Monday, November 26, 2018

CawRANT Events #72

CawRANT Events #72

Good morning everybody.  It's a very dark and rainy day on the West Coast.  In fact, there's a rain warning posted.  So a good "inside" day and an excellent day to do blogging and carving.  I haven't done a "CawRANT Events" for some weeks now.  I've always had a problem with setting strict rules for myself...such as "I MUST do a CawRANT Events post Every Second Monday.  That kind of rule is just a temptation to break it.  My life motto has always been: "Everything in moderation...even moderation."  But every once in a while I feel like doing a freewheeling kind of post where I blog like a hummingbird, flitting from flower (issue) to flower...not necessarily having to support every single thing I say with at least one link.  That obsession is a hold over from my social worker days...where everything I put into a report had to be supported by at least one example.

Last week I did a couple of posts about the forest fire crisis they had down in California recently.  Complete devastation to at least one town [Paradise] and the last I heard 700 people were still missing.  I don't go on the M$M newsites very often but when I have I've not seen any resolution to the missing fire victims.  Does anyone know whether they were all located?  I guess that's "old newz" now...the mainstream media has gone on to the next concocted terror event.

My position on the California fires was that they were man made...or man-exacerbated.  Why?  Just from how the Mainstream Media handled the story, mainly.  They handled it like it was one of their regular terror false flags....all hoopla and then nothing. Some people doubt that the perps have the scientific ability to set fires remotely and then have them carried by directed winds into certain areas.  Hello?  Of course they do.  Didn't we all read about HAARP and Directed Energy?  It's a fact!  My position has always been that if the perps have such weaponry they WILL use it...they have absolutely no conscience to prevent them from perpetrating such evil.  The main "tell" on the recent California fires was the lack of warning that the people had to vacate the threatened communities.  Victim witnesses reported that in previous years they had days warning.  This time they had maybe an hour or two.  And, has anyone ever gone to those amateur meteorological sites where the guy in his mother's basement is following strange cloud formations being pushed all around the atmosphere?  Hey, once I even reported on this blog that some guy found a "square" cloud.  Meteorologists in Australia and other countries [Iran] have been complaining for years that their drought is man-made.  Whatever.

My knowing that man has the ability to manipulate the weather and to seed clouds with all sorts of chemicals has made me an outsider in all the controversy about "climate control" and "global warming" and "carbon tax".  Without the government/military laying all the cards on the table about how they manipulate the weather...humanity cannot have a reasonable, logical discussion about climate.  It is just impossible.  And those who debate on one side or the other without mentioning the obvious manipulation and weaponization of the weather that is blatantly going on...are just whistling Dixie!

Oh, and still on the topic of the California fires, here's another clue.  Some pundit in the mainstream media is opining that "We should start treating floods and fires like migration crises".  My point exactly!  I have always maintained that environmental catastrophes like fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and drought...can just as easily be manmade social engines to force migration for economic and political/military purposes.  Enough said!

Spooks killing Spooks...with other spooks filming it

Another topic I have been posting about recently is the Khashoggi psyop.  This seems to have died down in the media now that the Sheeple have been successfully implanted with the notion that Mohamed bin Salman is a "bad hombre" who needs to go. [aka regime change].  Penny of Pennyforyourthoughts has posted an excellent update on the latest theory by former spook/now geopolitical blogger Sibel Edmonds.  Sibel has done a lot of footwork over the past two months and has come up with the same theory that I devised in the first week.  The entire Khashoggi caper was a psyops created by the MosCIAd to force Saudi leader Mohammed bin Salman from his position.  Sibel thinks it was a combined effort by the MosCIAd and MI6.

Here are a couple of my comments on Penny's site:
  1. Hi Penny:

    Excellent take. Poor Sibel...having to do all that work and all those tweets...when I arrived at exactly the same conclusion just by paying attention to the rising of small hairs on the back of my neck...which I did when the story of this "assassination" took place!
  2. lol without all the hoopla I determined [and posted several times] that Khashoggi was a MosCIAd patsy and that the entire event was a psyops to vilify Turkey and Saudi-Arabia...with a view to SA regime change. Why?

    Because both Turkey and SA are purchasing the Russian state of the art S-400 anti-missile system. Now why doesn't Sibel figure out the reason for the regime change psyops like I did????

and here is my favourite comment by Anonymous...that precisely sums up the psyop:
"The kaSHOWggi must go on -- and on and on and on.

A spook said some things about the spook whose murder by spooks was recorded by spooks. Other spooks said that the recording by the spooks of the spook being murdered by spooks, was true...well-groomed spooks in the spookish MSM reported all this stuff by spooks about things done to a spook by spooks and recorded by spooks.

Lol. The whole episode should be dismissed out of hand. I wonder if it is an intra-spook joke."

Greencrow says: And as a final comment on this topic, I will posit why nothing has happened to Mohammed bin Salman, in spite of the False Flag assassination of Khashoggi. The reason this false flag has been stillborn is due to the internal civil war within the Western intelligence agencies. There are forces within the agencies who do not want the forces who want MBS out to be successful. It's a "control issue" and it's complicated.

