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UPDATED: "Pimple on Canada's Ass" Testifies Once Again before Farcical "Justice" Committee

UPDATED:  March 7, 2019 I have edited and added a few more details and important links to this post, written late last night.

Clerk of the Privy Council
 Michael Wernick - Centre

Well I just spent several hours today watching the latest Canadian Federal Government Justice Committee Hearings on the SNC Lavalin Controversy and have the following comments:

The Justice Committee is composed of a majority of Liberal members and can outvote the opposition members on all procedural matters.  The Liberals use their majority to skew the impact of the testimony...particularly the fact that they will not be recalling the Former Attorney General/Minister of Justice, Jody Wilson Raybould to flesh out her view of the testimony of former Principal Secretary Gerry Butts, the already re-called Minister of the Privy Council, Michael Wernick and Deputy Minister of Justice Nathalie Drouin.  The Liberal members of the Justice Committee are apparently totally under the thrall of the PMO and must check with the Prime Minister's Office before they take any actions whatsoever.  The whole thing appears to be a farce.

Former Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister, Gerald Butts testified first. I've met many "old boys" in my working career and Butts appears to be a quintessential "Old Boy".  According to the overall tenor of his testimony...JWR just had an "attack of the vapors" after she was shuffled out of her cabinet position and is now suffering from terminal "sour grapes".  His memory, however, is curiously vague about any conversations he had with her, other than all were requested by her and they were all he repeatedly "man-splained". During the particularly crucial meeting on December 5, 2019 when Butts met for dinner with JWR at the Chateau Laurier he denied saying that there was a need to "find a solution" [for the SNC Lavalin prosecution] or saying to her staff at any time that "there is no solution that does not involve some form of interference".  It was/is all in her pretty little head.

Then, we had the second go-round with Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick. Wernick doubled down on his alarmist views that the country is in mortal danger from "Internet Bullying" which might wreak havoc on the upcoming election.  It all makes perfect sense this go around, because Canadians now know that he is sitting on a Federal committee which is mandated to "sound the alarm" to Canadians should there be any "foreign" interference in the upcoming Fall Election.

To awakened people like moi, his threatening rhetoric is familiar from previous false flags.  He seems to be preparing Canadians for some sort of incident to come, which will either halt or delegitimize the upcoming election...perchance if the Liberals are losing????  Wernick really needs to go There is no reason for him to keep his job when Butts and Wilson-Raybould have lost theirs.  In a previous post, I called Wernick the "pimple on Canada's Ass".  After his doubling-down testimony of today, I've changed my view of him...he's not a pimple, he's a festering boil.

And the testimony as a whole caused me to have some worrying thoughts about the mega international corporation at the centre of it all, SNC Lavalin.  I asked this company like "Coca-Cola"...or one of the other big American companies...that is really an extension of the CIA?...with agents/assets operating under the cover of being corporate employees...working all over the world snooping, destabilizing, doing false flags, etc.?  Is THAT why the PM and his staff were so anxious to give it a "special deal" which is "harmonized" with the special deals that the UK, the US and other Western Vassals give their mega corporations?  Was the entire "remediation deal legislation just a further step in harmonizing the Canadian Legal system with the terminally corrupt American legal system as a prelude to the North American Union???

I remember hearing that Vincente Fox a former President of Mexico, before he was elected leader of that country, used to work for "Coca-Cola" and that, as a result... was considered just a puppet of the US Deep State.  Is it the same with Lavalin with its corrupt executive and which has thousands of workers stationed "all over the world"?  I would like to know a lot more about SNC Lavalin, needless to say.  I will add here that I found somewhat humourous reports that the $1.4 billion loss that SNC Lavalin suffered last year [as opposed to a $340 million dollar profit the year before] has been blamed, not on JWR, but on Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, who pissed off the big Saudi customers of SNC Lavalin with her righteous "Tweet" condemning Saudi Arabia's human rights abrogation's.  Did Trudeau ever take Freeland to task for "putting the 9,000 SNC Lavalin jobs" at risk?  I think not.

Meanwhile, with all the attention focused on the comparatively innocuous SNC Lavalin Fraud scandal...a far more seismic crisis is brewing.  The Huawei matter has escalated dramatically within the past 24 hours.  China has canceled a License for Richardson, International, the biggest exporter of one of Canada's biggest products, Canola Oil, to sell Canola oil to China.  In the past, China has accused Canadian Canola Oil of containing "pests".

But the Canadian exporter, Richardson, is saying straight up that their company is a victim of the three-way Huawei trade war going on between Canada, China and The United States.  Let me say this, if Trudeau had his knickers in a knot about the "9,000 jobs" he claims were in jeopardy over SNC Lavalin, this cancellation of one of the biggest and most foundational trade deals is ten times worse than SNC Lavalin.  This loss includes, farmers, railway workers, port authorities and gawd knows what other sectors of agribusiness.  And given all the products traded between Canada and China, this could just be the beginning.  And all this has happened due to negligence on the part of Canada to underestimate the national costs of their vassalage to the United States.

Nevermind the fact that just a day or so ago Huawei CEO Meng Wangzhou launched a lawsuit against the Federal government, the Border Security Agency and the RCMP for denying her fundamental constitutional rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Apparently, individuals posing as Canadian Border Agents who she calls John Doe's 1, 2 and 3...held Meng in a room for three hours and scoured her electronic devices BEFORE telling her she was under arrest and advised her of her rights.  This basic breach of the most fundamental human rights will likely cost the Canadian Taxpayer multimillions in damages.  WHO was behind this stupidity????  That/those individual(s) need(s) to be gone tout suite!

It is now time for Trudeau and his diminished cabinet to do some major reflection on what caused this economic catastrophe...which could only be apparently China has become infuriated and is determined to MAKE CANADA PAY for our spinelessness and lack of sovereignty in our inability to stand up to the US...even though the alternative is appearing more and more to be a slow national suicide.  Yet the United States just sits back and watches while Canada's economy is dealt one body blow after another.  Is the destruction of the Canadian economy part of the plot?

Today's testimony has made me completely lose faith in the ability of the Federal Judicial Committee to get to the bottom of JWR's concerns...not that I had much faith in it.  Unless there are some very high level resignations and/or an early election...the combination of the Government corruption and the economic costs of vassalage are going to destroy Canada very soon.

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greencrow said...

Northerntruthseeker has posted an analysis of Trudeau's speech this morning.

Here is the comment I put on his blog:


Thanks for posting about Trudeau's speech this morning. As per usual, I could bring myself to listening and watching someone in power "Lie to my face" directly, and so rely on those with stronger stomachs to watch and listen. It was more weasel words.

So much came out yesterday in the questions put to Butts and Wernick by the opposition members of the Justice Committee. The truth is that the lawyer "Lynch" for SNC Lavalin was lobbying directly to Wernick. Lynch made a phone call to Wernick during the time in question. This is such clear evidence of deep corruption that, even if Jody Wilson Raybould never does another thing in politics, she will have done a deep service to Canada by tearing the lid off this nation-destroying corruption.

Trudeau's appointment of a First Nations to the Justice Portfolio was a historic moment in the reconciliation of First Nations with Canada. Trudeau should have known that he and his henchmen COULD NOT DO BUSINESS AS USUAL with Jody. The trust was vulnerable and could be easily destroyed...which it was by the backroom boyz. Now, instead of moving forward, Trudeau has set the whole indigenous matter back significantly. Now, he's going to go and apologize to the Inuit. He thinks mouthing words is sufficient. As per his training...he's just an actor.