subversive moles who were trying to turn Venezuela into another terrorized and destroyed country like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc., etc., etc. What a great idea!  Something that every potential target [resource rich but militarily vulnerable i.e., Canada] of the hegemon might consider.

Nations targeted for Imperial Takeover would be wise to develop highly mobile loyal militias, composed of expert motorcycle drivers, who can arrive at sites of foreign-initiated insurrection in a matter of moments.  The National Post story took me back to my trip to Russia in 2014.  We went to Moscow, where one of the biggest surprises was the vast number of motorcyclists everywhere in the city.  Here is a photo I took of some of them gathered one evening on a hill overlooking the city.

Bikers gather nightly in a park on a hill overlooking
 Moscow...they admire each other's bikes...then, after
 dark, they race through the streets of Moscow. 
 The police are forbidden by law to chase motorcycles
 after dark.

Our guide told us that these motorcyclists are very pro-Putin, anti-crime and are able to maintain order in the city by driving around in pairs or small groups after dark.  They are the eyes and ears of the Russian state.  They are given special considerations by the government in return.  Putin was seen riding on a motorcycle with some of the bikers a few years ago.  I asked one of the drivers, if he drove around the city all night...what did he do during the day.  His response?  "Work".  I then asked if you're up all night and work all day...when do you sleep?...his humourous response: "At work". 

Putin on a Motorcycle with Russian Bikers

So, having motorcycle riders as an ad hoc militia is originally a Russian idea.  Probably just one of the many pragmatic strategies adapted by the Venezuelans to deal with the onslaught of Western conspiracy efforts to destroy democratic and independent Venezuela and replace it with Tyranny by chaos and mayhem. Probably the delicious "Snookering" of the Guaido and his Perps--as described by Moon of Alabama was in reality, the brainchild of [the grand chess master] Vladimir Putin himself ; )

Wouldn't THAT be a bitter pill to swallow!

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