UrkoNAZI's on the move

Yesterday, Sunday, which is a really good day to start a False Flag Provocation because the Sheeple can tune into it from time to time between football quarters...The Urkonazis sent some of their boats sailing towards that enormously long newly built bridge the Russians built to connect the Russian mainland across the Kerch Strait to Crimea. The Urkonazis have been threatening to blow up this bridge since before it was even built. So it is absolutely natural and essential that Russia prevent boats [possibly containing explosives] from approaching the span. Here is a summation on the crisis by The Saker. Please read the following snippet and I will have more comments to follow:

"....It is obvious that the Nazi regime in Kiev is in a tailspin and that short of some dramatic action Poroshenko is a goner. Most of the gang around him won’t fare much better, especially not if Timoshenko ever gets the presidency (which might happen if the Empire decides to ditch Poroshenko). For them the options are either to leave the Ukraine or face some serious jail time (sort of the same situation as Saakashvili had to face).

We are entering a very dangerous time period, one in which a totally corrupt Nazi regime will fight with every trick imaginable to save itself. Whether this will result in a major war against Novorussia or Russia is impossible to predict, but we have to recognize that this is a distinct possibility."

Greencrow says: The Saker says that a possible motivation for the timing of this long awaited False Flag is the upcoming meeting between Putin and Trump at the G20 meeting slated for the end of November. Saker feels that they [the perps that run the Urkonazis from the West] want to prevent this latest effort at high level détente by the leaders.

My comment is just to again register my absolute despair and disgust at the populations of the West...who are absolute numb sheeple on the issue of the NATO/Ukraine provocation of Russia. Every single idiot I have spoken with about this issue has been totally brainwashed into believing that "Russia attacked Ukraine and stole Crimea". It is really depressing, folks. There is not two brain cells to rub together amongst a hundred thousand of them. So I am warning my Novorossiyan and Russian readers that they cannot count on the West to avoid war over this. Never has the Orwellian presstitute media done a more complete job of lying and slander as it has over the Putin/Russia/Ukraine issue.

Canadian NewZ - Take the money and run

Turning to Canadian newz for a moment. Also yesterday, the sheeple were amaZed to learn that one of the biggest employers in Canada, General Motors, would close its Oshawa branch next year and throw about 3,000 car manufacturing plant workers out of work.

Here is a snippet from the CBC and I will have more comments to follow:

"...GM confirmed Monday it would close its Oshawa plant in 2019, throwing about 3,000 unionized people out of work.
The plant makes the Chevrolet Impala, a once-popular vehicle that has seen its sales crater in recent years as consumer tastes shifted away from small and midsize sedans toward bigger vehicles like pickup trucks and sport-utility vehicles.
Premier Ford said it seems GM cannot be convinced at this point to save the plant. He said Ottawa should concentrate on extending Employment Insurance (EI) supports to laid-off workers and commit to funding new training to deploy affected workers elsewhere. Bains said "all options are on the table" for GM employees.
Trudeau said he spoke the CEO of GM, Mary Barra, to express his "deep disappointment" with the closure. Trudeau has met with Barra a number of times since assuming office. She is a board member on the Canada-United States Council for Advancement of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders, a council co-developed by Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump."


Greencrow concludes:  What the CBC report didn't say was that GM had been given a Shi!load of Taxpayer funds just a short while ago to prevent it from closing until 2020...AFTER next Year's federal election, dontchaknow. So now le Dauphin is pooing his pants worrying about possible electoral fall out from the closure. And Opposition Leader Andrew [can't go to Russia] Scheer is licking his lips at a possible uptick in the public opinion polls where he had been cratered for months. Andrew's not doing as bad as the NDP turban, however, who's only at 15% in the polls. The NDP will likely be wiped out in the coming Fall 2019 election...proving that Canada perhaps might just not be ready for a Turbaned Prime Minister. Come to think of it, neither is Pakistan or [the Prime Minister of] India.

Well, folks, that's about it for this CawRANT Events. I will leave you with a video update on my latest wood carving..."little green faerie"...still many hours from completion.

Little Green Faerie #2

One thing about the "little Green Faerie"...sadly, he's a lot smarter than most of my fellow Canucks! [blogging colleagues excepted! : ).  Until my next CawRANT Events, bye for now.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy
Mood music
Almost sounds like an intimate setting
But todays point after reading your thoughs
That is the phrase of the day
If everyone going through there lives doing the things they do and researching things that matter.
Most people will not hear another side
And also cuz lying has been taught and accepted in this country
Noone can decipher truth no more
The more you lie
The less you see
The more you spew truth
You get awakened
Maybe the phrase in the bible
The truth shall set you free
There was even a scene in the Mel Gibson movie conspiracy theory when
blah blah blah
You will have to watch the movie for that scene or hunt it down on the web
Maybe that is what it means
It sets you free to see the truth
Where the more you lie
That is all you see?????????
But as long as mainstream only dwells on the truths you shall know
It will always be that way
It is not that they are dumb
Or they are ignorant
They are victims cuz
I could go on
But even smart people think they have critical thinking skills but
Or they only know what they looked into
You could make that case for the politicians when you call them a traitor and say
What in the world are you doing
They are in that world of being informed on what is good
They think it sounds right
blah blah blah
2 busy with life and being a slave to the system to really care
blah blah blah
rrrrr rrrrrr
rrrrrr rrrrrr
That was a shoutout to the GREENCROW
That said
over and out

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