Tuesday, April 17, 2018

John Bolton's Plans to make USrael the greatest exporter of "Rubble"(TM) in the Universe

Douma, Syria: Recipient of supply of "Rubble"(TM)
The West's Greatest Export to the World

As we wake up to another day on this Planet, frankly last Friday I was somewhat afraid we wouldn't, we see that there was another false flag last night.  Please read the update to my previous post for details of the "cyber" attack on Syria by the US and Israel...or, as I call them, USrael.

Rubble(TM), as depicted in the photo above...is the greatest export of USrael to the world.  They export it everywhere...it is their hegemonic right.

Douma, Syria, after another delivery of
Usrael's "gift to the world"

Their greatest sorrow is that the delivery system is so painfully slow.  They have to bomb one neighbourhood after another individually...when it would be much more efficient just to drop a nuclear bomb and destroy whole cities at one go.

But, wait, newly appointed mass murderer [see Iraq Invasion] US Security Advisor, John Bolton has been brought on board to speed up production/delivery of the product.  In the video in the link below, he is shown making an announcement regarding his plans to deliver Rubble(TM) to Iran in 2018.

John Bolton Announces Speeded Up
Delivery System for "Rubble"(TM)
to Iran for 2018

You have to hand it to Bolton, he doesn't waste any time getting down to his new job.  The world has never seen a nation that worked as hard as the United States does in devising production and delivery systems for its main resource/export product.  

Unfortunately, due to the focus on the international "Rubble"(TM) trade, USrael has been unable to maintain its own infrastructure, which is slowly turning into "Rubble"(TM) all by itself.  Still, USrael has yet to experience the results of having endless amounts of its export product in its own land. Remember the old adage:  "The shoemaker's children go barefoot"?  This situation could be rectified shortly, however--should USrael start to deliver "Rubble"(TM) to Iran, as Bolton is proposing above. I do anticipate that Iran and is allies will, in a timely manner, solve the current deficiency of "Rubble"(TM) in the United States and Israel proper.


Anonymous said...

Who are those psycho fairies in the planes launching missiles???
Who are the psycho fairies on the ships pressing those buttons and firing missiles????
Men in uniform
The only ones GUILTY of all the crimes you see
What if nobody in uniform stopped taking orders too destroy???
What if nobody wanted to do the dirty work of a political jackass???
You give these political jackasses credit for being psychotic
But from my truthful paespective
Psycho fairies wearing uniforms did all the destruction
Psycho fairies wearing uniforms did all the destruction
And ask yourself
What if
Those psycho fairies were not there
That politician would be a pussy in a suit

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous.

There are a lot of evil men in finely tailored suits.

And, even if a lot of evil comes from people in uniforms...it's the people at the top who have the ultimate responsibility for the actions...and they, more often than not, do not wear suits.

Anonymous said...

Sorry anonymous
I disagree
The psychos in suits and dress pants know they have pawns to act out that sickness
So as long as you wear a uniform and are delusional about your behavior
Then the psycho wearing the uniform is more guilty
These sick ucks label there bombs with funny or ignorant names
I have seen it on photo stills
Then you hear men in uniform always crying that there criminal government is not taking care of them
To me,it sounds like a glutton for punishment
They are not taking care of you and you are proud???
You are killing innocent people and you are proud???
I disagree
If you see that kind of sickness and hear all the stories and then you sign up to play in the theater and be a pawn so you can cause all that harm
Then you are a jerk
You can not give the suits the credit
They know they have pawns and they use them well
If you decide not to be a pawn
Just like with the local football team the Patriots
Next man up
There will always be a next man up to commit the real sickness
You have to be sick in the head anyways too want to kill people and bond with other soldiers cuz they have your back
You are pretty much forced into that thinking
They got to be strong brothers just like the movies that romance them all in
I do agree with you on one comment
I never trust men in suits
They are sly and educated
That makes them dangerous
But if you wear a uniform
Cmon soldier boy
Look what you are doing
Wake up

Anonymous said...

Great post gc , excellent humour.