Sunday, October 28, 2018

American war hero "Texas" reporting on latest Canadian government-supported Ukraine Neo-Nazi attack on Donetsk civilians

TEXAS reporting from Donetsk
Ukraine Nazis shelled civilian home in
his neighbourhood...wrecked it and terrorized
family with children living inside

Sometimes I almost give up on matter how many times there is a False Flag, a False Flag Hoax, a manipulated "mass casualty event" and non-stop media frenZy to follow...they continue to passively enable the evil neo-con Ziofascist, globalist, bankster-driven occupation in their midst.

Except for Texas.  When he finally was so fed up with the bullsh!t that is now USrael...he packed up and left for Novorossia.  He signed up for the war against the Kiev Junta western supported neo-Nazi perps on the side of the people of the Donbass.  He fought in the streets, fields and airport of the Donbass and then, when people realized he had a gift for video reporting, he was assigned the task of bringing the story and perspective of the Novorossians to the world.  In his plain language, and sometimes just sitting strumming his guitar and singing his own compositions, he would give voice to these people who had no voice in the West.  Through him, we learned about their suffering at the hands of the Western globalist perps and their Ukraine puppets.  We learned about citizens like Anna Tuv, who had her arm blown off, her husband and her school-aged daughter blown to smithereens when their home was destroyed by a Ukrop bomb in the middle of the night.  Anna was left with a toddler son and her newborn baby.  Texas interviewed her and her mother in the hospital where she was recovering after the deadly and cowardly assault.

Texas now calls Donetsk his home.  He has settled there and uses his skills as a video journalist to continue supporting the novorossians in their struggle to survive the continuing assaults on their neighbourhoods by the Canadian-supported neo-Nazis.  Whenever I see that neo-Nazi-supporting Canadian Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland, speaking and posturing stridently "on behalf of Canadians" I think of Anna Tuv, lying in that hospital bed holding her newborn cradled in her one good arm.  Now, in the video above, Texas is telling us about yet another family being terrorized by western-supported war-mongers.  Canadians should be ashamed of having a government that thinks bombing civilians in their homes is a good thing.

Canadians would never hear about the people of the Donbass if it weren't for Texas.  We would never know the suffering that is paid for by our own tax dollars.  As long as le dauphin is in "power" with his neo-Nazi-supporting Foreign Minister...Canada will be a shameful country.


Reading between the lines said...

Ashamed of my country at this time of total hypocrisy when it comes to novorussia .
I don't remember foreign policy to ever have been this twisted .At the very least we should remain neutral . I hope Nuland rots in hell .

greencrow said...


Yes, "twisted" is the word to describe what's going on in the world today. Who would have thought that the only war hero produced by the US during the past 40 or more years is a guy who gave up on his country...and went and fought on the "other side".