Monday, November 19, 2018

The most Duped Nation on Earth? California "Wild" Fires and "Attacking Caravan" From Mexico - Both Faked/Manmade?

Were the Massive California Forest Fires
Caused by Directed Energy?

If it were any other country on the face of the earth, it would be looked at as if it were under siege.  Nonstop traumas...mass shootings, devastating forest fires, attacking caravans of "refugees" threatening social and financial instability to the nation.  Reminds me of a saying of an old social worker buddy of mine "Trauma Leads To Drama".  What he was referring to is the way many of our parents behaved...unable to live a quiet life of successfully parenting...seemingly destined to live a life on the edge, risk-taking, poor relationships, impoverished...lurching from one crisis to the other.

Psychologists have long drawn a line, connecting the dots between a traumatic childhood and later non-functional, crisis-ridden adulthood.  "Trauma Leads to Drama" seems to be the motto of the United States of America, or, as I like to call the nation to the south ever since it was occupied by the Ziofascist Deep State that took power during the 9/11 atrocity...."USrael".

The latest in a series of non-stop catastrophes since 9/11 are the following.  First, the devastating and deadly fires of the past few weeks in California.  While the occupied, paid, presstitute Main$tream media either ignores causation when it comes to these fast burning, wind-whipped firestorms, the alternate media has done some very good work in compiling evidence that points disturbingly towards "directed energy" as the "manmade" cause.  Therearenosunglasses has posted a very good report which I have sourced below.  Please review the link above and the photos below and I will have more comments to follow:

Directed Energy Causing Forest Fires?

Greencrow says: The latest news is that the confirmed death toll to date is 76 with more than 1,200 missing.   How could so many people be missing in a populated area like that?  It's not like it is the wilderness of the Canadian far north...where every couple of years one or two people goes missing for a few days, until the intrepid northern bush pilots locate them in most cases.  This is an area of highways and strip malls and suburbs.  It's not like the people went wandering off into the bush.  They were either in their homes or they were on the highways, trying to escape.  It's just disgraceful that the "missing" list is so high...actually it's unbelievable.   Publishing escalating tallies of dead is just yet another form of psychological terror...Trauma leads to Drama.

Here is the latest report from last night's RT

California wildfires: 1,276 people now listed as missing as death toll climbs to 76

California Fire: Number of Missing Soars Past 1,000 as Death Toll Hits 71

Greencrow:  Here is a report of a few days ago from

In this report from robinwestenra,  the evacuees were told to vacate the emergency camp ground by 1 p.m. last Sunday...with no firm plan of where they should go.  Again...what "emergency support agency" [FEEMA] would do such a thing? In my opinion, FEEMA, since its creation around the time of 9/11 is nothing more than a facilitator for mass casualty False Flag terror events. Trauma leads to drama.

More information from earlier BBC report:

California wildfires: Number of missing leaps to 631

The number of people missing in northern California's devastating wildfire has leapt to more than 600, and seven more bodies have been found, according to local authorities.

The missing persons' list has doubled since earlier on Thursday.

The Camp Fire, the state's deadliest and most destructive blaze, has killed at least 63 people. Nearly 12,000 buildings have been destroyed.

Three more people have also died in the Woolsey Fire, further south.

President Donald Trump will travel to California on Saturday to survey the damage and meet those affected.

About 9,400 firefighters are currently battling wildfires across the state.

The Camp Fire - which broke out eight days ago - swept through a swathe of the north at high speed, fanned by the wind, leaving residents little time to escape.

Why such a big jump in the missing?

The official list more than doubled from 300 to 631 on Thursday.

At a news briefing, Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said this was because investigators had thoroughly cross-checked their information, including emergency calls made since the Camp Fire started on 8 November.

"I want you to understand that the chaos we were dealing with was extraordinary," Mr Honea said.

He stressed that the number of the missing would most likely fluctuate.

