Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Sri Lankan Carnage is Five Eyes Perps' Attempt to get a destabilizing "Toehold" on [purchasing S-400] Indian region

India and Sri Lanka

It's not rocket science.  Welllllll….to be exact...it does have Something to do with rocket science.  India is in the middle of an election...and India is also purchasing the S-400 anti-missile defense systems from its BFF RussiaIMO, the latest False Flag carnage in neighbouring Sri Lanka is the usual globalist psychopathic attempt to weaken a country as a prelude to invading and occupying it.  It's old hat by now.  All the earmarks are evident.

It was just a matter of time before the Voice of Satan began to blame it on their generic proxy bugaboo, "IS".

If you look at any old map of the region it will become crystal clear...even the fuzzy map at the top of the post will explain the entire atrocity.  Sri Lanka is like a big toe at the end of the Indian sub-continent.  It is strategically placed so that, if occupied by foreign [MosCIAd] forces, it could block India's access to two oceans at the very least.  While it looks like a "toe", it is actually an "Achilles heel" for India's pro-Russian Prime Minister Modi....a huge pre-occupation/distraction for him while he fights an election.

So, readers.  THAT's why the bloody carnage on the Easter Weekend.  The Satanists could gorge on all the deliciously anti-Christian gore...all the while establishing a destabilizing "toe-hold" in the region.  Case Closed.


Penny said...

Hey GC:
My gut is telling me that yes, this is a 5/6 eyes operation targeting India.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

The "Sixth Eye" is the tail wagging the dog...as per usual. Trying to put myself into the shoes of the Sri Lankans...I can't believe they don't see what's going on here. Bombs? My old adage comes to mind: If a bomb explodes ANYWHERE on planet Earth...there's a 90% chance it was planted by Ziofascists.

Anonymous said...

Yes your close on why Sri Lanka is the new target. Within the last six months China bought a large container port there and US/UK are not happy about it at all.
For one thing it just happens to be half way between Iran and Burma. So that sea port would allow Iranian bulk oil ships to stop and re-fuel. The oil on reaching Burma is then piped into western China.
Garuda sends Greetings.

greencrow said...

Hi Garuda:

Thanks for adding this important clue. It's truly a modern travesty that the so-called "journalists" in the Western Media cannot identify and connect these dots in ALL these massacres that are going on all over the world...from Norway to Mozambique to Sri Lanka.