Tuesday, March 26, 2019

UPDATED: Greencrow prescient again - Report: Venezuela ALREADY HAS S-300's

UPDATED:  March 29, 2019 - According to PressTV - Israeli satellite images reveal that Venezuela already has S-300's installed.

Russian Cargo Plane at Venezuelan Airport

I love it when I'm right.  Mainly because it confirms to me that basic [some would argue primitive] logic and rationalism are still useful tools to bring to the analytical table.  Case in point:

Zerohedge is saying today that Venezuela already has the Russian state-of-the-art anti-missile defense system the S-300.  Here is the relevant quote:

As we predicted a number of times before, a proxy war between Russia and the United States appears now heating up in Venezuela — this after over the weekend Russia sent a military transport plane filled with Russian troops commanded by First Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Land Forces of Russia Gen. Vasily Tonkoshkurov, which landed in Caracas Saturday. We also reported the major development this morning that new satellite images reveal a major deployment of S-300 air defense missile systems to a key airbase south of Caracas.
Russia's highly visible deployment of a small troop contingency along with a reported 35 tons of cargo has resulted in a direct and firm response from Washington as on Monday morning the US Secretary of State called on Russia to “cease its unconstructive behavior”.

RT is reporting today that the two military planes that landed in Venezuela were pursuant to an agreement signed way back in 2001:

...Russian specialists are in Venezuela as part of the 2001 military-technical cooperation deal with Caracas that doesn’t need further approval, Moscow said after reports of the arrival of two military planes with troops and Cargo..." 


Greencrow says:  Waaaaaay back on February 19, 2019 in a blog post titled "An S-400 in Every Pot" I opined the following:

….Internationalism has been restored to the planet. All that needs to happen is that ALL countries get to set up S-400's. I have said in previous posts that I would wager many countries do have the S-400 system already installed. Included on this lucky list would be India, Turkey, China, North Korea and...wait for it....Venezuela. In the past years according to blogger John Helmer, Venezuela has been involved in mega arms shipments from Russia...along with its oil trade. Some would protest that Venezuela could not have received shipments of such large armaments without USrael knowing. Hey, don't be stupid. They would not have arrived assembled. They would have arrived over years in small shipments...a handful of screws here...a bag of bolts there. They would have then been assembled by Russian military advisers in remote warehouses, perhaps in an underground bunker. If the greencrow can solve this minor technical problem...certainly the big boyz must have had some ideas."

Zerohedge [the somewhat reliable geopolitical blog] is saying that the Russian defense systems are only S-300's.  I'm sticking to my guns here and saying they're probably S-400's.  After all...why not?!

NOTE:  While I rendered a lighthearted "crow" about the S-300's or S-400's as the case may be...this is not to take away from the situation.  Russia, by supplying these systems to beleaguered nations attempting to thwart a hegemonic "regime change" invasion by the USrael Empire...is an absolutely  stunning gamechanger.  This literally alters the course of world history.  I said this March 1st, 2018, when Putin made his historic address notifying the West that Russia had won the arms race...and I will say it again here and now.  The globalist hegemonic dreams of the USrael despot are over.  It was first proved in Syria...where Russia and the Syrian government are still mopping up the cornered and surrounded American base...and it will be proved again in Venezuela.


Northerntruthseeker said...

The fact of course is that the criminals in the US absolutely do NOT want to see Venezuela install the S400 system while also working with the Russians to upgrade their present S300 systems to the more modern variant... Doing so would make an invasion of Venezuela that much more difficult, as the modern variant of the S300 alone would be a fabulous deterrent against American aircraft intrusion into Venezuelan air space...

I for one would dearly love to see Maduro do a lot more to bolster his defences by purchasing and/or have the Russians give him more modern Su35 and Su37 fighters as well that would be more than a match for American aircraft....

greencrow said...

Oh, I'm sure there are lots of Su35 and Su37's as part of the S-300 or S-400 deal.