Monday, April 30, 2018

Israel Desperate--absolutely in a Catatonic Frenzy--to Provoke Iran/Russia/Syria

Slimeball Accused of Domestic Corruption

Folks, last night there was an Act of War committed by Israel against Syria, against Iran and potentially against Russia.  As I reported earlier in real time...The tiny borderless entity(TM) in a totally gratuitous act of war, without provocation, bombed three military sites in Syria.  Apparently there was loss of life---including an Iranian Shiite military brigade, which was posted in Syria to protect religious mosques from the destructive predations of the USrael terrorist proxy ISIS, etc. The above video gives the details.

So far, Syria and its Iranian and Russian allies have yet to respond.  The saying from the US revolutionary war comes to mind..."Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes".

The leader who is giving the orders here is undoubtedly Putin.  He is telling his allies the Syrians and the Iranians when to shoot and when to hold fire.  The reason Putin is holding fire is obvious.  There is 10 times the advantage to gain by holding fire than there is to shoot.  As the video reports...the Israelis want to scupper the Iran deal and blame it on the "aggressive" Iran.  They want to bring the US into the war in Israel and start WWIII.  They want to totally isolate Russia and cancel the World Cup and all the other agreements including European pipeline agreements that Russia has.

So much is at stake here and the tension is excruciating.  But I agree with Putin.  Far better to hold fire and allow the world to see the evil in Israel's endless provocations...something certainly to be gained there.  Far better to allow the US to take the blame for pulling out of the Iran deal--and for the international community to see once and for all that the US is non compos mentis or, as the Russians say, "not agreement capable". Far better for Syria and its allies continue their victorious reconquering of Syrian land and sovereignty from the USrael owned terrorists. Far better for Iran to drop the dollar and live to tell about it unlike Iraq and Libya... Far better for all the other agreements and commitments that Russia has--not be jeopardized for the sake of one retaliation.  Far better for the Gaza marches to continue taking place in the public spotlight...showing the genocidal mendacity of the Ziofascists.

Another saying comes to mind "Let them stew in their own juice".

But I am sure there are some other means of retaliation.  I believe the Russians can think of something....


Anonymous said...

expect bibi's speech at knesset tonight monday 30 april. source: almayaddin arabic

greencrow said...

Bibi: "Fellow reptilians...last night we pulled off another "sucker punch" in the dark of night like vampires do. We tried to provoke a war with one of our "world full of enemies"...but, so far it has not worked. They have not retaliated. So the speech I was going to give...full of Churchillian "We will fight them on the beaches..." will have to be delayed for a bit. I apologize to all for the lack of blood and gore...of Americans who would have by now been brought into the sewer we have created here in the Middle East. You will have to be patient...It looks like it might have to take a nuke to get this going....".