Monday, May 6, 2019

Canada's Fatal Mistake

Stabbed in the Back - Like we didn't know it would happen

Americans have always been the biggest threat to Canada's existence.  Ever since the War of 1812 when they attacked us first...but because we were "owned" then by the British Empire...Canada survived.  But it was always just a matter of time.  We've always known about their "Monroe Doctrine".  Any Canadian leader who ever toadied to the United States was treasonous.  None more so than the last several Prime Ministers, specifically, Mulroney, Harper and le Dauphin.  Why else would the Secretary of State have the nerve to stand up at an international meeting today and say the following weasel words.  Please read the following report and I will have more thoughts to follow:

From MSM news:
Pompeo says Canadian claim to Northwest Passage is 'illegitimate' 

OTTAWA — U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is calling Canada's claim over the Northwest Passage "illegitimate" in a major speech that is being criticized for being provocative and inaccurate.   

A leading international-security expert says Pompeo's branding of a longtime disagreement on Arctic policy between the Canada and the U.S. is a "stunning rebuke" of the 1988 Arctic Co-operation agreement between the two countries.

Fen Hampson of Carleton University in Ottawa says Pompeo's remark upends a gentleman's agreement between Brian Mulroney and Ronald Reagan that allows the U.S. to designate the Northwest Passage an international waterway while Canada claims it as sovereign territory.

Pompeo offered that characterization during a wide-ranging speech in Finland today in which he also warned against China's increased Arctic presence, saying it threatens North American security and could be harmful to the environment.
Michael Byers, an Arctic expert at the University of British Columbia, says Pompeo is not only off-base about the threat posed by China, his argument is based on a false statement that the People's Republic is trying to build infrastructure in the Canadian Far North.

Byers says the federal government should be worried that the top diplomat from one of its key Arctic allies got his facts so wrong.


Greencrow says: Pompeo didn't get his "facts wrong". This "Canada's borders" stabbing in the back was always in the cards and was going to happen sooner than later. The United States can't be trusted by any nation in the world. It doesn't have any friends/allies...just vassals. As the Russians say: "It is not Agreement capable" Or, as the Latin legal maxim goes, it's "Non Compos Mentis". Even if Trump says something one's 'bidness as usual' for another faction of the US government to say something completely different the next. The only consistency is the chaos, havoc and hell they spread all over the world. THAT you can certainly count on. And all the lies, the threats, the double crosses...the agreements that aren't worth the paper they're written on. THOSE you can certainly count on.

I have said all along that Canada should not dis Russia or China. The sad truth is, Russia and China are the only countries on the earth with the capability and courage to stand up to USrael. Right now, there's more of a chance that Venezuela will survive another 20 years than that Canada will survive another 20 years. Why? Because Venezuela has the smarts to align itself with Russia and China.

Canada, on the other hand, keeps licking the USrael @$$...hoping that the pleasure it gives to the cold-blooded shark will protect it. That never works in the real universe. Only by standing up to a bully, carnivore or shark-like entity will Canada survive. Now, Pompous Pompeo has curtly advised us that it's too late. Canada had many opportunities over the past decade or so to attend those conferences that Russia was holding on the development of the Arctic. But Canada always gave Russia the finger instead...didn't attend the meetings and didn't even respond to the invitations. That's why, if I were younger, I would emigrate to Russia. I want to live in a nation with balls and brains. Not a piece of shitty fluff like Canada...begging to be walked over. I am truly disgusted.

NOTE to Readers: This is nothing like how I feel. Angry RANT to follow.


albertde said...

It is the War of 1812, not 1912.

greencrow said...

Hi albertde:

Thanks for pointing out the typo. I was so enraged when I wrote the post it's a wonder it didn't incinerate!

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Penny said...


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Ed(itor) says "Everyone must submit."

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Yes, the relentless, never-ending push towards the North American Union. When Pompeo and crew realized they couldn't take on save face they turned towards bullying and threatening Canada.