Tuesday, July 17, 2018

US Legal/Political Crisis Plays out....but only on TV and Twitter....since Congress and the Courts don't exist anymore

Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby

After all the hubbub/commotion of yesterday, today the infantile and passive American [sh]eople are being lulled back to sleep by the media...with fables like the Fox News item about a statue of the Virgin Mary that cries "olive oil tears that smell like roses".  This is what passes for the Fifth Estate in the USA.  

Yesterday was far more exciting.  The "Fox" press was channeling the classic tale of "Brer Rabbit".  With Trump playing the impetuous rabbit...and Vladimir Putin in the unenviable role of the "tar baby".  Trump got too close to the tar baby and got stuck.  The more he fought to free himself from Vlad, the more entangled he became.  Finally, coated with a thick, sticky black tar, he asked "The Fox" to be flung back into the briar patch....where, hopefully he'll feel at home and escape.

US Special Counsel Robert Mueller - He can issue indictments 1 business day before a crucial international meeting...and then, after it becomes public that a crime has likely occurred, he can simply "decline to comment".

JUST IN: A spokesperson for Special Counsel Robert Mueller says they will “decline to comment” on President Putin’s offer for Mueller to send representatives to Russia to observe the questioning of their intelligence officers. - @Tom_Winter ********************** Silly me. Yesterday I was so caught up in the drama, I actually morphed back in time...back to the days of the Watergate Crisis, where the scandal, once in full bloom, was moved to the actual sites of American democracy, the courts and the congress/senate. Senate Hearings were held, indictments were handed down and delivered, arrests were made. Things actually happened. Today it's all virtual reality. Everything is played out on "Twitter". See the Tweet above? That's what the citizenry get now. The halls of the Capitol Building in Washington have gone silent. Now a tweet appears on the Internet..."A spokesperson for Special Counsel Robert Mueller says they will "Decline to comment" ….on the bombshell announcement that Russia believes US intelligence officials facilitated the "donation" of $400,000,000 of stolen Russian money to Hilary Clinton's political campaign fund. The specially-appointed legal arm of the American government has the option of "declining to comment" on his duty, role and responsibility in a legal matter. Nothing is ever going to come of the "blockbuster" news that Hilary is an international criminal who used the intelligence agencies of the US Government for self-enrichment. Everything is a video game. We all have those special headsets on that render the graphics into virtual 3-D. It's just that we can't take them off anymore. Or, if we do, all we can see is the Virgin Mary, crying olive oil tears that smell like roses. But I want to know the next chapter in the story of Br'er Rabbit. After the impulsive rabbit finally freed himself from the "tar baby" in the briar patch...what happened to the tar baby?


Anonymous said...

Why did Trump recant and retract, stating that he mis-spoke?

See also



greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor):

It took Trump 24 whole hours to recant? I thought he was going to recant in a "Tweet" from Air Force One, remember? Read the last paragraph here:


The Briar Patch got a bit too hot for him, methinks.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he is just setting the hook. Ed(itor)