Monday, July 30, 2018

Going Full Gomorrah on the Frontiers of Depravity - Deadpool 2 - A Movie Review

Deadpool 2 Trailer

There's a record-breaking heatwave going on in Vancouver at the moment.  We don't have air conditioning yet...never needed it for decades that we've lived in this house.  Now we need it.  Bad.  I got a tip yesterday that if you buy one of those window air conditioners and put it in your fireplace and put the hose up the chimney flue instead of hanging it out of the window, you can be quite comfortable in your living room.  Gonna get me one of those air conditioners today.

Yesterday I took my handicapped 60 year old brother [he has Down Syndrome] to the movies to get out of the heat.  As regular readers know, I hate movies and avoid them like the plague.  My brother likes "Batman-type" movies.  Anything with a hero who wears a costume.  So I asked friends to recommend a movie he would enjoy and that I would be able to tolerate.  A friend recommended "Deadpool 2".  She said that while it's a terrible movie, it was shot in Vancouver and I would enjoy seeing and recognizing the local scenery.  She also said I would enjoy the "cultural references and humour".  Deadpool 2 is "restricted". There is non-stop violence, coarse language and sexual crudity.

And my friend wasn't lying.  The movie is terrible.  It was an ordeal to sit through.  The plot was thin to non existent.  Same scenes shot over and over and over in slightly different settings and costumes.  My expectations were low... but the movie sunk even lower.

The only scene I enjoyed was the helicopter scene that was shot over Burrard Inlet.  All the "X Force" team jumped out of the helicopter and parachuted to earth to the music of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck".

AC/DC "Thunder Struck" Official Video
Listening to this music was best part of
"Deadpool 2"

This all too brief scene showed the Vancouver panorama in all its beauty.  We sail the Burrard Inlet shown in the scene.  We'll be heading out there on vacation this week.  It's an indication of how bad the movie was that looking at the scene of the mountains and listening to Classic Rock was the only somewhat palatable scene.

Another recognizable Vancouver location were the scenes shot on the Riverview Psychiatric Hospital grounds in the suburb of New Westminster.  This old brick building in an urban park setting was used to house the mentally ill back in the 1900's.  It's now being gradually torn down and the land re-developed for residential use but even up till the early 2000's parts of the Riverview hospital complex were still being used.  As a social worker, I frequently walked up those cement stairs when visiting my clients who were unable to parent due to severe mental illness.

As I mentioned earlier, Deadpool 2 is "Restricted" due to violence, coarse language and "mature subject matter" is I suppose how they say it.  I worried about my brother being exposed to such non-stop blood and gore and constant foul language.  I hoped that the constant references to pedophilia and LGTB lifestyle went over his head.  To me it seemed that the movie was like a "grooming tool" for pedophiles.  I could imagine a pedophile taking a youngster to the movie and sitting in the dark haw-hawing at the scenes of nude male child's genitals.

Pedophilia must be the "New Frontier" of depravity in movies.  Hollywood is always pushing the shock/disgust envelope and exploring newer, darker reaches of negative human behaviour. Titillation. This is the way to draw an audience into the theatres.  Try to "normalize" it by joking about it.  Trying to make it look glamorous with elaborate costumes and exotic settings.  Trying to make it emotionally satisfying by association with "family" and "Love".  Regularly during Deadpool 2, the actors gave the audience lectures on how our "new family" were those peers and acquaintances who shared our transitory thrills, excitement and risk-taking adventures.  Gone were real parents, extended family, brothers and sisters.  In their place were representatives of all the new "identity politics groups".  There were racial representatives, sexual representatives [a lesbian couple and a "Village People"-type mustachioed gay man]...there were nerds, geeks and bikers.  All were superficial cut outs of cultural and racial stereotypes.  This is what we're supposed to cling to in the coming revolutionary storm.

Where is all this going?  I asked myself during the movie.  Where is this Sodom and Gomorrah headed and when will it "bottom out", if ever?  As we left the theater and walked out into the light and 35 degree brother whispered to himself "I loved that movie!".  I could only hope that he loved the escapism of the costumes--the elaborate and exotic sets--the frenzied action of the graphics and stunts BUT was oblivious to everything else.  Long ago, I realized why my brother likes Batman, Superman--and, now, Deadpool.  Those costumes provide an escape from the "prison" of the body.  I believe my brother wishes he could be like Batman and achieve great "powers" just by putting on a disguise...especially one that hides the eyes.  My brother prefers to wear sunglasses when we go out due to being self-conscious about his eyes.  Deadpool's eyes are just white ovals.

