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Connecting the Dots of Psychopathy - Donors and Drones

Brave New World
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Today is the 55th anniversary of the MosCIAd assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963.  It's a time for reflection on what that event meant to the course of modern history.  With the advantage of a very long 20/20 hindsight I can posit that some of the most important ramifications of the JFK Assassination were:

1.  Israel got the nuclear bomb and began it's non-stop Yinon Project of destroying the Middle East;

2.  No more independent-minded Presidents were ever allowed to be elected in the United States...all the subsequent presidents have been anonymously controlled by one or the other faction of that two-handed bird, the Deep USrael state.

3.  Those humans capable of critical thinking...which, as we have discovered is roughly only about 33% of the human population...embarked on a never-ending quest for truth.  This quest set them aside and estranged from the rest of the population [sheeple].  This division has grown and widened over the decades the woken minority observes a never ending series of high crimes, mass murders and misdemeanors being perpetrated by the same cabal [or inheritors] of the perpetrators of the Kennedy assassination;

4.  The perps were forced into major "distraction" efforts in order to keep the sheeple from somehow waking up and seeing that they were occupied, owned and nothing more than powerless cannon fodder.  Some of these distractions were hoaxes like the "Apollo Lunar Hoax", the Sexual Revolution of the '60's, and all the LGTB identity politics that has been shoved down our throats since.

Like a tree infected with a fungal rot, most of humanity has now been exposed to/infected with psychopathy, a form of mental decay that leaves the species terminally weakened and open to all forms of invasion of alien parasites.

The Crow flies high...and this morning, on browsing through the M$M newz, I have read two reports which, seemingly unrelated, actually show how debased and psychopathic humanity has rotted, tinder dry and ready for incineration are the Sheeple.  Here are those two reports:

Donors and Drones
....Anonymous giving and taking of human life

From the CBC:

The CBC is reporting that there is going to be a conference here in Canada to more clearly define government laws and policies surrounding the "sperm donor/egg donor program.  Those who are pro surrogacy and donor-artificial insemination are lobbying for looser laws and for donors to be paid and under contract so that, for instance, once they commit to donating sperm or an egg...they can't "back out" without a heavy financial cost.

But, as my mother used to say..."there's a fly in the ointment".  The fly comes in the form of a few objecting voices in this debate...none other than the children conceived by way of donor sperm/eggs.  These children have now become adults and...whaaaaaaa???!!  They actually oppose the practise of conceiving humans by way of anonymous sperm and/or eggs....thus condemning the offspring to a life of searching for their true identity...and humiliation with the knowledge that their parents did not regard them as even humans...but just another "commodity".  The children often complain that as adults they become troubled by the lack of information about their medical/biological heritage.  What diseases are they susceptible to?  Is knowing who they really are not a human right?

Some might ask...wouldn't that concern be paramount in the minds of the mothers [and in fewer cases, fathers] that so yearn for a baby to love [and fulfill their biological drives] that they are willing to spend all that money, time/energy to bring a child into the world?  Wouldn't they WANT their children to feel happy, secure and mentally strong?  Not so.  As I found out during my social work career....most of the single mothers who get artificially inseminated are mentally fragile themselves.  They are generally narcissistic and the idea that the child they conceive might want more connection with BOTH his or her parents...doesn't cross their mind.  They really BELIEVE that the child will be content simply "knowing that mommy loves them". And here is another astounding fact.  The clinics that provide the insemination service sometimes have financial incentives available for certain ethnic groups.  There are "charitable organizations" willing to pay portions of the insemination fees.  Can you believe it???!!!  Just go on the Clinic websites and you will see for yourself. No wonder the children of these parents [like the young man in the CBC story] are so often bewildered, depressed and angry.

So that is the first story illustrating the psychopathy of our sheeple society.  The second is even more self-evident.  But as you read about it...keep in mind what is connecting the two dots. The element that is connecting the two dots is anonymity.

From RT:

Here is a story about the drone program in the US military.  This program involves young men and women [probably conceived by artificial anonymous donors--sarc] who sit behind computer screens in the United States and for substantial wages--manipulate drones in the Middle East and all over the world.  On military command they murder innocent citizens in far off "collateral damage"...while ostensibly tracking and murdering so-called "terrorists".  These "terrorists" are defined as such by the Ziofascist globalist warmongering Military Industrial Complex.  So, whether they are in fact "terrorists" or simply patriotic citizens, doesn't really matter to the commanders or their drone operators--who are only focused on "number of kills" and "blowing things up".

Muse Video about the Drone Program

According to the RT article...engaging in such psychopathy leaves the drone operators mentally ill, addicted to mind-numbing substances and angry.  Ironically, behaviour much like the children borne out of the anonymous sperm/egg donor program.

As observed earlier, both the egg/sperm anonymous donor program and the drone program depend on anonymity to function.  You can't get humans to donate dozens of eggs and quantities of sperm if they know that some day all those kids will come knocking at their door.  And you can't get people to sit behind computers blowing up homes and killing entire families if they think that some day the relatives of those victims will come knocking at their door.  Both programs need anonymity to functionAnonymity is the false "courage" that cowards need to perform inhumane acts. When you think of it...ALL crime and psychopathic behaviour only flourishes in an anonymous environment.  As they say in open court lets in the "sunlight" of knowledge which is the greatest disinfectant.  That is precisely why jurisprudence has evolved the open court system of justice.

And that, readers, is why the Deep State depends on anonymity and that's why most sheeple still don't know that the MosCIAd was behind the murder of JFK, the mass murder atrocity of 9/11 and all the "mass casualty events/False Flags" and bloody wars that have been perpetrated on humanity ever since.  Anonymity is anathema to human well-being, whether in procreation or in societal interaction at large.

Leonard Cohen Singing "The Future"

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Anonymous said...

I think this movie scene in blood diamonds sums up the mentality of a psychotic wearing a uniform.
The movie is filled with lines
There is even a brainwashing scene using the child soldiers
How to brainwash
It is the same with our soldiers
Disciplined and dumb
If you have not scene this movie
Please watch it