Monday, December 31, 2018

The Gambit


The Russians are referring to the recent "decision" made by US President Trump [announced by him via his "Twitter" account to pull US military troops out of Syria] as a "gambit"  Here is the Webster definition of the word gambit:

gambit (gămˈbĭt)

  • n.
    An opening in chess in which a minor piece, or pieces, usually a pawn, is offered in exchange for a favorable position.
  • n.
    A maneuver, stratagem, or ploy, especially one used at an initial stage.
  • n.
    A remark intended to open a conversation.

    Here is the relevant quote from the pro Russian news outlet Sputnik:

    "Last week, President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of US from Syria, posting on Twitter that the US had defeated the Daesh terrorist group in the Arab country.

    The reasons for the US decision to withdraw troops from Syria, as well as Washington's future plans in the Middle East, are not yet known, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Igor Tsarikov said on Thursday.

"...We have repeatedly pointed out that the US illegitimate armed presence in Syria is an obstacle to settlement. However, we still do not know anything about the reasons for this decision of the future plans of the US. This gambit has yet to be figured out", Tsarikov told a joint extended meeting of Russian and Syrian interdepartmental coordinating committees on the return of Syrian refugees...."


Greencrow says:  It's instructive for Westerners to read translations of Russian into English, if only that it forces us to refer to our English dictionaries to find out the true meaning of words which have been sheepdipped for centuries to the point of losing all original meaning.  The word "Gambit", as an example, has been used by Hollywood as the name for several movies.  I, myself, did not know that its primary meaning originates from the game of chess.

How appropriate, then, for the Russians to refer to Trump's shocking "decision" as a "gambit".  So, in the case at hand, US's bases in Syria are being "offered up for a more favourable position".  This is what the geopolitical pundits, mainstream and alternative, have been pondering ever since the announcement.  What is the "more favourable position" that Trump is seeking?  In my last post I submitted that Trump's decision to pull out of Syria was to avoid a NATO-busting military conflict with Turkey.  I also surmised that Trump was signalling to Putin that...with the USrael Deep State closing in on him domestically, that he was "reaching out" to Russia and its allies for help in order to remain in he [Trump] was the last, best hope for any kind of peace in the Middle East and even globally.

This is still my best assessment of the maneuver.  But, of course, the Deep State has immediately muddied the water and "paused" the pull-out.  Buying time?  Most likely.  Trump is on a tightrope. Further, on the French military bases situated in Syria which just recently came to light.  I hope my blogging colleagues have drawn a line connecting the dots between these NATO bases and Macron's problems with the "yellow vests" in France.  The vests might be yellow, but I smell blackmail.  I always knew those demonstrations were Sorosian frauds/false flags.

The bottom line is this.  The Rooskies have terminally out-gunned the West.  It will take decades for the West to even catch up with the Russian weaponry.  Perhaps the Deep State UK-based Rothchild bankster gargoyles are in denial over this....but I suspect the Western military, or at least the portion of it that remains sane [probably a minority] is not.  These few, beleaguered, generals know that if the Rooskies have to "prove" that they actually have the weaponry as they firing off an Avangard or two....these very generals will be the first to be incinerated.  THAT, my good readers, is the bottom line.

So, IMO, the gambit was not actually a was a flare...shot into the night sky, indicating an SOS.


wallflower said...

...passing this on to expose GC. Terrible violence recorded undercover to Palestinian children. Shocking. Please share
alQuds on Twitter

greencrow said...

Hi Wallflower:

I can't access the page as I don't have a twitter account. Is there another link?

Anonymous said...

Another definition
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Or go ahead
Open up the factionary and read some definitions
Start off with freedom and liberty
Then go to tyranny and injustice
Then decide what you have
I heard this saying
What good are words if words have no meaning??????
Dwell on that one for a while
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I want recess

wallflower said...

Hi GC...
Left click to highlight the link
Right click to search the link and it will take you straight there.

Reading between the lines said...

@ wallflower .This is what the Palestinian children are subjected to on a daily basis by these zionist beasts .Psychopaths .

Reading between the lines said...

@GC Your analysis certainly adds a level of intrigue to the US Syrian pull out.
2019 promises to be quite telling to many that have no idea what is going on other thanthe fake information they get fed by their daily MSM feed.

greencrow said...

Hi Wallflower:

I was able to reach twitter and al Quds but what I watched was not about children. It was about Israeli police dragging demonstrating Palestinians around. Was that it?

greencrow said...


The basis of all my geopolitical analysis now rests on Putin's March 1st speech, wherein he declared that Russia had definitively won the arms race for at least the next decade. Presuming that at least some of the Western generals are sane...I deduct they're going to try and extricate themselves and their countries from under the Deep State occupation of the globalists...who for diabolical reasons known only to themselves...don't care if there is a global conflagration.

In other words, it's humanity vs the gargoyles. The humans have to now communicate in code so as to formulate strategies without tipping off the gargoyles. That is why I referred to "flares" ...which are a form of emergency communication.

james@wpc said...

It might be said that the US offering up its bases in Syria is a gambit if indeed the US did, in fact, leave Syria and abandon its bases. But the US hasn't left Syria. The US has only said it will leave Syria.

One thing you can always be certain of when the US Administration makes a pronouncement of what it is going to do, is that what they said is going to happen is what is NOT going to happen. So, I am certain that the US is not going to pull out of Syria and, in fact, will increase its presence and its efforts in destroying that country.

Trump is beholden to the likes of Sheldon Adelson for his electoral funds and Adelson is a big israel supporter.
Trump is beholden to the banking system for his business interests and the bankers own israel and want to put it in charge of a destroyed Middle East and its oil resources.
The bankers need to control the Middle East oil to have any chance of bringing in their One World Currency (you will need their currency to buy oil)
The bankers need to bring in their OWC to have any chance of surviving in a rapidly changing world where they are losing what control (declining US$) they still have.

So, the US is not going to leave the Middle East incl Syria any day soon and will continue to destroy it and provoke a war with Russia (to control world oil supplies).

greencrow said...

Hi James:

The reason that

"...when the US Administration makes a pronouncement of what it is going to do, is that what they said is going to happen is what is NOT going to happen..."

is that there are two warring factions within the USrael Deep State who are cancelling out each other's directives and policies. This undeclared war has been going on for almost a decade now...and is increasing in intensity and resulting political and foreign policy chaos.

As I said in a comment to Penny this morning, the US government shut-down could eventually affect military decisions...including in the Middle East. IMO, the current incoherence in Trump's Middle East announcements/counter announcements is a reaction to Russia's ongoing circling of the Middle East with countries employing the S-400 anti-missile system. Turkey is negotiating for this system, so is Saudi Arabia, so is India...likely China...once these systems are in's game over.

I realized long ago that it is a serious geopolitical mistake to underestimate the importance of military arms sales competition between the superpowers...THAT is where the rubber hits the road.