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As Russia Rises Geopolitically, it Creates Ripples and Waves

Russian documentary film explains why Putin
 is always asking Russian expat oligarchs to come home
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The Western "anti-Knowledge Defense System" media considers it's mission is to prevent Westerners from finding out what's really going on regarding Russia.  If we truthers talk to the average bloke in the street and ask a few simple questions regarding what they think Russia is all takes several days to recover from the emotional trauma of being exposed to their ignorance and mis-information.  So after a while we avoid the topic.  It makes no difference anyway as they WILL NOT be enlightened!  They are perfectly happy and content in their ignorance.

That is why it takes an effort to search out and find sources of information about Russia.  I found two interesting links recently that I want to share with readers.  The first is from The Saker and is about how Russia has been increasingly invited into small, militarily weak but resource-rich African countries [like Canada, incidentally].  Slowly and without fanfare, Russian "security police" are taking up residence, sometimes replacing US agents who formerly did the same "work".  These Russian agents are tasked with protecting the Russian-friendly rulers of the country and the hub/nexus of government.  It is like a "regime-change" defense system.

Before reading this article, I had no idea that Russia was becoming more active in Africa.  But when you sit down and think about it.  This is the way nature works.  Weaker forms of a species will seek protection from those they perceive to be stronger.  In studying birds, I've seen groups of crows paling around with several large seagulls.  I wondered about this association, until one day a hawk or an eagle started circling the sky above.  I saw the seagulls and crows take flight after the hawk...with the bigger and stronger seagulls in the lead.

So, now that Russia has announced that it has a new arsenal of several unmatched weapons, it would seem natural that smaller nations would gravitate towards Russia for protection from USrael, which has been a predatory nation for a century now, and has totally destroyed five or six countries just in the past 20 years.  And that is primarily why I think Canada's Le Dauphin Prime Minister Trudeau is so grossly stupid.  He can't see the geopolitical upside to taking a respectful stance towards Russia.

But the other interesting link I discovered is the video above.  This Russian-made video provides several important clues to solving the riddle that was the UK's recent Spy vs Spy caper called "The Skripal Affair".  The maker of the documentary gives the background as to why there are so many ex-pat Russian oligarchs living in the UK.  In the early days after Putin took over Russia back in the late 1900's the business environment was totally corrupt.  An entrepreneur couldn't make it off first base unless he bribed all and sundry...but particularly government officials.

Also there was a predatory environment where a young, smart businessman would have an idea, start up a business, make a lot of money, only to be preyed upon by other businessmen who threatened to destroy him unless he gave them part, or all, of his business.  If he refused to give in to the extortion, they would rig up some false charges against him, pay off some police, judges and ruin him...sometimes having him arrested and jailed.  So many of these oligarchs fled Russia to the US or to the UK.  There, they sat around trying to clear their name back in Russia so they could return.  It was a long, slow and torturous ordeal dealing with the Russian bureaucracy from thousands of miles away.  The documentary maker interviews four such expat oligarchs, who all tell roughly the same story.

One of the oligarchs' experience was a bit worse.  He said he was approached by some UK government officials who tried to force him into making false statements against Russia and Putin at the height of the Skripal affair.  He refused and ended up having to flee the UK for Croatia.  He was even pursued by Interpol once in Croatia to extradite him back to the UK...but finally, he was given asylum in the Russian embassy in Zagreb.

This particular oligarch's story sheds light on what may have happened to Sergei Skripal and supports my notion that he was being forced to get involved in some anti-Russian activities...such as providing an authentic Russian "flavour" to the "pee dossier" against Trump that emerged via M-I6 after Trump's election.  We know that Skripal had written President Putin asking permission to return to Russia.  I have believed for some time that Skripal's "poisoning" was punishment for not going along with some of the anti-Russian tasks set out for him.  He knew too much and could NOT be allowed to return to Russia.  If MI6 went to all the trouble to have Interpol chase down the Russian Oligarch through the streets of can just imagine what they did to Skripal.

But the good news is that, according to the documentary, Putin has been more or less successful in cleaning up the massive corruption in Russia.  IMO, this is one of the main reasons he is hated by the West, particularly UK.  UK was the beneficiary of endemic Russian corruption.  The Very Rich Oligarchs were granted asylum in the UK [primarily London] and spent oodles of lucre there.  Now the party is over.  Putin has publicly invited exPat Russian Oligarchs to return to the motherland several times now.  He has set up a special bureau of the government to deal with them and their claims that injustices have been done to them.  Every one of the four oligarchs interviewed in the documentary insisted he wanted to return to Russia.

Yes. The Party is over for the UK.  And was that why Skripal was poisoned?  As Russia emerges from the shadows to take a more prominent role in global geopolitics we will see many more of these ripples and waves in the main$tream media.  It's the role of truth bloggers to go beneath the surface of the M$M and discover the deep, strong currents that are creating the surface ripples and waves.

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