Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sodom and Gomorrah: The Wash, Rinse, Spin and Dry Cycle of Human Aberrant Behaviour

Sign in a Toronto Subway Station

Yesterday, I was looking for a photo to go at the top of a post I was writing about the concept of "Humiliation" as a weapon of war.  As I often do, I Googled the word "humiliation" and typed "Photo" afterwards.  Well what immediately jumped up on my screen was an eyeball-searing display of the most repulsive pornographic photos I've seen in a while.  I quickly exited out of there before my eyes and brain were damaged by the sight.  Even the fraction of a second that I viewed the images was...well...humiliating. [NOTE:  More importantly...I am very disturbed with the ease that such horrific images came up on my computer and worry about the psychological welfare of youth who are similarly ambushed by such sordid imagry...what about THAT, Google!????]

It got me thinking..."humiliation" is a key word for pornographic and deviant sex?  So much for all the titillation of Hollywood and "adult" TV.  The truth is out's not about love or's all about human humiliation.

So, when another link showed up on my "favourites blog roll" from the " website titled "Joseph Sciambra - Why sodomy is so important to Satan".  I decided to listen in.  I have had a longstanding curiosity about the role of pornography in human deviant/criminal behaviour.

Sciambra has written a book about his youth as a gay man and has "come out" against the Gay Lifestyle...describing it as a dead life, full of sordid and humiliating encounters.  I do recommend listening to the talk show interview...but only if you feel strong enough to deal with the subject matter of gay sex and hearing, for instance...about how public gay sex is common on the streets of San Francisco and how gay sexual techniques are actually "taught" in the universities..

Henry Makow has been talking about this topic for years.  Today he has this posted on his website:

"Insights on homosexuality from a gay man". 

Like Sciambra, "Amago" is another former practicing gay man who has come out with the sordid and unhealthy details of the lifestyle.

So, why are the elites, leaders and "influencers" in modern Western society pushing homosexuality and transgenderism on the population?  IMO, it all has to do with control through humiliation, degradation, divide and conquer, and negative imagry/"fear porn".  Sciambra goes into some detail about his past addiction to porn and how it left him "dead" inside.

Sciambra is convinced that there is an entity "Satan" that fosters the spread of humiliating sex and emotionally "dead" relationships and experiences. He shares how he was "Swallowed by Satan" and almost died.  "Swallowed by Satan" is the title of his autobiography.  He attributes homosexuality to a lack of positive male role models in the gay individual's youth.  He says the gay man is endlessly searching for a "father figure".  Sciambra also talks about the physical damage caused to the individual by the homosexual lifestyle and says that, in his caused him to be literally facing death...prior to his rejection of it and of Satan.

You can imagine how the Satan of Sciambra's thinking feels about Putin and his emerging Christian Russia.  Listen to any Russian TV forum of citizens talking about current events and eventually you will hear someone in the audience speak up against all the Gay porn of the West, the Gay Pride Parades and pedophilia.  Folks, there's a societal war going on between these two opposing mentalities.

Frequent commenter on my Blog, James, who hails from Australia coincidentally just sent me a link this morning that reports Hilary Clinton has just joined a "Witches Coven".  (really!)  IMO, if there really is a "war" going on between depravity and the sanctity of human life...then Hilary's Witches Coven is certainly a major skirmish in the public relations end of the conflict.

I don't want to spend too much time on this noxious topic...but felt compelled to at least draw readers attention to it.  In summary, I have long believed that humanity goes through regular wash, rinse, spin and dry cycles of civilization.  We have since time immemorial.  Homosexuality, transgenderism, pedophilia, Satanism... and other depraved behavior have always been some of the "dirt" that accumulates prior to a necessary wash.  The rinse, spin and dry cycles are occasions when there has been a spiritual revolution/uprising, such as Christianity or Islam.  Typically these religions/movements condemn such deviant least at the beginning.

So, it could be said that humanity is poised at the very beginning of a "wash" cycle.  This is evidenced by the emergence of Christian Russia....juxtaposed with the extreme sordid "Sodom and Gomorrah" society of the West...particularly the west coast of the United States.  The "rinse" and "spin" cycles promise to be very apocalyptic indeed.


Anonymous said...

the cesspool of Talmudic Judaism oozes into "societies" with sickness and
perversion with sugar on top....

one should do a serious study of sorcery, through the ages

Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry is a good start,
keep an eye out for the word the text.

Nations should avoid swirling around the cesspool of
societies that allow sickness and perversion to be
promoted on TALMUD VISION...

No Healthy Nation NEEDS blood sucking parasites
that print currency & own the media

james@wpc said...

Some numbers (with references) regarding homosexual lifestyle-

The numbers on early death are extraordinary. And this 'lifestyle' is promoted to children and young people! It's criminal.

greencrow said...

Thanks for your comments anony and James. James...telling youth they're "born" with this lifestyle... and that there's NO alternative is another factor condemned by the author of "Swallowed by Satan".