Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Most Duped Nation on Earth UPDATE - Chaos still surrounds Fire Emergency Response

UpdatedHere is a link with many photos of anomalies about the California so-called "Wild" fires.
these photos support what I've been saying for two posts now...Directed Energy caused these fires.

In this Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018 photo, Charlie Miles peers up at state forestry officers and state parks rangers after being arrested for trying to go home on a desolate stretch of Skyway Road between Paradise and a Chico church he was sleeping at in Paradise, Calif. (Renee C. Byer/The Scaramento Bee via AP)

Have you ever heard of such a thing before in your life?  A fire victim is arrested, handcuffed and seated on the fire-scarred ground, surrounded by "officials".  I think the above photo should get a Pulitzer Prize for news photography...because it perfectly encapsulates the "Emergency Response" of the government officials to this probable man-made terror event catastrophe.

Here is the entire report as published in the local news 1130.com.  Please read it with a view to seeing how the great, vaunted, taxpayer-funded FEMA agency is MIA... and local response groups are left to make a haphazard effort to list names of victims/survivors...which generally manages to keep the tension/terror high in the area after the disaster.  I will have more thoughts to follow:


CHICO, Calif. — It’s been 12 days since Christina Taft started the frantic search for her mother Victoria, who refused to evacuate their Paradise home as flames neared, and six days since she gave authorities a cheek swab to identify remains that are likely her mother’s. She still hasn’t received confirmation that her mother is dead, and says she’s been frustrated by what she feels is a lack of communication from Butte County officials.

“They said they found remains, they didn’t say her remains. They won’t confirm it to me the whole time,” Taft said Monday.

With 79 people killed in the nation’s deadliest wildfire in at least a century, there are still nearly 700 names on the list of those unaccounted for. While it’s down from nearly 1,000 the day before, it is inexact, progress has been slow, and the many days of uncertainty are adding to the stress. More than a dozen people are marked as “unknowns,” without first or last names. In some cases, names are listed twice or more times under different spellings. Others are confirmed dead, and their names simply haven’t been taken off yet.

Survivors and relatives of those caught in the fire in Northern California are using social media to get the word out: In some cases, to post that their loved ones were safe; in others, to plead for help.

“Aunt Dorothy is still missing. There has been confusion going on at the Sheriffs office regarding her whereabouts because she was taken off the list,” a man wrote on Facebook on Monday.

“I have an uncle and two cousins that I have not been able to make contact with,” one woman wrote on Facebook, with their names. “Any info would be appreciated.”

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea has said he released the rough and incomplete list in hopes that people would contact authorities to say they are OK. He has called it “raw data” compiled from phone calls, emails and other reports. “We put the list out. It will fluctuate. It will go up. It will go down because this is in a state of flux,” Honea said Monday. “My view on this has been that I would prefer to get the information out and start working to find who is unaccounted for and who is not. I would put progress over perfection.” 
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Officials have also culled reports from the earliest hours of the disaster, when fire knocked out mobile phone communications and thousands fled, some to safe shelter that was hundreds of miles away. Honea said his office was working with the Red Cross to account for people entering and leaving shelters. Evacuees are also helping authorities narrow the list, sometimes by chance.

Robert James Miles, who lost his Paradise trailer in the blaze, was staying at a shelter in Chico where people posted names of those they hadn’t heard from. Miles said he alerted a Red Cross worker Saturday that he recognized eight names on the board as friends he knew were OK.

“Two of them were in the shelter,” he said with a chuckle.

Owen and Phyllis Suihkonen understand the chaos. Their family is scattered after they lost their home to the wildfire, as did their two adult children. Phyllis Suihkonen, 69, says she spotted the names of two friends on the list of unaccounted people, and doesn’t know if they are safe. But her daughter has seen names of friends who are OK and called sheriff’s officials to let them know.

“I’m concerned,” Phyllis said. “But like I said, there’s been other friends’ names on the list that have been accounted for and taken off.”

Meanwhile, those searching for bodies were in a race against the weather, as rain was forecast for Wednesday. The precipitation could help knock out the flames, but it could also hinder the search by washing away fragmentary remains and turning ash into a thick paste. The fire, which burned at least 236 square miles (611 square kilometers) and destroyed nearly 12,000 homes, was 70 percent contained on Monday..."


Greencrow says:  Bring on the Weather.  After an unusually long period of drought..."suddenly" rain is NOW in the forecast. That "washing away fragmentary remains [AKA evidence] and "turning ash into a thick paste" must work for somebody...


"...Alcatraz Island, San Francisco’s cable cars, the Oakland Zoo and other San Francisco Bay Area area attractions were closed Monday because of smoke from the blaze some 140 miles (225 kilometers) away. Several San Francisco museums over the weekend offered free admission to give people something to do indoors.

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said it is “way too early” to estimate the damage done by the wildfire. But for perspective, he said the Northern California fires that gutted 6,800 homes last year resulted in $12.6 billion in insured losses.

“It’s going to be a long and painful process,” he said.

Har reported from San Francisco. Associated Press journalists Kathleen Ronayne in Sacramento, California, and Paul Elias and Jocelyn Gecker in San Francisco also contributed to this report.

Greencrow says:  The California "Wild" fires of 2018 are just another one of the non-stop and endless series of catastrophes that has hit the United States since 9/11. Mass shootings, hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires. Like "Job" of biblical lore...it just doesn't seem to let up for a moment in America, ever since the USraeli occupation that began on September 11, 2001. There's a pattern that has long formed surrounding these mass casualty events.  They're all poorly managed/responded to by the authorities.  This, in spite of the fact that the US has one of the largest, most powerful taxpayer-funded emergency response systems on the planet.  Remember how "FEMA" responded to the hurricane that destroyed New Orleans a few years ago?  It actually exacerbated the tragedy...it made things worse. Then there were those marauding uniformed "law enforcement officers" who were spotted shooting victims trying to evacuate over the bridges, that kind of thing.

Why are those "law enforcement officers" standing over the handcuffed victim on the ground in the photo above?  They should be handcuffed and HE should be standing over THEM...as a result of the poor official response to this latest tragedy.

The government non-response and ineptitude, even in the tallying of the numbers of victims, can only be rationalized if this was a planned event, if the response was actually calculated in causing the most damage/casualties/social upheaval possible and...here's the kicker...giving the victims just enough insurance money [there is ALWAYS AN INSURANCE ANGLE IN THESE CATASTROPHES...STARTING WITH 9/11] to vacate the land and go live somewhere else...leaving the land cleared and vacant...for the occupying perps.


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Ed(itor) says: http://themillenniumreport.com/2018/11/beware-the-national-conversation-is-about-to-be-changed/

"... designed to be a literal human sacrifice, or holocaust, of sorts.”

Anonymous said...

Did you not know that Amerika is the land of the free and you have liberty and justice for all???
do those lines for an hour
There used to be a broadcaster back near or before 911
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I quickly searched for something along the lines of what he did
Here is a short video of ten pathetic things showing you your freedom and liberty
I LOVE number three
Those are the kind of stories that broadcaster did back then
But still
Remember this is what freedom and liberty look like
Dwell on those lines for the rest of the day
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