Wednesday, February 13, 2019

5G Street Lighting is very Dangerous to Humans, Birds, Bees and Other Living Things?

5G Street Lighting - saving money?
It's on all day AND night

According to this video linked to by Philosopher's Stone blog this morning, the Huawei 5G controversy is about more, way more, than just "back door" security breaches.  According to this video blogger, with a very thick northern UK accent [barely comprehensible at times] who is shooting the video while driving around his community, the newly installed remotely-managed led street light system is very dangerous.  He says that the lights are very hard on human eyes and could perhaps even lead to blindness.  The led street lights should be covered by "diffusers" which not all the lights seem to have installed.  Worse than that...the led lights emit powerful radiation throughout the surrounding environment which which can cause cancer in humans.  The cancer is manifested..not over a period of decades or years...which has previously been the case with technological carcinogen risks...but within days or weeks!  Lastly, he notes that many of the street lights appear burned out, and asks why?  Wouldn't this mean that the regular maintenance/upkeep would make these lighting systems financially untenable?

But even more disturbing, if possible, the video blogger alleges that the radiation emitted from the street light systems kills birds and bees.  He asks the question which a lot of folks have been asking:  Why have there not been any health studies done on 5G?  He then offers a rationale:  Because the 5G technology would never pass health studies.

So, the greencrow is wondering whether all this geopolitical/legal hullabaloo about the 5G company, Huawei, is not just a distraction from the technological flaws/dangers aka health risks of 5G.  I'm also thinking back to my trip to China last year.  Remember I reported after I returned that there were "no birds" in Shanghai?  I asked the locals why not and they simply looked at me dumbfounded.  Why was the lack of birds even a problem?  Now, I'm thinking that the absence of birds could have been the result of saturation of Shanghai and China with this 5G technology.  The "canary in the coal mine" takes on a whole new relevance now, doesn't it?

Oh, to be able to return to a simpler time when "Blinded by the Light" was a metaphor..or a song title...not a clear and present reality/danger.

Manfred Man - "Blinded by the Light"


Northerntruthseeker said...

Crow... I have been attacking "5G" technology for years now, from my own knowledge of the technology involved..

My issue does not lie with 5G "lighting" but the more dangerous 5G cellular technology that would cause intensive "beams" that would fry a person's brains...

Remember also about a year ago, when they tested 5G towers in The Netherlands, and some poor helpless birds happened to be in the direct path of the signal beams and got fried and died???? That alone should have scared the crap out of people! Here is the report on that frightening aspect of 5G here:

greencrow said...


I know you've been writing about this for years. I, OTOH, have just begun to wake up to 5G horrors. Re the street lighting: I don't think it's actually the led lights that are the problem. It's the "Smart" technology that powers and controls the lights. The level of radiation required to keep the lights so bright and turn them on and off...supposedly automatically, triggered by the amounts of what's doing irreparable to the environment.

All the political/legal media frenzy is just a people will forget to ask for health studies.