Monday, October 15, 2018

CawRANT Events #71

CawRANT Events #71

Good Morning everyone!  It is another brisk, sunny day on the West Coast.  It occurred to me recently that I have allowed this blog to seriously lapse...sinking into some kind of a virtual swamp.  I'm sure my regular reader is wondering why. lol.  Since returning from China at the end of September I've been feeling fatigued.  At first I thought it was jetlag but it has been going on for long enough now that I've decided it's a combination of several factors which I will list in order of priority:

- Minor health problems, probably due to the stress of the grueling China trip
- Writer's bloc, due to the overwhelming nature of trying to recap the trip in written form, together with hundreds of photos and more than a dozen short videos
- age
and last but not least, a condition that I will call the:

"Everything is a Hoax" ennui

Readers may recall that one of my favourite fellow bloggers, Paul Craig Roberts, came out with a post by that title recently.  He decried the prevailing newz environment in the West... where the occupied, bought and paid for Main$tream media is constitutionally unable to tell the truth about ANYTHING.  One fabricated hoax after another dinning the brains of the poor sheeple...turning them into mush.  I feel isolated [along with a few intrepid readers and fellow bloggers] in my own country.  In the land of the blind, the one-eyed blogger is king...but very much alone and quite possibly depressed.

Kavanagh debacle was replay of Clarence Thomas debacle

The biggest example of this Hoaxification was the recent tempest in a teapot about the nomination of Brent Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court.  The Perps were so fresh out of ideas for hoaxes that they recycled the old script used decades ago in the Clarence Thomas nomination hearings.  The woman who was used to attack the Kavanaugh nomination was yet another bought and paid for FBI stooge/asset.  It should have been clear to all after 24 hours in the newzcycle. But no.  They played the story, dominating the headlines and airwaves for weeks...pretending there was any doubt that Kavanaugh would be approved.  It was dreadful.  All this acts not only as infotainment and a distraction...but it demeans the rule of law and justice.  These perps have no use for either.

Marijuana Madness

So, I kept fighting the cloud of depression caused by the feeling that I am like the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dyke...holding back the ocean.  Here in Canada we have the stupidity surrounding the legalization of cannabis.  Frankly, if people want to wreck their lungs and blow their minds, I don't really care.  But it's the government-promotion/commercialization of it that deeply disturbs me.  The papers are all full of stories about how it will change the economy and some corporations will make a "killing" of the sale of Cannabis.  All this at a time of epidemic opioid deaths. No matter what the talking heads and their "experts" tell us...marijuana is a gateway drug.  There is so much else that we could be focusing our efforts on and spending our taxpayer money on other than the promotion of a stinky substance that pollutes the air and causes millions of young [and not so young] people to retire to their couches and watch cartoons and music videos all weekend.

The Khashoggi Extortion Fiasco

And cued to enter the newzcycle immediately following the Kavanagh fiasco is the Khashoggi extortion fiasco.  This "crisis" has been manufactured out of thin air that is so devoid of the oxygen of hard facts that it is very difficult to figure out what is really going on.  There is a lot of juggling, switching of sides and shape shifting amongst the players:  Saudi Arabia, USrael, Turkey and...maneuvering in the background...Russia.  Like I say, there is an extreme dearth of hard facts.  We don't even know for certain whether Khashoggi, the bought and paid for Western "Journalist" is dead or alive...although he's most likely dead.

My opinion is therefore just as good as anyone else's...for what its worth.  I believe it's all about the pending deal by Saudi Arabia to purchase S-400's from Russia.  The S-400, as I have said in several previous posts is the real game changer.  This weapon of self-defense has the geopolitical effect of liberating all those nations who have the ballz to purchase it.  It liberates them from the millstone of Western corporate militarism with its permanent wars for permanent impoverishment.  Now that USrael is patently and completely broke...all the ratz want to leave the ship.  Some of the ratz are actually keeping the listing ship afloat...particularly oil-rich Saudi Arabia.  When the Saudi leader recently started to cozy up with Putin over the S-400 deal...Salman not wanting to become vulnerable like Erdogan was when the latter was in the throes of Gulanist regime change-style crisis...then the Western Deep State was forced to respond with what it does best..."baffle 'em with bullshit".  This strategy is always used as cover...when the West is making death/war threats behind the curtain.

"The Power of China" - Working title for Recap of our recent trip

So, folks...I could go on with numerous other examples of the "Everything is a Hoax" ennui, but you get the picture.  Returning once more to my trip to China...I did receive a vote of encouragement from a very unusual younger brother.  He lives over in Prague, Czechia and we have very intermittent contact, generally about family matters.  Just the other day, however, he asked me in an e-mail about my perception of China and whether I had written about it on my blog.  I didn't know he even remembered I had a blog...he's never mentioned it before.

Also, I received an e-mail from a girlfriend who, together with her husband we have travelled with on several previous excursions.  So, as my final item on this CawRANT Events, here are my responses to kind of a warm up to my "recap".

to my brother...

