Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Huawei a victim of American subterfuge....as is Canada's Justice Sytem and Sovereignty

Vassal State Canada Bows Down to 
Its Criminal USrael Overlord

The last two or three weeks have been probably the worst in Canadian diplomatic history.  Canada was forced to relinquish the tattered vestiges of its sovereignty for a bowl of gruel.  The bowl of gruel Canada was forced to eat...was the USrael order to arrest and hold for extradition the 46 year old mother, chief financial officer Sabrina Meng Wanzhou of Huawei, a Chinese "Flagship" company, on spurious [to say the least] legal grounds.

Please read the following opinion article from South China Morning Post, and I will have more comments to follow:

My Takeby Alex Lo [h/t WHATREALLYHAPPENED.com]

Huawei a victim of American subterfuge

The US Justice Department, in laying criminal charges against the Chinese telecoms giant, is no more than an instrument of American foreign policy

The American war on Huawei proceeds apace. Disguising the state-sponsored attack against China’s leading telecoms company and 5G provider as criminal charges may convince those who already harbour anti-China biases, but will not blind others who are clear-sighted about America’s tactics and intentions. Once again, the US Justice Department is no more than an instrument of American foreign policy, with its sanctions against Iran and trade war against China.

The charges are so obviously politically motivated that an extradition request for Huawei chief financial officer Sabrina Meng Wanzhou – detained in Vancouver – should be thrown out of the Canadian court as soon as possible. As former Canadian ambassador to China John McCallum had said, she had “a strong case”. For stating the obvious, he has been sacked because his bosses in Ottawa, as usual, must follow American imperium like a vassal state.

The United States has yet to present evidence, but will it be as convincing as its allegations of “weapons of mass destruction” cited to justify its criminal war against Iraq, a conflict that, incidentally, made possible Iran’s expansion across the Middle East and so necessitated its rollback, including the use of sanctions related in the Huawei case?

Among the charges announced is an alleged conspiracy to steal trade secrets from a US competitor, T-Mobile. This was originally a civil suit over proprietary robotics technology and has already been settled, but US prosecutors decided to turn it into an industrial espionage case. Routine relocation of Huawei staff in and out of the country is now, according to those prosecutors, witness tampering and obstruction of justice.

Interestingly, US prosecutors claim Huawei’s actions began in 2007, and “allowed Iran to evade sanctions imposed by the United States and to allow Huawei to profit”. As shown by the massive Edward Snowden leaks, this was about the time when the US National Security Agency started targeting Huawei’s networks by setting up back doors into servers located in its Shenzhen headquarters.

Operation Shotgiant stole detailed workings of Huawei’s routers and digital switches that it sold around the world, though its original aim was to establish links between the telecoms firm, and Chinese intelligence and the military. No incriminating evidence was found, but this hasn’t stopped Washington from repeating the charge today. The breaches enabled US agencies to hack into any computer or telecoms network around the world that used Huawei’s products.

Are such cyber-breaches illegal and criminal – or perfectly legal if Americans do it?"


Greencrow says:  Meng Wanzhou was hauled before a Canadian Kangaroo court again this morning.  Any court that proceeds on illegal grounds to persecute innocent victims is, ipso facto a "kangaroo court".  So, in front of the entire world...Canada is conducting a kangaroo court...thereby delegitimizing Canada's entire justice system.  What a COUP on the part of the "Amerikans"!  They've been wanting to corrupt our legal system to "harmonize it with theirs" for some years now.  As I've said before...this entire Ziofascist criminal caper has two goals:  1) The destruction of Canada; and 2) The economic harassment of China...both goals have eventual military components.

If I were in charge of Canada [after all, I DID swear myself in last week as Prime Minister of Canada a la Juan Guaido of Venezuela], as a last ditch effort to save Canada I would order the arrest and imprisonment of Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland on charges of Treason and Sedition.  Also considered for arrest would be leader of the "so-called opposition" Andrew [banned from Russia] Scheer.  He's obviously in on the plot.  The first Parliamentary debate, yesterday. after the 6 week Christmas break was an absolute disgrace.  Instead of questioning the Liberal USrael lackeys on the several international scandals that conveniently went down during the break...he focused on taxes and cost of living.  He's a fucking drone.  What about the "Travesty of Justice" that was revealed in the Appeals Court decision on the Nuttall/Korody case here in BC?  Why didn't Scheer ask for a Royal Commission investigation into the RCMP and CSIS over that?

What about Trudeau/Freeland supporting the illegal attempted coup in Venezuela...showing the world a suicidal disregard for the fundamental norms of international law.  No.  Scheer is every bit as guilty of Treason and Sedition as the Trudeau/Freeland bandits.  Like they asked in the movie "Ghostbusters":  "Who do you call?????!!!

So...according to today's newz….Canada has 30 days to rule on the extradition of Meng to the US.  Can we expect a lot of False Flags in BC leading up to that decision...kind of like "encouragement" to make the "right" decision?  Stay tuned.


greencrow said...

My blogging colleague, Northerntruthseeker was kind enough to post on this topic and link to my post. Here is the comment I left on his blog [with legal citations]:


Thanks for posting my plea for the arrest of Trudeau and Freeland on grounds of Treason and Sedition. I am absolutely serious about their crossing the line from legality to illegality on three recent occasions:

1. Huawei arrest: Kidnapping of innocent person for economic advantage in China/Us trade negotiations; [contrary to treaties signed by Canada regarding basic human rights]

2. Venezuelan crisis - supporting the violation of the Venezuelan constitution, fundamental norms of international law and the UN Charter. [Contrary to the Venezuelan constitution and the United Nations Charter]

3. Turning a blind eye to the "Travesty of Justice" committed by the RCMP/CSIS regarding the Nuttall/Korody case....thus enabling RCMP/CSIS to continue further travesties...such as the one last week in Kingston. I have a post on that on the backburner due to trying to keep up with all the criminality of the Liberal government. [contrary to Canadian Bill of Rights and Trudeau/Freeland's Oaths of Office to uphold Canadian law]

[as the above violations are very serious, I believe a request to look into them should be made to the Minister of Justice of Canada and to the Canadian Supreme Court]

Oh, and I added a few more links to the post you cited.


Including this clip from YouTube...which is how the Canadian government looks to sane citizens like little moi...makes me feel like one of the "Ghostbusters":



wallflower said...


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