Tuesday, January 29, 2019

"I Dreamed There Was No War"....for the people of Venezuela...with apologies from Canada

Dedicated to the People of Venezuela
...with apologies from Canada

Back in 2016, inspired by that great American Singer/Songwriter, Glenn Frey of the Eagles, I tried to write lyrics to his guitar instrumental "I Dreamed There Was No War".  Well, the words didn't quite match up to his music but here they are:

I Dreamed There Was No War

By greencrow (Inspired by Glenn Frey's guitar anthem of the same name)

I dreamed there was no war
On lands far from our shore
Their children grew to live and love
No bombs rained down from up above

I dreamed we stayed at home
Just caring for our own
Fools on the hill were forbidden to kill
And bankers were turned to stone

I dreamed we learned to see
That Truth will make us free
Blind Justice ruled forevermore
...I dreamed there was no war


Here is a version of the Glenn Frey Instrumental

"I Dreamed There Was No War"
{ Celtic Mix } Derek Weir & Donald Dawson - Fascination Music


Scorp Six Four said...

Thanks for sharing. I foresee our world once again experiencing the waste and madness of war. My parents endured the war against Germany and Japan (my mother in The Netherlands, my father in the Dutch East Indies).

I am ashamed that I served four years in USAF ('83-'87)... no more than a young tool of the Zio-Satanist Few. I continually speak out with people I meet, know and work with about what is coming. Most dismiss me with the arrogant pride that only Americans can have, their hearts filled with hubris. They often resort to my being just a Canadian (the geographical region of Tera I was whelped) who doesn't understand anything about 'Murika and the Flag. It's disheartening and over the past few years has led to an increase in my misanthropic tendencies.

Anonymous said...

For an interesting take on Freeland and Venezuela :

greencrow said...

Hi Dwayne:

I share your misanthropic tendencies. The longer I live the more I like animals and birds in preference to humanity. I just hope they survive us.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

I had a look at the article. Some of it resonated. Freeland is the worse thing that has ever happened in modern Canadian politics. Luckily, Canadians are on to her. If you look at the comments below any of the reports about her in the M$M you will see that she's universally loathed. After all the non stop disasters she's been behind, I recently heard she'd won an award called "Diplomat of the year" last year. lol