"If you look at that list and see your name, or the name of a friend or loved one, please call to let us know," Mr Honea appealed to the public.

Why are the fires burning?

Officials have not yet confirmed what started any of the blazes, as investigations are continuing.

Several people have already filed a lawsuit against a local power company, alleging that Camp Fire started when a high-voltage transmission line failed.

Historically, California's "wildfire season" started in summer and ran into early autumn - but experts have warned that the risk is now year-round.

Low humidity, warm Santa Ana winds, and dry ground after a rain-free month have produced a prime fire-spreading environment."


Greencrow says...the Santa Ana winds have been around since time immemorial.  They've never before caused this unique kind of chaos.  What else is happening here?  Again, RT reported some "harrowing videos" of the fire-devastated town of "Paradise".

The entire "retirement" town of "Paradise" was reduced to ashes.  Many of the victims were elderly with poor mobility and inability to drive themselves out of the conflagration.  It is likely this group that makes up much of the death toll.

And, to add to the terror...the fire destroyed land which was being used to store nuclear toxic waste...thus disbursing the radioactivity into the atmosphere.

The Millennium has a very interesting special "report on the manmade firestorms"

As always, an alternative view must include the question that IS NEVER ASkED BY THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA ANYMORE.  That question is "Qui Bono?" (who benefits).  In the case of the California wildfires, here are some suspects:

California Land Grab?

A land grab?  Makes sense to me.  The Ziofascist perps who killed 3,000 innocents in the twin towers that were slated for demolition because they were asbestos-filled "white elephants"...would certainly not demur from killing 1,200 mostly old people in a land grab.  Of course the MIC warmongers would love to test out their "directed-energy weaponry" on live humans...just like the Nuclear "scientists" tested their nuclear bombs back during the last difference there.

And, while people were being traumatized by the suspicious fires, there was yet another traumatic event emerging to the south...coming up slowly...[building tension] from south of the Mexican/US border.  Here is a recent report from The Daily Beast:

Mexicans Storm Migrant Shelter in Tijuana, Shouting for ‘Pigs’ to Leave

Shouting Trump’s slurs, a hundred demonstrators clashed with riot police, telling the newcomers they aren’t welcome here.
TIJUANA, Mexico—A crowd of demonstrators clashed with anti-riot police near an emergency shelter where thousands of migrants from Central America have taken refuge in recent days.

Waving Mexican flags and singing Mexico's national anthem, a bristling crowd of a hundred or more descended on a municipal sports complex the city government has converted to a shelter to accommodate the surge of migrants who arrived here as part of the famous caravan from the south. Their ultimate destination is the United States where many plan to apply for asylum.

Greencrow concludes:  Nothing like being burned out of your homes and being invaded by foreigners from the south at the same time...Trauma really does lead to drama.  But some are saying that, like the firestorms, the Caravan is also "manmade".

Here is a report from Paul Craig Roberts who says:

"If This Report Is Correct, The Caravan Is Another Presstitute Lie. Americans are so gullible that they are pathetic." 

According to that report...the "Caravan" is nothing more than yet another paid professional activist/crisis actor group "rent a crowd" that's being financed every step of the way up to the American border.  Probably paid for and organized by the most evil person in the world..."colour revolution" George Soros.  Unlike the main$tream media reports--that the "refugees" from Central and South America are poor women and children--the eye witness in Roberts' report says they're all fit and able young men...just itching for a fight [aka demonstration], no less.  My personal theory is that they are some of those trained drug dealers that the perps keep infiltrating from Mexico, Central and South America into the Northern Hemisphere.  These drug dealers are trained to corrupt society with their drugs and crimes. Regardless, the so-called refugees/migrants are nothing more than tools in the ongoing project of causing Trauma that will certainly lead to more destabilizing drama in the besieged, beleaguered and terrorized nation of America.

