Thursday, August 23, 2018

What/Who's Behind Bernier's Decision to form a New Federal Party? Canada in the Crosshairs

Maxime Bernier - Former Federal
 Conservative Leadership Candidate 
- Now Quit to form his own Splinter Party

Folks, this is what happens in Canada when you have three unelectable political leaders.  One of the parties becomes like those single cell paramecia you learned about in High School. It simply divides and becomes two paramecium.

Paramecium Single Cells Dividing 

Please read this Breaking News from the CBC and I will have more comments to follow:

From the CBC

MP Maxime Bernier quits 'morally corrupt' Conservatives, plans to start new party

Divisive Quebec MP Maxime Bernier made a scorched earth exit from the Conservatives today, while announcing plans to start his own federal party.

Bernier, who represents the riding of Beauce, made the announcement Thursday morning in Ottawa as the party's policy convention kicks off in Halifax.

"I have come to realize over the past year that this party is too intellectually and morally corrupt to be reformed," he said, on the heels of controversial tweets he posted regarding diversity.

"I know for a fact that many in the caucus privately oppose supply management, but buying votes in a few key ridings is more important than defending the interests of Canadians."


The first thing I want to know about Maxime Bernier is whether or not he's allowed to travel to Russia...and is not banned from doing Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.  If he's allowed, then he might just fit my criteria as a candidate to vote for.  That is how sad the current situation is in Canadian politics.

Bernier says he's quitting the Conservative Party because:  a) it's corrupt; and b) he wants to tackle a problem that he feels is all important..."Supply Management".  Let's look closer at these two reasons.


Yes, Canadian Federal Politics is Corrupt to the Core.  But Supply Management has never been mentioned before as a major issue vis a vis corruption.  The major issues surrounding corruption are the Federal agencies, particularly the security agencies (The RCMP and CSIS) which have become just as corrupt as their opposite numbers the FBI and the CIA south of the border.  Will Bernier say "boo" about this terminal stage corruption?  I doubt it.  Then we have The Magnitsky Act.  This Act was passed in Canada as a monkey see/monkey do re the similar sanctions acts against Russia that were passed in the EU and the US.  It's based on the prevarications of one psychopathic fraudster, Bill Browder, who was convicted of Tax theft and tax evasion in Russia.  He has also stolen money from the IRA in the US, but that doesn't seem to have bothered the US agencies mentioned.  He also contributed a significant amount of that stolen money to Hillary's 2016 election campaign.  Again, that does not bother the FBI or the CIA.  Other evidence of deep corruption in Canadian Institutions are the renditioning of Canadians to other states for torture...and the institutionalized strategy of mentoring "Vulnerable Patsies" to break the order for the Agencies to come to the "rescue" and demand a larger budget and more draconian laws--again laws that will mimic the ones imposed south of the border.

Supply Management

This sounds like a convenient political buzzword.  Nobody knows what Bernier really means.  Citizens can read into it what they want to hear...something like "Hope and Change".  Does it mean that Bernier will begin to oppose the crippling economic sanctions that Canada is levying on nations like Russia and Venezuela, that don't toe the line in the view of our neighbour to the south?  I doubt it.

Who's Bankrolling Bernier?

Let's be frank.  Bernier would not have jumped the Conservative Party ship if he didn't have a sturdy lifeboat waiting for him just off the stern of the leaky conservative derelict.  Someone(s) have encouraged him and "banked" this ambitious project--of starting up a whole new party just before an election.  These "someones" have obviously tested the political winds and discovered that Canadians in the millions (just like little moi) are desperate for another choice...or let's say a decent choice.  But I will not commit to voting for Bernier's new party until I learn more about its platform and who's bankrolling its creation.

This is a perilous time in history for the nation state.  Paul Craig Roberts just wrote a sobering post about the "genocide of the greek nation"...where the big international banksters have carved up that little nation and are now feeding off its carcass like vultures.  This appears to be the coming fate of all non nuclear states.  Canada does not have many more chances to "get it right".  By getting it right I mean by building [economic, etc.] alliances with nuclear states that can and will protect us when the vultures start circling.  Hey, I can see them up there swirling around right now!

Oh, and look for le Dauphin to find some kind of excuse to call a "snap election" take place before Bernier gets his party off the ground.  That's the only possible way to save his sorry @$$.


Northerntruthseeker said...

It should be obvious, Crow... The Liberals are now unelectable under the idiot savant Justin "I am a fucking idiot" Trudeau, and by Bernier splintering the Conservative opposition, Trudeau is almost a shoe in to win the next federal election as a result...

This has been planned to keep the Jew controlled Trudeau in power, by ruining his opposition... And Canadians are too stupid to see what is unfolding here...

Anonymous said...

Is a paramecium a parasite?

greencrow said...


I think Trudeau is unelectable. That's ONE of the reasons Bernier jumped ship. He and his supporters think they have a reasonable chance to form government. Did you click on the link to the list of celebrities and politicians suspected of being involved in pedophilia? Please do and then get back to me on that.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Harking back to my highschool biology. I believe the paramecia is a bacteria. I believe it's too stupid/simple to be a parasite...but could be wrong.

greencrow said...

And NTS, insofar as Andrew Scheer is concerned...I believe he's unelectable as well...due to being banned from Russia. I know, I know, a lot of people don't think this means a hill of beans to Canadians. I disagree and believe it will explode in his face once the campaign begins. THAT is why Bernier has jumped ship...and why his supporters [and Gawd knows who else] is supporting his bid for a new party.

Northerntruthseeker said...

My point on this is simple... People so quickly forget about the 1912 US Presidential campaign where the Jewish pricks purposely formulated a plan to have their fellow Jew, Theodore Roosevelt, come into the campaign under the "Bull Moose Party" to split the Republican vote and thus allow the Jew lackey Woodrow Wilson to become President thanks to the destruction of the Republican party and vote... Subsequently, the Jewish psychos had their "man" in the White House that would do as his Jewish masters wanted and force through the "Federal Reserve" bill in 1913 that basically handed the US over to the Jewish psychos!

Scheer is absolutely "unelectable" but Bernier himself is not much better... This will cause a weakening in the Conservative party that could shatter it entirely and basically leave the "Liberals" under that ghastly Justin "I suck Jew dick and swallow" Trudeau a shoo in for the PM job next year when he calls a federal election....

But we as Canadians may not have to wait until 2019 for good ol' Justin to call for an election... Once that prick realizes his opposition is destroyed, He will probably call for a snap election as early as this fall!

Canada will be absolutely fucked once again if Trudeau gets re-selected to be dictator of Canada.....

greencrow said...


You may well be right and the Conservative Part of Canada may be destroyed by Bernier's defection. This will be ENSURED by the M$M's 24/7 beating of the drums against Bernier and his new party. As for Trudeau. Here's the link that I suggested you and other Canadians read. Look down the list of Politicians.