Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Canadians could be on the hook for Million$ in "Travesty of Justice" rolls on

John Nuttall and Amanda Korody travelling in Police Car
while being set up as Patsies for a terror crime - 2013

According to the local news, the peace bond hearing for the couple accused in the Victoria legislature bomb plot has been mysteriously cancelled.  This hearing was to renew the restrictions put on the couple after their conviction was set aside by the trial judge...and before the Appeals Court Judges found them not guilty due to police "entrapment".  Since the Appeals Court decision was made public in late December, 2018, there has been little or no Main$tream media coverage [and no op ed editorials] on this shocking story.  This stonewall silence only serves to confirm my long held opinion that the Mainstream Media in total is just another arm of the so-called "intelligence community" or, as I call it...the MosCIAd.

Please read the report from globalnews and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:


"Court documents reveal peace bond hearing for couple accused in Victoria legislature bomb plot cancelled

The couple accused in the bomb plot to blow up the B.C. Legislature is free, but despite the B.C. Court of Appeal’s ruling last month in favour of John Nuttall and Amanda Korody.
Nuttall and Korody had been subject to 14 conditions — including a 100-metre no-go zone for the B.C. Legislature and any Canadian forces base — but Global News has uncovered court documents that reveal the hearing, scheduled for January 7, has been cancelled. The peace bond was withdrawn by the Crown so the couple is now free of the restrictive court conditions.
“There’s really no justification for a peace bond,” said Kyla Lee, a high-profile Vancouver lawyer not connected to the case.
Lee said the withdrawal of the peace bond raises questions as to whether Crown will appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.
“It does not surprise me that they want to push this under the rug. This was hugely embarrassing, both at the trial level and the appeal level for the RCMP and for the prosecution service in this country, and tax dollars that were spent on an investigation of two people who posed no risk to the public.”
In 2015, a jury found Nuttall and Korody guilty of planting pressure cooker bombs at the B.C. Legislature on Canada Day 2013. The convictions were put on hold by the trial judge who ruled the couple was entrapped by police. That decision was upheld by the province’s top court last month. The B.C. Court of Appeal ruled the RCMP investigation was a “travesty of justice.”
The case is likely not over for taxpayers. Given the strength of the B.C. Court of Appeal ruling, legal experts say Nuttall and Korody have a strong chance if they launch a civil suit against the federal government and RCMP.
“Being targeted by the police in the way that they were and effectively abused by the police, and the way that the prosecution was carried out in this case, could expose them to some type of punitive damages, in the range, perhaps even of several million dollars,” Lee said.
Crown has until about February 19 to decide whether to seek leave to appeal with the Supreme Court of Canada.
Global News reached out to the Public Prosecution Service of Canada on Monday to find out what it’s going to do, but has yet to receive a response."
Greencrow says: I absolutely love stories like this. The reason being that finally there's a situation where the criminally corrupt Canadian government bureaucracy is left completely exposed for what it is...with its flaccid genitals hanging and twisting in the it were.  As I've said several times previously, there should be a Royal Commission investigation on what went on to create this "Travesty of Justice".  The prime minister of the day, Stephen Harper, should be called in front of it to tell what he knew about where the orders came from to set this couple up.

As one of the lawyers for the couple said...this episode stinks of US-style police entrapment plots.  What went wrong was that they didn't have the judicial system under their control as they do in the US.  In fact, one of the goals of this ploy was to set legal precedents for future operations and, ultimately, to corrupt Canada's judicial system.  If the conviction had been allowed to would have set legal precedents for future similar sting would have absolutely destroyed Canadian justice. That is why the Appeals Court Judge correctly called it a "TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE".  It is these obvious CRIMINAL GOALS that should prompt all decent law-abiding Canadians to DEMAND AN INVESTIGATION.
No doubt, the perps in the MosCSISAd are hoping this fart in the elevator will just dissipate.  They hope the vulnerable couple have already been so browbeaten and terrorized that they won't allow some smart and ambitious lawyers to...on their behalf...launch a civil suit for millions in damages--which would further expose the Deep State systemic criminality to the antiseptic cleansing of an open court.  Watch for this: If the couple do pursue justice for their mistreatment by the police and so-called "security agencies" for "health problems" and other miseries to befall them.
Don't expect the Trudeau Liberal government to launch an investigation.  Even though the crime was hatched and perpetrated during the previous Conservative government of Stephen Harper. The globalist Deep State real government of Canada knows no political party and rules in dark matter what puppets are currently having their strings pulled.  The strings are being pulled from Washington, DC/Langley Va....which is also under occupation from the UK-based Rothchild globalist Ziofascists.  No.  The Nuttall/Korody couple will quietly be offered a hefty settlement package of Canadian taxpayer just "go away" and live out their lives in "good health".  And the "brains" behind the Victoria Legislature false flag bomb operation will remain in their positions of anonymous authority...quietly plotting and scheming for another opportunity to corrupt and terrorize at taxpayer expense.
Yes. That will be the end of it...except that the NEXT TIME, the perps will make sure they have the judge(s) firmly in their pocket, like they had in NYC in the aftermath of 9/11.


Penny said...

Of course I feel law enfarcement should be on the hook for this- personal restitution for crime committed, like any other criminals..
Some pension clawback. Etc.,
but nah, they'll suck the tax payer in
Your comment about the judge is accurate- next time they'll make sure the "right" judge hears the case
Canada a sad little fascist state

greencrow said...

"....Canada a sad little fascist state."

And the Nuttall/Korody case is proof positive.