Friday, February 15, 2019

Under Pressure

Freddy Mercury of Queen
 Singing "Under Pressure"

Canadian politics these last few weeks has all been about actions and decisions that politicians have made or who have been accused to have made while "Under Pressure"In the case at hand, former Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould is reported to have resisted undue pressure by the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, regarding a Federal government decision whether or not to allow a huge Quebec-based construction company, SNC Lavalin, avoid prosecution for fraud and settle with a remediation paying a fine in lieu of conviction.

Trudeau insists he did not exert pressure on Jody Wilson-Raybould.  He says he simply told her that "the decision was hers to make and he expected her to make it."  Wilson-Raybould hasn't said directly that she felt she was being pressured to direct the Office of Prosecutions to go along with the remediation decision.  But, the old expression I always use comes into play here.  "Res Ipsa Loquitur"--the thing speaks for itself.  The fact she resigned within hours of Trudeau publicly saying he never pressured her certainly leads onlookers to believe her memory differs from the Prime Minister on that score.

Readers can certainly empathize with Wilson-Raybould in the situation she was in.  First indigenous woman cabinet politician and new cabinet minister.  Sitting down with the Prime Minister, a "macho male"... with his "macho male" staff in the PMO.  Perhaps she was in a room with three men, Trudeau and his two honchos.  They tell her how important it is for SNC Lavalin to continue to bid for government contracts....something it would no longer be able to do if found guilty of fraud.  After all, SNC Lavalin had lobbied long and hard to the PMO for just such a meeting with Jody.

Hey, as a sidebar, I can remember, believe it or not, when lobbying was regarded negatively by Ottawa.  It was only three or four decades ago that lobbyists were officially condoned, had to register and became able to prowl the halls of power in Ottawa trying to circumvent Canadian laws and, just like in our USrael neighbour to the south...they've virtually taken over.  They ARE the government...with the politicians just being the factotums tasked with carrying out their wishes.   The lobbyists hired by SNC Lavalin were/are certainly more powerful than Jody Wilson-Raybould was at that meeting she had in the PMO last Fall.  Res Ipsa Loquitur.

Another new thing that's going on in Ottawa these dayz.  In olden times when the Federal cabinet met, it was only the prime minister and his cabinet ministers in the room--which allowed for some freewheeling conversations/debates.  Nowadayz, the Prime Minister brings his two Office staff.  What are those guyz doing in the room anyway, you might well arsk.  THEY weren't elected.  What is their background?  Are they subversive foreign moles, listening in and reporting to their superiors on what goes on in the Canadian Federal Cabinet?  Who knowz.

Yes, I'm sure Jody Wilson-Raybould was under incredible pressure when she met with Trudeau and his henchmen last fall.  I'm sure the conversation was rather short and to the point.  "Tell the prosecutors to call off the trial and go for remediation."  "And if I don't?"  "It's your decision and I expect you to make it."  If she still didn't understand what decision she was "expected" to make...she sure found out when she was demoted after Christmas.  "Res Ipsa Loquitur."

But all this focus on the minutia of the scandal pre-selected to bring down the potential electoral loser in next Octobers' Federal Election is just the old "Forest for the Trees" ploy.  The "forest", in this case is that Trudeau is being targeted for elimination...and if it wasn't the Jody Wilson-Raybould scandal, there would be something else. In fact, there IS something else.  There's another scandal on the Back Burner, the "Navy/Vice Admiral Norman" scandal...which can be stoked if the Jody Wilson-Raybould scandal doesn't do the trick.

How do we know all this?  Res Ipsa the way the globalist, Ziofascist-controlled Canadian media is currently putting Trudeau through the patented 24/7 media frenzy wringer. Can anyone point out any significant difference---between the way the perp-controlled pre$$ is treating Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro---and/or the way the press is treating Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?  Total frenzy, total lopsided coverage.  Both subjected to the "Fake Newz" treatment.  All with the same goal....putting these targeted politicans "Under Pressure".

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Anonymous said...

Great tune
Sing along frequently
I believe David Bowie voice is on that
The only video of them 2 singing is pathetic and seems spliced 2gether
Check out the Saturday night live version
I think he had a bad voice and sort of pulled it off??
You decide
Political games are for educated sissies playing there political drama
I lost interest in politics when I realized there was a debate class and the sissy games they played back then for learning is very much used for adult politics
This tune makes me wary of many
Especially political
Or public court cases where the guilty is always smiling saying
I did nuthin
Undisputed truth
smiling faces
this group uses truth like you people
Think it is truth????
you decide