Saturday, April 14, 2018

Chanelling Napoleon

Napoleon - In Happier Times
Napoleon with his Advisors - Realizing the Situation
they're in in Moscow

Napoleon in Moscow Just before the Retreat
The Enormity of his Situation becomes Clear

So, what DID happen last night?!  At one point, early on in the evening, I was almost convinced that WWIII was upon us.  After all the threats and counter threats that had been going on between Russia and USrael all week.  I thought that Putin had no recourse other than to make good his threats of his March 1, 2018 speech.  In that speech he announced he had some doomsday weaponry that he would use if either Russia "or any of its allies" was attacked.

Last night, the perps obviously decided to test that threat.  They made up the flimsiest story and on it predicated a missile attack against Syria.  Russia stood down.  The Syrians responded with basic anti-aircraft missiles and intercepted 71 of 103 (at last count) of the weapons.  Three Syrians were wounded but nobody died.  A few buildings were "turned into rubble"(TM).  As I said last night, rubble is the biggest export product of USrael.  They transport it everywhere in the world.

Now, the rabid-dog Western M$M is busy chewing on its latest bone.  Gnawing away at the bone to get at the soft marrow of lies that it craves.  I watched the United Nations Security Council meeting this morning and found the speech by the Ambassador from Syria opening the barn door to let in some sunlight and fresh air.  As I've said before, the man reminds me of the great Iraqi Ambassador to the UN, Tariq Aziz...God Rest His Soul.

Both USrael and Russia are frantic to present and foster their "spin" on the attack.  It was a win/lose for both, IMO.  The FUKUS (love the name that American Everyman has dubbed the troika with) won--in that it actually "DID" something which would at least temporarily satiate its Jewish handlers. It won because it "called" Putin on his March 1 threat...and least temporarily.  OTOH, it lost because it risked waking up the sheeple to its pathological lies.  Nobody, not even a servile sheeple likes to be lied to.  And it thus uses up any trust that may have been struggling to exist in the Western body politic.  You can only go to the well so many times on the same old shop-worn, moth-eaten stories...or, so we thought, anyway.  And the coming OPCW inspection of the site in Syria will probably eliminate that excuse for the meantime.

Russia lost because it seemingly "blinked".  It did not follow through on the March 1 threat...which would have meant I would not be typing this post at this moment.  Russia held its fire...apparently still relying on the institutions of civilization--the UN and the rule of international law.  And here is the big question...what does Russia's retreat mean, exactly?

Well, to find the answer to that question, I channelled the old warrior, Napoleon, again.  I again looked at the seminal paintings I took photos of in 2013 at the Museum of Military History in Moscow.  Napoleon arrived in Moscow with his army, ready to conquer Russia.  He found the city empty...absolutely supplies.  Nothing.  Winter was setting in.  He was expecting reinforcements and re-supplies to arrive.  In the second painting, he finally realizes that these two crucial factors will not happen.  In the last painting, he faces the reality that he has been abandoned...and that he and his depleted army will have to return to Europe.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Last night...when USrael was just like when Napolean arrived in Moscow...i.e., no Russians and no resistance.

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