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"Dear Penny", ....questions and comments re the SNC Lavalin Constitutional Crisis

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Hi GC:

I'm confused?

If you think that it was just business for SNC Lavalin to participate in developing the aquifer, to have business dealings with Libya- then it seems to go without saying that the DPV's the Trudeau gov wanted to give to SNC Lavalin because of their dealings with Libya would/should have been acceptable?

The charges appear to have been politically motivated.

The 'bribes' Lavalin gave to the Gadhafi's are really just business as usual in the construction business- Seriously!
It's a 'you wash my back and I wash yours' kind of business
Not really different then politics at all.

And that's what we're seeing right now with Philpot and Rayboud-
They didn't go along. That's just the facts

I'm not saying this is how politics should be. I'm saying this is how it is.

It's as corrupt/ or prone to favours as the construction business,the banking business and pretty much most every business on different levels.

Do you understand where I'm coming from?

to which I replied:

Hi Penny:

You raise some very important points. There is a huge gap between Gadhafi's dream to develop the aquifer--and the bribing that SNC Lavalin is accused of re Libya. While corruption in corporate bidding for huge international contracts...whether jet plane building or construction...seems to be support SNC building the aquifer in Libya does not necessarily mean I am also in agreement with having to bribe.

I believe that the charges against SNC Lavalin are much more complex than the bribing of Libya. What I would really like is to read the S.13 report that the DPP provided the PMO and the Attorney General and the Privy Council with. This Report set out all the reasons why SNC Lavalin did not "tick the boxes" to qualify for the DPA.

The S.13 Report, which was provided back in September 2018, should have been the end of the lobbying and politicizing of the JWR kept telling the PMO and the PC. As was revealed in the December 19th phone call...the PMO had not even received/read the S.13 Report, which can be viewed as negligence and/or a disrespect for the law on "obstruction of Justice" and "interference in a prosecution".

Corruption in giving and taking bribes is one thing. But "Obstruction of Justice" is quite another. Obstruction of Justice, particularly at the level of the Attorney General of Canada...attacks the very heart of the democracy...the very foundation of the rule of law. I am appalled that the jurists, lawyers and all those involved in the legal community are not shouting from the rooftops on this. If Trudeau gets away with will ipso facto mean that we are now living in a post judicial society...where whatever the politicians decide is what will happen.

I was watching Trudeau's speech last evening where he announced he was turfing JWR and JP. His hyperbole reached a crescendo when he said that the worst of all the bad things JWR had done was when she "taped her conversation with the Clerk of the Privy Council without telling him". As if the Clerk of the Privy Council was the pinnacle of power in Canada. Helloo?! In fact, as the Alice in Wonderland JWR discovered during her trip down the rabbit hole in Ottawa...was that Michael Wernick WAS the centre of power in the Trudeau government! That is what she was warning us about ("governing from the shadows") in her final two page letter yesterday which I quoted at the beginning of my post.

Wernick being the Deep State mole is what I suspected the very first time I listened to him testify. I called him the "Pimple on Canada's Ass" and then the "festering boil on Canada's Ass". He was the Five Eyes spy...he's the connection with Soros, Rothschild, et al.

If Jody and Jane don't do another thing for Canada...Canadians can thank them deeply for making the political moves to get rid of him.

Hey, I don't know if I've answered your question but I like this ramble so much I think I'll publish it as a post before I head out to my carving class.



Penny said...

Hey GC:

What I think morally isn't relevant to this situation.( though I will add this kind of behaviour should be unacceptable but it's acceptable until it's not- which appears arbitrary)

" There is a huge gap between Gadhafi's dream to develop the aquifer--and the bribing that SNC Lavalin is accused of re Libya"

SNC Lavalin bribery charges all come from it's time in Libya. And from '83 until the US overthrew and murdered Gadhafi, for SNC it was business as usual. The situation looks to have changed when the politics changed.

If the charges against SNC Lavalin were politically motivated under the Harper government--- Quebec non important

Then the same political motivations would exist for the Liberals to clear SNC--- ----Quebec important

Furthermore it appears the RCMP is doing a good job of botching the case up- which is not a shocker- considering the RCMP had done exactly that on previous occasions.

It's just the reality that bribing is done,has been done and continues to be done to this day.In politics and in construction. And in many other day to day activities as well.

Did SNC Lavalin conduct it self in a way that any other engineering firm has not?
That's doubtful.

For example: Bechtel (world's biggest engineering firm)

It took all of 30 seconds to find those and more, much more could easily be found.

It's business as usual. It's party politics.

For the two Liberal gals-

I personally believe the recording was Jody did, was well within her rights to do.
She was feeling pressured and she was protecting herself.

But both women had to know this was not going to sit well in the party.
Why do I say that? Because they've been around long enough they should know.
As for Trudeau, I predicted in 2015 he'd be a divider and he's lived right up to my predictions.

What Canadians need is to understand that what we are seeing is the reality of politics and get the pie in the sky idea out of their heads of democracy and one vote for everyone making us all equal- It's a great sales pitch- It just isn't true.

Hope you enjoyed your class and thanks for answering GC :)

Reading between the lines said...

Some very good and important points GC .I hope this whole thing does not die there and
I deeply want Trudeau to be punished severely .Either a crash come next Oct. or at the very least a slim minority .He does not deserve to rule with a dictating majority. From the get go after the last election he proceeded to travel in the opposite direction from what he was elected for.The last election promise of first past the post being the start.Downhill after that IMHO.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

All excellent points...and I agree about Jody being well within her rights to tape the call. I've been meaning to do a post about that all by itself.

greencrow said...


The ONLY appropriate punishment for rectify the damage he and his henchmen have done to the Canadian Justice System is resignation...just like the others. I'm still hoping for that....and an RCMP investigation which is what the opposition have asked for.

Anonymous said...

"The heart of the rule of law", (good phrasing bye the way).
Exposed: "the heart of RULE".
Is the Privy Council's Office not the Crown's representative ?
"5 Eyes mole Michael Wernick", resigned because his actions and attitude seen live on TV revealed the Crown still rules Canada.
Do you remember how Jody was initially offered immunity from prosecution if she 'kept her remarks clear of the Privy Council's Office'. (not a direct quote)
(Did she renegotiate or despite personal risk still proceed ?)
Wernick's 'old boy's club' appointment is minor, compared to revealing we are still ruled from London.
I ask, am I putting too much into the this, or have our eyes just been opened.

Anonymous said...

Punishment for Trudeau is just more chaos allowing Freeland or Scheer power.
A more appropriate action would be for Jody to offer her leadership to the Liberal Party and become the Prime Minister. She would be capable of discerning if Mi6 rules us or the elected representatives.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymii

Two very good comments. Our eyes were opened with the Wernick testimonies...thanks to Jane and Jody.

Jody would make a very good PM of Canada. She could help us fulfil our tremendous destiny and potential...unlike any other leader of modern times...with the notable exception of Vladimir Putin of Russia.

Of course, that is exactly why it will never happen, sadly.