Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Blogger Bans Aangirfan--while Trudeau speaks out of both sides of his mouth about "freedom of the press"


It came to my attention on Remembrance Day that Aangirfan, one of my fellow bloggers, was summarily removed from the Blogger blogging platform.  I received an anonymous comment to that effect on my Remembrance Day post.  Not knowing how permanent the banishment was, I didn't say anything about it immediately.

Today, the news has been reported by several other bloggers, including my Canadian blogging colleague, Northerntruthseeker.  Now I've received an update from my blogging colleague Ed(itor) that Aangirfan has begun posting from Tumblr.  I immediately added that address to my "favourites blogroll".

It's kind of ironic and ruefully funny that on the very day that Aangirfan was banned from Google's Blogger, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave another one of his patented, virtue signalling lectures...this time about "freedom of the press".  LOL.  You should really take the time to click on the above CBC link and watch le Dauphin speaking out of both sides of his mouth about how "important" it is to have a free and vigorous press "informing and protecting" the citizens.  This is the same PM who, shortly after he achieved power, changed the "comments forum" posting rules of the above-noted taxpayer funded CBC--in order to prevent commenters from protecting their privacy by using pseudonyms or "noms des plumes".  I used to post regularly on the CBC, freely expressing the same views that I write about on this blog.  I posted under the name "greencrow" and even used my little green bird icon and often left my blog address.

Once the rules were changed, however, I was, ipso facto, banned from commenting on the CBC.  Oh, of course I could have posted under my own name...but readers, knowing the kinds of things that I say routinely on this blog, don't you agree that it might have put myself and my family at risk of abuse [at the very least]?  Of course, other CBC commenters still say what they want...but they have generic names like "John Smith" and, in one recent example, "Bob Lawblah".  When I complained about the individual calling himself Boblawblah being able to post...but greencrow not being able to post...I received a terse reply that I had been "permanently banned due to having used the forums to commercially promote my blog"...or words to that effect.  I wrote back and said that, because my blog is clearly not being monetized, there's no way that I am "commercially promoting" it.  Whatever.  The bottom line is that the Liberal government wanted the CBC to discourage/repress "truth" on the CBC comments forums.  Now, Trudeau is superciliously wrapping himself in the "truth flag"...in order to score cheap political points and put Trump in an uncomfortable position.

Trump, in his latest time and energy-wasting imbroglio, has banned a CNN reporter [Jim Acosta] from the White House.  It was this banning that Trudeau was trying to highlight [without attacking Trump by name] in his "freedom of the press" virtue signal RANT.

Who ever dreamed that it would be a CNN reporter who would become the "poster boy" for freedom of the press?  This is the same CNN that for decades now has lied non-stop and prostrated itself before the Ziofascist USrael Deep State...mouthing all the "official stories/lies" that it has been ordered by mass murdering traitors to spread...including the lies about the 9/11 atrocity and the lies about Saddam having "weapons of mass destruction" etc., etc., ad nauseum. CNN has not only repressed the truth...but it has repeatedly engaged in criminal obstruction of justice.

And, after all the murders of real truth-telling journalists, like Gary Webb, Michael Hastings and Bill Cooper...we have a jerk like Jim Acosta being promoted as a shining example of journalistic courage.  Truth has been turned completely on its head.

So, while the perps get their rocks off twisting and manipulating the mushy and rotting sheeple brains with their truth "inversions/perversions"...they are also busily silencing real truth tellers like Aangirfan and intimidating all the other alternative bloggers they've got in their crosshairs.  Unlike Jim Acosta, Aangirfan does not have a national media platform from which to shout "Foul!"  And s/he does not have a hefty legal fund and a battery of high priced lawyers poised to seek justice for him/herself.  Aangirfan just has to pick up and move on to another platform.  This, sans all the research and material that s/he spent hundreds of hours working on that has been "disappeared" by the Google/Blogger minions, working on behalf of the great ma$$ media "Promoters of Truth" and "journalistic freedom".

It is to barf.


Greg Bacon said...

So Justine Judope was the one behind the extermination of Angirfan? I always loved Canada, not only for its tremendous beauty, but because Canadians were more open-minded than my fellow Americans.

Sadly, Canada has now gone the way of repression.

greencrow said...

Hi Greg:

I doubt that Trudeau is even aware of the existence of the vast alternative media...much less Aangirfan. This would be due, in part, to the systemic "shadow banning" and algo-rhythmic BS that has been going on for a few years already.

it's just breathtakingly ironic that he would be speaking out on "freedom of the press" on the very same day that one of our own was "virtually" assassinated.

Anonymous said...

Ed(itor) suggests that everyone involved in "alternative" (i.e., truthful) blogging must invest extended IT memory systems, IT skills, several forms of cybersecurity, etc. and spend more than a minute contemplating the veracity and legitimacy of platforms. I know one person who has moved offshore, another who has moved his blog offshore, and several who have simpkly given up and stopped blogging altogether. People are being "avox'ed" like in Hunger Games in one method or another. The infromation police come calling in the middle of the night, armed with multiple weapons.

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)

Some day, when all of this is passed, I would like to think that virtually assassinating a blogger on the Internet will be considered in the same general catagory as murder.

Reading between the lines said...

Thank you for sharing this information green crow.Info I was not aware of and all so true .Trudeau's hypocritical political rhetoric at it's best . I find it hard to trust any of them in our political circle these days .I do think we need a Jeremy Corbyn in Canada . To ask for a Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is out of the question ,there is only one of them and Russia is the lucky winner.

greencrow said...

RBTL says:

"....Trudeau's hypocritical political rhetoric at it's best..."

lol...wasn't that a good chuckle? The guy sounds like a grade schooler in an oratorical contest. But if you try to follow his logic...with what we know about what has actually been going on in the world...he gets everything ass backwards and upside down.

Such a good looking guy with such pablum/garbage coming out of his mouth. If he physically resembled his thought processes...his nose would be on the back of his head!