Friday, May 31, 2019

Fake Election Issues: A Guide to the Coming Tsunami

Fake Election Issues - Headgear

You know when Spring is in the least in the Vancouver lower mainland.  When the wind is blowing from the East, you can smell the stench of cow manure.... as farmers in the Fraser Valley prepare their fields for planting.  In the same way, you can smell when a fall federal election is in the can smell the stench of the fake issues that are relentlessly pummeling us from the East, in the bought-and-paid-for main$tream media.

Katie ["turdblossom"] Telford, le dauphin's "Carl Rove", has been seeding the Canadian media outlets with the usual assortment of fake election issues.  This selective planting will, with careful political cultivation, flower into a harvest of votes from the gullible goyim come fall.  In fact, as my headline suggests, there will be a virtual tsunami of phony, scary boogah, booghah issues that will, it is hoped, scare us into voting le Dauphin in for another four years of continuing the process of selling Canada to the USrael perps.

While more are surely on the way, here is a selection of the fake issues that have already been planted:

1.  Fake Headgear fearmongering.  The headline is "one-third of Canadians don't want politicians to wear religious symbols".  The photo accompanying the story is of a man wearing a Yarmulke.  Everyone knows that Jewish men rarely wear this small cap in public.  BUT, Sikhs commonly wear the turban...and muslim women wear the hijab.  So this boogah story is really all about attacking ethnic Sikhs [Jagmeet Singh, leader of the New Democratic Party wears a turban] and muslims.  Folks, there once was a time when politicians in Canada would not stoop to deliberately stirring up ethnic conflict.  Now, its par for the course.

2.  Abortion.  The newz has been full of the issue lately.  Most Canadians thought that the abortion issue had been put to rest years ago...and it had.  But the Liberals are dragging the smelly corpse out of the grave and parading it around again...why?  Well apparently Alabama had some vote about abortion recently and le dauphin is using that to scare women in Canada...alluding to Conservative opposition leader Andrew Scheer being "soft" on women's rights.

Booghah! Booghah!

PM Trudeau says he'll bring up anti-abortion laws in U.S. during meeting with VP Thursday

Trudeau "bravely" brought up the topic during discussions with Vice President Mike Pence the other day.  Say, BTW, why is Canada only getting state visits by the "vice" president now?  Trump has never made a state visit to Canada in the three years he's been in office.  Is this some signal that Canada has been demoted from "nation" to "one of the US "states"?  I say we should have got the Deputy Prime Minister to meet with Pence...anyhooooo.

Back to the fake subject of abortion.  This fear mongering is directed at women voters.  We're supposed to be so afraid that our rights will be removed [by Scheer] that we'll hold our noses and vote for Dauphin again.  I'll tell you what.  I'll vote for Trudeau Jr. when turdblossom starts directing fearmongering at the male voter.  When we see stories in the media about bringing back castration for men who commit sex crimes...that's when I'll vote for Trudeau.  lol.

3.  Daycare  I haven't seen too many media reports about that old chestnut of a promise for "universal daycare"...yet.  But I'm sure such stories and promises are in the works.  This old standard is a sure fire vote getter.  Promise 'em universal daycare and then...once elected, never mention the daycare topic again...until the next election.

Such an insult to normal intelligence.  One [abortion] you Won't be able to get.  The other, [Day Care] you WILL be able to get.  Both bullshit!  Both fake issues.

I'll tell you what.  If and When Trudeau goes to the Grassy Narrows First Nations Reserve and actually hands them a cheque for the mercury poisoning healing centre that the Liberals promised during the Last Election...that will get my attention.

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