Thursday, July 19, 2018

Trump invites Putin to Washington in Fall....Hopefully....just not on November 22, tho

White House, Washington, DC, USA

That would certainly be waaaaaaaaay too much of a coinkydynk.  But if Putin accepts the invitation, I would recommend that, he, his entire Kremlin staff and entire Russian Federation security apparatus be commanded to read the following book...ASAP:

Final Judgment - written by Michael Collins Piper

The world doesn't need another horrific episode, such as is described in this "must read" book.


Northerntruthseeker said...

Careful, Crow... MCP was a firm supporter of criminal shills such as the midget man from Idaho who runs that ghastly "The Ugly Truth" website full of lies and bullshit..

I also remember Darryl Bradford Smith warning myself and others years back to be weary of MCP..... I came to realize he was in it for the money and not the truth when he went overboard in calling the Sandy Hook false flag the "real thing".....

I had my suspicions about MCP for the longest time and everything that points to him being not as he seems had panned out..

greencrow said...

Have you read Final Judgment yet NTS? I'm only half way through so it's not yet a "final judgment". but from what I've read so far...makes sense to me...and I was there at the time.


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...


greencrow said...

Anabasis (/əˈnæbəsɪs/; Greek: Ἀνάβασις [anábasis]; an "expedition up from")
is the most famous book of the Ancient Greek professional soldier and writer Xenophon.[1] The seven-tome book of the Anabasis was composed around the year 370 BC, and, in translation, Anabasis is rendered as The March of the Ten Thousand and as The March Up Country. The narration of the journey is Xenophon's best known work, and "one of the great adventures in human history".[2]

Hi INCOMING!!!!!!!

Thanks for your brief but succinct comment. "Anabasis" is a new word I learned today! I knew that Ron Unz is an impeccable source...but now you've aptly compared "Final Judgment" to an ancient Greek writer [Xenophon] whose works have survived for thousands of years. What a posthumous compliment to Michael Collins Piper. Having read only half the book, I can suggest it's rightly deserved. Hopefully, humanity will benefit from Piper's forensic examination of this crime forever.


Greg Bacon said...

Or on November 9, 2018. Which some nations would abbreviate as 9/11/2018.

greencrow said...

Hi Greg:

Perhaps Trump wants Putin to come in the Fall and attend the big military parade he's arranging for memorial day or whatever Remembrance Day [November 11th in Canada] is called.

Can you just see Putin and Trump sitting in the review stands on Pennsylvania Avenue? How many snipers can they put into the grassy knolls?

Frankly, the entire concept of Putin going to North America for ANY reason at ANY time makes me sick.