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Israeli Mischief

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USraeli [False] Flag

They're at it again.  In fact, was there any time in the history of humanity on this earth when they WERE NOT at it?  That's the question for our times.  Today the newz [controlled by them] is all about the putative False Flag that took place over the weekend in the tiny pseudo-State called The United Arab Emirates. Four rusty old oil tankers, ready for decommissioning...were hit by torpedoes, probably fired from submarines.  The usual folks [USrael] immediately blamed it on the usual folks [Iran].

There were no casualties and minimal damage and so Iran, while denying anything to do with the event...called it, simply more, "Israeli mischief":

Iranian MP Blames ‘Israeli Mischief’ for ‘Sabotage’ Against Tankers at UAE Port
Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman earlier called for an investigation into attacks on several vessels off the UAE coast on Sunday, having warned against any “conspiracy orchestrated by ill-wishers” and “adventurism by foreigners” to undermine the region’s stability.

Iranian parliamentary spokesman Behrouz Nemati has blamed the “sabotage” against four vessels off the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) coast on Sunday on Israel, according to IRNA.

“The events that took place in the Emirates were Israeli mischief”, Nemati said, without going into details on what role Israel could have played in the incident.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, in turn, said that he had foreseen this sort of “suspicious activities”, which he stressed were “aimed at escalating tension in the region”.

The comments come shortly after several unnamed US officials told AP that “Iranian or Iranian-backed proxies” are alleged to be behind the attack.

Tehran has denied any involvement and urged for an investigation into the matter, calling the incident “worrisome and dreadful” and cautioning against any “conspiracy orchestrated by ill-wishers”.

In a parallel development, US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia John Abizaid said that Washington should take what he described as “reasonable responses short of war” once it determined who is behind the attacks on oil tankers.

“We need to do a thorough investigation to understand what happened, why it happened, and then come up with reasonable responses short of war. It’s not in (Iran’s) interest, it’s not in our interest, it’s not in Saudi Arabia’s interest to have a conflict”, Abizaid told reporters in Riyadh.

The remarks follow news of four commercial ships being targeted in what the UAE Foreign Ministry described as “acts of sabotage” near Fujairah, one of the seven emirates, without revealing the nature of the attack.

Saudi Arabia’s energy minister said on Monday that two of its oil tankers were among those targeted; the attack didn’t cause an oil spill or any casualties, but is said to have led to significant damage to the structures of both ships. The two other ships are alleged to belong to Norway and the UAE."


Greencrow says:  In the English language, "mischief" usually refers to some small petty act of vandalism...like spraying building walls with graffiti, tipping over garbage cans, or breaking windows with rocks.  It is very telling that this is now what the rest of the world [outside of the Western Perps] is calling the tiny, borderless entity, Israel's, trademark behaviour.  Below, is a very good but lengthy video which appeared on Press TV. The redoubtable Iranian interviewer and journalist, Marzieh Hashemi, who was, in another act of USrael "mischief", only last year herself arrested and imprisoned for a brief time in USrael, is interviewing two alternative journalists from Veterans Today...Gordon Duff and editor Jim Dean.  They go into the details of this latest "mischief" aka "False Flag" and end up describing it as a possible "distraction" from something bigger.

Israel Suspected of being behind
UAE "Tankers Explosions"
False Flag

When you listen to the three journalists in the video above discussing this latest piece of Israeli mischief...you hear the weariness in their voices.  Like the rest of us...they're Soooooooo tired of all this.  All of these provocative acts of vandalism--all these deceptions.  For the past two decades at least...ever since the 9/11 False Flag atrocity, also attributed to them...there has been one or the other every week.  Sometimes several times a week.

Why, just this morning the newz is full of another piece of "mischief".  Apparently NSO, an Israeli spy tech company [is there any other kind?] has been spying on people who have iphones [which I have].  There's an "app" that can insert a listening device in our phones without us being aware of it.

From mashable

Yikes, WhatsApp exploit allowed spyware to be installed with a phone call

A WhatsApp vulnerability allowed attackers to remotely install spyware onto phones — by simply calling them.

First reported by the Financial Times and confirmed by WhatsApp, the issue was discovered in early May and was promptly fixed by the company.

The Facebook-owned messaging service said it believed certain users were targeted through the vulnerability by an advanced cyber actor.

As noted by the Financial Times, the spyware was developed by the Israeli cyber intelligence firm NSO Group.
The malicious code could be inserted via a voice call, even if the recipient didn't answer their phone, and the call would disappear from logs.


Greencrow concludes:  C'mon, folks.  Did you really think that they didn't have and regularly use the capability of listening into your cell phone calls?  A T &T is an Israeli-owned company that has had the capability of listening into landline phone calls for decades now.  HEY! Don't get upset!  It's just a little bit of "mischief" dontchaknow?  And THAT's why there's the big to-do about Huawei and 5G.  The problem with 5G is that the Chinese WON'T ALLOW USRAEL TO INSTALL A SPYING BACKDOOR INTO THE SOFTWARE.  NO mischief?  Well, then, no-can-do.

It's just like those "anti-Semitic" attacks that happen all the time to restaurants and other bidnesses owned by Jews.  Nine time out of Ten, it's the Jews themselves that are staging the "mischievous" attacks--to gain for themselves as a group: 1) attention-seeking/centre stage; and 2) sympathy/victimhood.

In everyday society, mischief-makers are controlled and limited to an extent by the law...community bylaws, in particular, prevent vandalism.  But there's nothing to stop the historically notorious purveyors of "mischief" on this planet.  No.  They can, have and will again even start world wars...THAT's their ultimate "mischief" on this earth.  That's the number 3 in the three reasons why Jews and Usrael cannot stop doing "mischief" on this planet:  3)  Keep the goyim on the back foot, and thus maintain control.

Conclusion:  "Mischiefs":--big and small. They love and MUST have them all.


Greg Bacon said...

How does the link to Huntington Bancshares prove that AT&T is an Israeli owned outfit? Not that I doubt that, but read the Wiki article and couldn't find that link.

And damn near wore out my eyes trying to find the teeny 'mischief' done to one of those oil tankers.

MBS's fav head chopper can do more damage with his sword.

greencrow said...

Hi Greg:

Thanks for asking. A Kudo to you for actually reading the post and following the links!

Stephen D. Steinour, is the Chairman, President & CEO of the the Huntington Bank that owns the company that owns AT&T--after a lot of buying and selling over the years. It took me a while to figure it out and it might not be current. However, I heard years ago that AT&T was Israeli or dual citizen owned and that it used AT&T to spy on Americans.


wallflower said...

Hi GC...and NTS

One question you always ask is, "Who benefits"? Oil prices went sky high after the event which benefited the head choppers. I also believe (before reading your article) that it is a diversion (but including current plans against Iran)...(Syria?) Because without control of Syria, Iran is a much harder task when considering Turkey now and ally, Russia and certain factions in Iraq, Lebanon and possibly the unification of smaller ME states. And yes as you pointed out...'drones' couldn't do that kind of damage unless they swim now. What ever the case our eyes shouldn't be blinded by common sense, nor our memories be clouded by past rhetoric and actions and especially the InYourFace arrogance and blatant lies coming from the same mouths over and over. I always consider the intelligence and very dignified way Persians handle this slop...without ever threatening and always keeping a defensive attitude.

Iran's warning to Donald Trump: 'Don't test us'

greencrow said...

Hi wallflower:

Yes, the Iranians have been very restrained. Actually, when you think of it...ALL the Arab and Muslim nations of the Middle East have been restrained....they could/would/should have wiped out the tiny, borderless entity decades ago.