Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Order of Canada Recipient Peter Dalglish Accused of Abusing Children in Nepal

location and date of this photo
are unknown

In a manner that has now become gruesomely familiar to truthers, the Globe and Mail story quoted below, about the shocking arrest and imprisonment of Peter Dalglish has been pushed from the front pages by yet another anomalous mass murder, this time in Toronto.  If folks were not currently mezmerized by the 24/7 newz coverage of all the tragic details of the Ryder truck driver [yet another misfit of dubious mentality] crashing into dozens of pedestrians, killing 10 and injuring many others they would, no doubt, be asking questions about the latest government scandal.  Please read the following snippet from the Globe and Mail article of yesterday and I will have comments to follow:

"A Canadian man who spent decades working with children’s organizations and received the Order of Canada for his global contributions is now locked in a crowded detention cell in Kathmandu accused of having sex with minors.Peter Dalglish, 60, has been a leading international advocate for combatting child poverty. But early on the morning of April 7, police descended on his home in Nepal and took him away at gunpoint. 

At the time of his arrest, two boys − one 12, another 14 − were in the house with him. Police say they also found photos inside the home of naked children. Mr. Dalglish has not been formally charged, but is being held while police investigate; local courts can authorize up to 25 days for such investigations. So far, three alleged victims have spoken to police. The two boys found in the house gave detailed descriptions of his alleged sexual contact with them, the father of one boy told The Globe and Mail.

Mr. Dalglish, speaking from behind bars, denied any improper contact with children, while his lawyer said the photographs are of the sort a tourist might take of unclothed children in impoverished areas. Police have yet to submit a detailed charge sheet against him. His lawyer says he will plead not guilty. “I’ve never had a civil or a criminal prosecution, ever,” Mr. Dalglish told The Globe. “But obviously, if you do the work that I do, with kids, you leave yourself open to criticism. And suspicion.”

His arrest has nevertheless brought new scrutiny to his decades of humanitarian work, which placed him in regular and close contact with children in numerous countries...." 


"...Police in Nepal received a tip about Mr. Dalglish around 3 1/2 months ago from a local organization. Later, they also received notice from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (the RCMP declined comment on an investigation in another country). Mr. Dalglish was travelling at the time, but “he was on our radar as soon as he landed in Nepal,” Mr. Karki said. After he was arrested, police found photographs in his home of “a lot of children in various poses,” Mr. Karki said. “Some of them are naked, some of them are not.”

He believes the children “are from around the world.”


Greencrow says: Yes, I'm sure Liberal officials are secretly breathing a sign of relief that the above story did not gain any traction at all in the media...obliterated as it was by the newz frenzy over the latest in an interminably long list of similar "inexplicable" mass casualty scenarios.  It's almost as if the mass murders are like fireworks in a night sky, timed to go off at specific times and obscure other events from the public eye.

I have some questions regarding Peter Dalglish that likely will never be asked...at least here in Canada.

1. How did he conduct such a long and successful career in government-funded organizations...based on gaining friendship and trust of young, vulnerable boys?

2.  What is the "other" RCMP case about Dalglish that is being investigated and when will Canadians hear the results of that investigation.

3.  Where and when was the above photo taken and what is the nature of Dalglish's obvious friendship with Trudeau...such that he would put his arm around Trudeau's shoulders.

4. Follow the money...who was paying for Dalglish's travels all around the world?  Who paid for the upscale home he built in Kathmandu?

5.  Does Dalglish have any connection to CSIS or any other [CIA] security agencie(s)?

6.   Is there any truth to the rumour that Dalglish was involved in trafficking these youth to other pedophiles?

7. Is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau considering recinding Dalglish's "Order of Canada" medal?

Readers can rest assured I'll be keeping an eye on this story [the number of stories now left dangling in limbo, due to lack of follow-up by the so-called mainstream media, is growing exponentially] and will report any new developments.


Penny said...

greencrow: I've updated and notified readers with this comment- sharing it with you
next update is going to be alink over here- because I believe this is an important reason for the attack

Updated again- because the G-7 were meeting Toronto when this took place (not the g-8) and in once of those coincidences on the agenda was the issue of soft targets

" The scene that unfolded on a Toronto street Monday is something straight out of a counter-terrorism officer's worst nightmares.

Security analysts call them "soft targets" — unsecured public spaces where a lone attacker can do maximum damage.

Those kinds of scenarios are on the agenda Tuesday for the G7 security ministers meeting in Toronto, along with other recent attacks in public spaces by terrorists."

That seems to be a strategy very reminiscent of a terror attack to push through new 'anti terror laws'. Here we have CSIS pushing a concern for 'soft target' attacks and on the very day they are raising the issue, in the very city the meeting is taking place what occurs? A soft target attack.

That is way beyond coincidental in my book

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Thanks for your comment and update. I will check your blog post. Waaaaaaay beyond coinkydynks now. They don't even care anymore. It's right in our faces. One small problem...the patsy lived. That's not supposed to happen. They find someone suicidal or make him so. Where did THAT cop come from anyway? Honest cops were all supposed to have been rooted out by now. Now they'll have to drug and destroy what's left of the poor schmuck's brain so he won't wreck the "Official Story".

Beam me up, Scottie.

tsisageya said...

greencrow, I've been using the term USrael quite a bit lately and thought you should know since I think I got it from you. It's perfect. But what shall we say for Canada?

greencrow said...

Hi tsisageya:

I have often referred to Canada as "Mini me" but perhaps CanIsrael or Ziocan would also work.

tsisageya said...

NICE! I can't decide!

tsisageya said...

Mini-me sounds good to me but they are all good, as far as I'm concerned. All equally disgusting.

Anonymous said...

A search for Peter Dalglish in both the Toronto Star and National Post returns no results found? It seems only the Globe & Mail thought the arrest of a member of the Order of Canada at gun point, for sex with minors would interest Canadians. Interestingly this Daily Mail piece mentions the UN are investigating as well, and shows the Trudeau photo.


I think you are correct this story is not getting the attention it deserves, as it would shine the spotlight on Dalglish and his powerful friends. As an aside, there seems to be a correlation between the incidence of Pedophilia rings and NATO countries.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Thanks for the link. I will add it to my post. The way the CBC and other media are treating this story [hands off] I believe what we know now is just the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...

Or, perhaps, they are waiting to see if he gets charged, ( he’s currently only in custody), before besmirching the name of a man with a stellar career helping children in war torn countries. I think after thirty years he deserves to not be ruined before he’s even been charged with a crime.

Wouldn’t you want the same consideration? There’s plenty of time for outrage once the evidence is produced.