But back to where this is all going...this commercialized depravity that is being sold like a commodity...this relentless stripping of tradition, humanity, spirituality and family from our popular culture.  When I returned home and checked my e-mails,I found this list of reading links sent to me by my blogging colleague Ed(itor) .  This list of links points the direction humanity is being forced towards...Artificial Intelligence:

"...a Chinese sex doll manufacturing company based in the province of Guangdong, is implementing artificial intelligence technology and creating increasingly sophisticated sex bots, South China Morning Post reports.

The dolls’ AI features appear rudimentary; while they can answer questions, drawing their vocabulary from a database supported by Baidu, the dolls cannot maintain lengthy conversations…..”

Perhaps condoned pedophilia is the last rung down the ladder to having sex with robots.  Perhaps, in another fifty years you will have to have sex with robots. Sexual relationships between a man and a woman will be forbidden on "health and social" grounds.  Procreation will be separated from humanity and totally commercialized.  A Department of the State. Or you will need a very expensive license like a commercial pilot's license...or a plastic surgeon's license to practice.

It got me thinking about an article I had read recently in The New Yorker.  Mia Farrow's son Ronan Farrow has written an excellent take down of yet another Hollywood Mogul...Someone by the name of Les Moonves.  I had never heard of him before but apparently he WAS a very powerful CEO at CBS who used his position of power over the years to conduct his own private misogynistic war on the women he came into contact with in the workplace.  I don't think his employment at CBS will survive Farrow's expose.  But what the article got me to examine is my own views on this "#Me Too" movement.  Previously, I thought the women were, in some cases, too vitriolic in the face of what was to me "typical bad boy behaviour"--that they should have been able to fend off.  After all, I had also run into this kind of man during my life and had successfully body swerved to avoid contact.

But Ronan Farrow's careful reconstruction of Moonves' decades long career as a serial destroyer of woman's careers--as punishment for not submitting to physical/sexual abuse--has made me change my mind.  These men [business moguls] are gatekeepers to power.  They deny the power of working in the entertainment business to women who refused to submit and become sex toys--or robots.

The "#Me Too" Movement in that sense is a counter-revolution to the cultural trend toward objectification, robotification or the "AI" era.  Or, will the situation evolve where the harder women fight back against objectification and misogynistic abuse...the more rapid will traditional women be replaced by sex robots and artificial reproduction?  IMO, Pedophilia, is only a step away from having sex with robots.  They are both at the very depth of human behaviour. The depraved, boring, intellectually numbing and very unfunny movie "Deadpool 2"--with its pervasive, glamourized aura of pedophilic grooming--indicates we're skidding very close to going full Gomorrah on the frontiers of depravity.


Greg Bacon said...

Tsk, tsk, don't you know you're not supposed to use the word pedophile, but MAP, Minor Attracted Person, as if that sanctifies kiddie rape.

I was raised Catholic and got all the brainwashing about the God in the sky and the Devil, but never put much stock in those stories.

But now, with all the sickos and depraved degenerates running around, some in very high positions of power that seem untouchable, there must be some kind of demonic force at work.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I also rarely go and see any movies these days due to the Jew depravity that they encompass....I have not gone to see Deadpool 2, yet, and thank goodness you have given me the heads up on that garbage before I waste my time...

I too am disgusted by this march being orchestrated by the Jew pricks into accepting Pedophilia as being "normal"....It will indeed mark the final downfall of our societies if that is accepted....

No heatwave here in central Canada, Crow... And thank goodness that I do have air conditioning!!!

Reading between the lines said...

"we're skidding very close to going full Gomorrah in the frontiers of depravity."
So very well said .You have a way with words.
Cheers .

greencrow said...

Hi Greg:

"...with all the sickos and depraved degenerates running around, some in very high positions of power that seem untouchable, there must be some kind of demonic force at work."

I'm also a 'fallen away' Catholic (as my mother used to say). I even stopped believing in a God--until 9/11 and subsequent events made me believe in Satan. Then, grudgingly, (or as an act of sheer desperation) I started to believe in God again.

greencrow said...


"..I too am disgusted by this march being orchestrated by the Jew pricks into accepting Pedophilia as being "normal"....It will indeed mark the final downfall of our societies if that is accepted..."

When a species starts devouring and killing its own young...that is always a sign of extreme crisis.