Here is the latest report from The Daily Beast, which says that the Mexicans that the "refugees" come into contact with on stops along the way to the US border aren't in the least fooled as to their authenticity and motivation.  In one instance, Mexicans stormed the shelter the US-bound migrants were holed up in, "shouting for the pigs to leave"Why is no other country on earth subjected to this kind of systematic and escalating terror?

Americans should reflect on this question.  It seems obvious to me that Americans are being terrorized into keeping them silent, quivering, malleable cannon their country and its riches/potential can be looted by the parasites who are feasting on the weakened nation...then, when it is beyond hope of repair, they will toss it aside, or, more likely, into the conflagration of a WWIII where it will be the battle ground...before moving on to another host.


Anonymous said...

R those pictures actual???
R they photos showing what the toy is capable of???
You know,when they make there new toy,they practice and show it off.
Propaganda pictures or real source???
I know you have said you have to stop poking the bear
Stop poking the bear
Did the master chess player just make his move after being poked sooooo many times?????
When the Trumptoid went to the crime scene and he was standing there with his hands on his hips with his arms extending out
I knew the Trumtoid was thinkin of his next move
Funny the caravan arrived at the same time
For I always thought it was the Mexicans who want there land back and they are the ones who keep starting the fires
I once read somewhere that fire was used as a form of warfare long ago I think it mentioned the greeks.
It was used by them or against them
Just remember what we did in Vietnam
Remember those sick psychotic freaks in the planes torching the land???
Well you are right
The warzone is here and there is still more to come
Stay awake
Even that might not help
Drama is the new Amerika
Most mainstream television shows and reality shows is loaded with it
And I say
Drama creates division
The caravan is real
They want there lands back
The Trumptoid will let them in
He said so at that get together with all the leaders
The Trumptoid knew it was coming
You could say he was the one who paid them for the performance
What better way to get the wall up than to get all these actors to come at voting time
The Trumptoid organized it
But in reality
They want there land back
The drama show at the border is clearly a performance
They let them cross the country not touched at all
Suddenly at our border
A shoving match for the cameras
It is a chess move by the Mexicans
War is fun
Nothing but drama and sickness
More to say
Here is a 20 minute video of guy with camera showing the freshly burned out neighborhood and still some hot spots

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Thanks for that liveleak link

I think they better get some barges ready to load and ship all those twisted and melted steel girders and joists over to they did after 9/11.

And I think they better secure the site so that folks don't shoot more videos of all the anomalies on the "wind blown" forest fire...that melts steel girders and twists them.

Anonymous said...

My only thought on that
If all those houses were burning at the same time??
Would that generate enough heat to do all that???
It was like my bonfire I typed about earlier in the year to you
I think I said I had a blaze going a giant bonfire right at the wooded tree line
It was a hot and humid day
My shorts were soaked with sweat and I was shirtless
I actually had 2 going at the same time
One in a safe place
The other
Very risky
There was a branch hanging down that got singed but never ignited
I raked a circle around my fire so the brush that the mainstream keeps mentioning about forest practice,sometimes a few spots started but my very heated bonfire on a hot summer day did nothing to the forest
Are the trees not loaded with moisture???
I keep thinking that when the alarmists are saying
The trees did not burn????
Those are my questions when I listen to the truthers.
I love the metal mailbox melted and down but the plastic trash buckets with just a little melting
If it was such high heat
I would think the trach buckets would melt more than that
The video you posted was spooky
It reminded me of the Iraq war when they showed the sooo called caravan toasted in the spot with all the people fleeing
When you were in Shanghi did you investigate where the steel girders ended up and question some locals?????
I would have

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

No, I didn't investigate the whereabouts of the WTC [premium quality] steel girders when I was in Shang hai. We were on a group tour and it was closely managed as to what we could see and what we could not see. But, I did seem some stupendously tall sky scrapers in Shang the Chinese could certainly have put the steel to good use. BUT I have always believed that the steel was melted down and came back to the US in the form of Humvees that were used in the Iraq war.