Tuesday, May 21, 2019

How Politics Works

Justin Trudeau and General Vance

Gather around, kiddies, I have a great lesson to teach you today about how politics really works.  Not just Canadian politics but politics in so-called Democracies all over the West.  The lesson today is about a strategy known as "taking the Rap", also known as "falling on your sword".  It is closely related to a strategy known as "throwing under the bus".

Now in earlier episodes on this scandal, generally referred to as "A Travesty of Justice" we had Vice Admiral Mark Norman being "thrown under the bus".  To this day, we still don't know WHY Norman was thrown under the bus.  Personally, I think it was just a general effort to corrupt the Canadian political, military and judicial Institutions of Canada.  Anyhoo, Norman was thrown under the bus...but, low and behold he fought back.  Got himself a good lawyer who was able to lay bare the fetid corruption that permeated the Liberal Federal administration.  In a stunning turnaround last week, the Prosecutor "stayed" the charge against Norman based on new evidence which had previously been kept from the Prosecutor by the Liberals.  

Someone had to take the fall.  Who would do it?  General Vance was tasked with the odious duty of falling on his sword/taking the rap.  Even though, as the entire world knows...someone in his position could absolutely NOT have made the decision to go after Mark Norman the way it went down.  It had to be a very high up politician, not military.

So Vance took the fall:

As reported by the CBC

'It was my decision and my responsibility': Vance speaks on suspension of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman

Vance, in a brief interview with CBC News on Friday, said once he was presented with the allegations by the RCMP in January 2017, he informed senior government officials working for the prime minister.
"I did not remove him because of pressure from the prime minister, or the minister, or anybody else," Vance said in a telephone interview. "It was my decision and my responsibility as a commanding officer under Queen's Regulations and Orders," which govern military discipline.
Shortly after notifying the Prime Minister's Office, Vance said, the phone rang.
"The PM calls and says, 'I acknowledge.' OK. Thanks very much. Click," he said.


Greencrow says: The "click" you heard was the sound of the funds being deposited into General John Vance's bank account. Please read the report below from the National Post and I will have final comments to follow:


Gen. John Vance gets a raise — Trudeau recommends increase to upper limit of $306,500

The pay bump is retroactive to April 1, 2018


Greencrow says:  There you have it, kiddies, "Taking the Fall" in a nutshell.  This is exactly how it's supposed to work.  Flawlessly.  Case closed.  The stupid voters will have forgotten all about how their pockets were picked to save Trudeau's @$$ by next Fall's general election.

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Reading between the lines said...

Good article and to think that we have been involved in bringing some of those terrorists ,white helmets, on our Canadian soil.