Friday, August 24, 2018

Monty Python Star Tells It Like It Is...then Kisses off Jolly Olde

John Cleese is leaving the UK because
of disillusionment with Media and Brexit

John Cleese, formerly a creator and star of the British Comedy Hit Show "Monty Python", is leaving the UK for good.  He says he's immigrating to a small island in the Caribbean where he's been living for most of the time during the past few years anyway.

Watch the video above and you will see in clear terms why Cleese is disillusioned.  First, look at the background graphics and note how they're used in an insidious way to belittle and minimize what Cleese has to say about what's wrong with the British media and politics.  Res Ipsa Loquitur - the thing speaks for itself.

Then listen to the BBC woman interviewer.  When Cleese confronts her with a bar graph showing statistical evidence of massive British public disillusionment with the media...she laughs it off and dismisses it by saying words to the effect: "Just because people don't believe [what the media is telling them] doesn't mean it isn't true."  Such unbounded arrogance!  This talking head would have her audience believe that the entire European continent is wrong about what's true...and the BBC is right!

You know a society is in its terminal stages when one of its cultural icons is so frustrated with the status quo that he has to announce he's an effort to wake up the elite as to what they're doing and how it's destroying the nation.  I wish she'd asked him to explain a bit more about why he's a supporter of proportional representation.  If John Cleese thinks it's a good idea, perhaps I'd better have another look at the concept.

In another 25 years from now, when the dust has settled around the rubble of the once great and glorious "British Empire", hopefully YouTube will have squirreled away important interviews like the one above somewhere [and not airbrushed them from history which is what they've currently been doing with these kinds of videos].  If so, historians will have an insight into the kinds of warnings that were sounded by elders and those with a few brains in their heads--who are NOT sheeple.  Many people of wisdom and experience have spoken up but there are none so deaf as those who WILL NOT hear.


HPrice said...

The only problem with Cleese is that doesn't live in the UK. He lives in Bermuda, I believe, probably for tax reasons. Sorry ... no cigar!!!!

greencrow said...

Hi HPrice:

Cleese names the island he's moving to in the video. Sorry, I couldn't make out the name as he said it very quickly. But it's definitely NOT Bermuda.


Greg Bacon said...

Guess it's just a coincidence that the image of what looks like an idiot/madman keeps floating behind Cleese while he's talking?

The man is not only a comic genius, but very intelligent, unlike the BBC anchor.