"...My impressions of China are, just like my impressions of Russia were…we are being lied to and deeply mislead by our so-called leaders.  China is a clean, highly developed country.  The air quality is the same as Canada from what I experienced.  But China is much more developed than Canada.  As an example.  There is one city we visited that I had never heard about before.  It is called Chongqing.  The population of this one city is 34+ million…more than the entire population of Canada.  The city has more infrastructure…bridges, high rises, sky scrapers, highways, etc., etc…than the entire country of Canada!  Yes, more bridges in Chongqing than in the entire country of Canada.  I’m talking about huge, multispan, suspension bridges twice as long as any in Vancouver!  Say if you were driving between Vancouver and Mission, BC and all along the highway on either side were clusters of 40+ story high-rises, twenty deep in each cluster, totalling say 60 high-rises per cluster on either side of the road…the entire distance between Vancouver and Mission.  We saw that density many times while travelling in China. The density is stunning.  But there is a mystery.  Very few people can be spotted around all those high-rises, and very few cars on the roads around them.  Many of the high-rises…we’re talking hundreds of thousands of high-rises, are empty!  It’s like the government has been operating an enormous make-work project for the population for about 20 years. 80% of the infrastructure in China is LESS than 20 years old.  But, in spite of the density, the cities are amazingly green.  Mature leafy trees are planted everywhere, even between the spans of the superhighways.  After they do construction, they plant huge, fully mature trees right away around the structure it so it looks like it’s been there forever.

So you can see that it is a mental adjustment to comprehend such a country…and even harder to write about it..."  

and to my girlfriend...

"...We all had a great time in China.  It was a very grueling trip...not like our past cruises at all.  All the flying and bussing took its toll.  And the food was not all that great...too many Chinese smorgasbords...I think I will take a break from Chinese cooking for a few years.

When we were in Shanghai, after one of our meals we were running in the dark to catch a cruise boat to see "Shanghai by night".  I tripped on the uneven pavement, fell and landed hard on my left forehead.  I had a very black eye for the rest of the trip.  But luckily, it did not slow me down.  We were up early the next morning and back on the bus.  One of the best aspects of the trip was our travel companions...all 27 of us were seasoned travellers who blended and bonded like "family"... as we were encouraged to do by our very good guide, Patrick.  We were from all over Canada and learned quickly to look after one another and would shout at Patrick to stop...if any one of us was out of sight or having trouble.

I guess some of the highlights of the trip were:  The Terracotta Warriors.  As an artist, you would also have enjoyed seeing these magnificent statues...all so unique in their facial characteristics.  Also, the Four Gorges canoe trip down the narrow tributary.  Our dugout canoe was paddled by five men in their 70's who were in magnificent shape for their age.  Our beautiful Chinese guide sang to us as we winded through the steep canyons.  She asked us to sing a song from our country and we were silent...until I suggested we sing "What shall we do with the drunken sailor".  All of us tourists knew the words...and there we were, travelling down a river in China... singing that song I learned at my mother's knee.

The lasting impression of China is that the rest of the world is totally unaware of the immense density of this country....miles and miles and miles of 40+ story high rises, in clusters of 20 buildings deep on either side of the highway.  It was just staggering.  Yet the country, and unexpectedly the cities, were amazingly green.  All the city streets were lined with huge mature green trees.  Almost all the infrastructure is less than 20 years old.  The world should be aware of what these billions of people can accomplish when they put their mind to it!…"

Greencrow with the Terracotta Warriors

That' for now, folks.  I have to get out and enjoy this beautiful autumn weather while it lasts!


Anonymous said...

My tour guide
Anthony Bourdain
His recent trip to Shanghi
Video is loaded with commercials
Could not find better one
He calls it mind blowing
Something he will never understand
Maybe he is describing your issue???
Maybe you should watch??

I always did

He was on a bus on an episode I just stumbled into while looking for this
A tourguide he says

While on a bus
He raises his hand and asks to get off to go to bathroom


I just wanted to pass this on

greencrow said...

Thanks for the link, anonymous. I did watch the Anthony Bourdain "Shanghai" episode in its entirety. It is a tragedy that Bourdain killed himself...with so much to give in his role of ambassador at large. I never paid much attention to his work until after he passed.

He was right in saying that China is and always will be a mystery to the West. You don't get any answers by travelling there...only more questions.

Penny said...

Hi Greencrow:
I agree with your opinion regarding the whole Khashoggi psyop, part of it was definitely about the potential s-400 purchase vs those alleged arms deals the US was pushing on then
plus there has been a meeting between putin and the oil ministers of Iran and Saudi arabia- the 3 of them
plus Iran had extended a fig leaf to saudi arabi

I've a post up suggesting this a regime change op- highly likely

and I'm jealous of the warmth there- we've already put the heat on in the house
yesterday, one of the earliest days ever.
Tonight we have a frost warning.
so it's cold
and apparently snow is headed for north of TO this week
should miss us, thanks goodness we have rain barrels to empty and put away
so much to do.. and soon time to plant garlic!

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

It's hilarious watching the TV newz...the talking heads are bending over backwards NOT to mention the pending S-400 deal between SA and Russia. Nowadays you have to listen and watch for what they DON'T tell you in order to get the news of the day!