Sunday, October 21, 2018

WAR CRIME ALERT: Netanyahu, caught in Corruption Scandal, decides distraction needed in West Bank

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the West Bank village of Khan al-Ahmar located east of Jerusalem will be evacuated. “It’s a short ruling, that’s our policy and it will be done. Not intended for postponing this, but for a short, defined period of time,” he stated. Earlier, Israeli media distributed a statement from Netanyahu’s office, claiming that Tel Aviv decided to indefinitely freeze the forced evacuation of the village. It comes days after the International Criminal Court (ICC) warned that Israel’s planned “evacuation by force” of the village could amount to “war crimes.” The people of Khan al-Ahmar have been anticipating the destruction of their homes for years, as the Israeli state eyes a settlement expansion. The village is home to the Bedouin Jahalin tribe, which was moved from its original home in the Negev desert by the military in the 1950s."
Greencrow says:  It's hard to say what, if any, major newz story in the world can NOT be sourced to the neverending needs, greeds and wants of Israel.  Since the Zionists own the Western Main$tream Newz, it's a dubious task to discriminate between even the most innocuous bites man in small time AmeriKa as an example...and some deception to further the AGENDA.

The geopolitical analyst is relegated to the position not of examining a happenstance in terms of its immediate location, people/countries involved and probabilities...but only in terms of HOW Israel can benefit from the situation where, as an example, a dog bit a man in small town Amerika.  That is the only useful task all roads lead to Ziofascism.

Now, take for example the above story.  This is what I call a "hub" story.  It stands in the center and multifarious spokes lead out from it to other stories all over the world.  Given the controlled insanity going on in the world is logically conceivable that a dog biting a man on a street in small town Amerika DOES have some useful purpose in furthering the hub story...say as a counterpoint...or, as a cautionary tale.  Think about it.  The mad dog in the street burying its foaming, bloody fangs into the leg of the innocent man going about his business...IS an accurate metaphor for what is going on in the small, borderless entity called Israel in the story above.

Netanyahu does need a smokescreen for his legal problems. The maw of greed and bloodlust does need to be constantly fed....and a figleaf of distraction does need to be applied over the inadequacy of the leader's "attributes".


Anonymous said...

Greg Bacon said...

Nutty tries to show the other land thieves that he's indispensable to their survival, so don't arrest him, why that would bring on another holocaust.

Check out the blog, "Semitic Controversies," that keeps track of Nutty's corruptions:

Jews, Crime and Corruption (17/10/2018)

We begin this week’s edition of ‘Jews, Crime and Corruption’ with the news that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption scandal woes have been getting worse and worse. His cousin, personal confident and personal lawyer David Shimron is likely to be indicted for bribery concerning the purchase of new submarines from German industrial giant Thyssen Krupp along with former National Security Council deputy head Avriel Bar-Yosef, former navy chief Eliezer Marom, and Netanyahu’s former chief of staff David Sharan. (1)

Add to that the fact that Netanyahu’s other personal lawyer Jacob Weinroth has suddenly died from cancer (2) as well as that the Israeli Prime Minister’s wife Sara is currently on trial for accepting bribes via goods and services in kind. (3) Then even the legal dawdling by the Israeli Attorney General and close friend of the Prime Minister Avichai Mandelblit (4) and the attempt to ‘plant the seeds of immunity from corruption charges’ won’t work. (5)

greencrow said...

Hi Greg:

Thanks for filling in the details behind why Israel needs so badly to destroy the community of some Bedouins [who have already been ripped off once by the Jews and were previously moved to the 'reserve' they're now being bulldozed off of] and set up a new settlement for the "settlers".

I look forward to the day when all these settlements of brand new homes can be turned over to their rightful owners...the indigenous Palestinians...who are currently being imprisoned in the largest open air concentration camp in history.