Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Diplomacy is Dead...What Next?

Russian Federation Spokesperson Dmitri Peskov

Today is a national day of mourning in the Russian Federation. Dozens of children and their families were killed in a tragic Shopping Mall fire in a Siberian City a few days ago. Ironically, this was the same day that hundreds of Russian diplomats were summarily kicked out of Western countries on the order of the Deep State Global Tyranny.

So when you watch the all day live broadcast of the memorial services for the fire victims on RT, think not only about the needless deaths which Putin ascribed to wanton negligence by the maintenance staff of the Shopping Mall...but also give a small thought at least to the Death of Diplomacy...due to the wanton negligence/deliberate actions of the Deep State Warmongering Perps.

Above, is a recent video of the full interview with Chief Russian Diplomat/Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov. Watch it as a fin de siècle example of diplomacy at its height. He chooses his words carefully...yet is ruthlessly truthful in doing so. A masterpiece.

Now, we're in the era of "Shut Up! And Get Out!" as voiced by the Ministry of Defense ohmadon from the UK ...when caught up in the tangle of his governments' own false flag lies about a park bench and a poison that would, if used, have killed everyone within a block radius.

Listen to this RT Interview with a financial expert Max Keiser. I was with Max all the way, right up until he blamed Saudi Arabia for 9/11...then ha ha I GOT it. Max is a dysinfo agent using the old standby...the limited hang-out. Everything he said initially was true...including and especially about the US Empire historically being based on war, looting and stealing the resources of other countries. But the Elephant was Missing from the Room. His analysis completely left out Israel. Well, when he blamed SA for 9/11 it all became clear. The entire interview was a propping up of the alibi/pointing the finger elsewhere for 9/11. As Christopher Bollyn has made abundantly clear through his excruciatingly detailed books...9/11 was a Mossad Operation. Say, is Keiser a Jewish name? So. The future is going to be pretty bleak with no Diplomacy, no truth and lots of "Shut Up and Go Home".

Wait....while the Internet and blogosphere still exist don't we have a small portal from which we can observe the outlines of truth and decency on the horizon? Here, eg., Stephen Lendmen paints a pretty accurate landscape portrait of what is likely to happen next. Nuclear War is more inevitable than ever. The boys HAVE to use their toys dontcha know. Come to think of it...with the Internet...why does Russia need diplomats anyway? Their government can address those Westerners who have a few critically-thinking brain cells directly, right in their homes...sitting at their computers via the Internet, right? Just a minute...what was that headline I saw a few minutes ago?

Internet Going Down?

Yes, according to KimDotcom...Julian Assange, imprisoned for years in the Equadorean Embassy in London, has finally been cut off the Internet. In a triple whammy...the perps operating out of the bowels of Fleet St [very appropriately named after an enema] London, have attacked Diplomacy by: 1) denying a basic function to the Embassy of Ecuador; 2)  free speech;  AND 3)  The Internet. [UPDATE:  Apparently the Equador Embassy cut Julian Assange off the internet for breaching an agreement re commenting on world politics...but, but, but...doesn't Julian have a cell phone which he can hook up to an outside server?  The plot thickens.]

Julian is just the beginning. The Internet is going down......even though it's one of the last moneymakers for the West...even though it's demise will kill what little economy they have left. What does it matter anyway when the Chinese Petro-Yuan is on the horizon and spells death to the Petro-dollar?  Folks, this is the fundamental reason for everything we've seen building in the past year or more.  The basic funding of the Military Industrial Complex world hegemony is being shut down.  The Samson Option, including the nuclear Samson Option, is the only option left for the perps.


Anonymous said...

A Crommwellian fate for the entire vile lot of them. Heads on stakes. How dare they mistreat their own while whining and malingering and meddling over the internal affairs of other nations. Judge and Jewry. Want to Puke.

greencrow said...

"...Want to Puke."

Say, Anonymous, you've just given me a great idea. I was trying to think of a way that humanity could fight back without getting the current gestapo-trained local police forces spraying us with rubber bullets (like in Palestine).

Why doesn't humanity start puking all over the place...public places, busses, in front of City Hall...The "Peace" Tower in Ottawa? A massive Puke-a-thon. Do you think that would get the message across to them?

Anonymous said...

I've long used the slur "Drown in Vomit"..But, really there are no suitable words for these Corporatists. Whenever they say "Good for British Columbians" or Good for Canadians.." Run away Quick.
Defy Resist Evade Smuggle.

Anonymous said...

Star Wrek
Star Date 2018.35

Scotty: Dammit Jim! I'm an Engineer, not an alcohol bloody abuser!

Kirk: Bones! You drink it! We need to transport down some more puke to our Klingon allies! The only ones left who can save Earth from Pension Fraud Dooom!
Bones: Dammit Jim!, give it to that boring Vulcan, might put some spring in his step!

Anonymous said...

Spock/: Permission to Speak freely, Commander? Thank You. Logic Dictates the present problem has origin in the disastrous rise of what appears to be a 'Military Industrial Complex'. Fascinating, Yet highly Illogical. Seems the human Brain has not sufficiently evolved to forbearingly address such a complex entity. Unfortunately, there may be no saving Earth, Captain.

tsisageya said...

Diplomacy is dead once the red line is crossed. I just happen to consider that all this drama is for the reality show audience.

What is real, what is fake? That is the question.

tsisageya said...

Where is Karl Rove, by the way? I always loved that photo/gif where he has peed his pants while being excorted out by law enforcement officers. Why can't that ever happen?
It makes me very angry.

Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

tsisageya said...

Instead, they're STILL TALKING. Woe, woe, woe is me.

tsisageya said...

The Hulk:

tsisageya said...
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Reading between the lines said...

I really enjoyed the interview , Sophie and Dmitry .What a breath of fresh air to hear such sane response from the political sphere .Dmitry is very careful with his words using respect at all times , at least in public.To put Boris Johnson next to him could not be compared .There are no words that come close.

greencrow said...


IMO, the current crop of British Politicians are "crisis actors" hired and trained to be provocative. The "Shut Up and Go Home" remark was carefully scripted. It calibrated to be the verbal equivalent of throwing a brick through a stained-glass window.

Reading between the lines said...

"equivalent of throwing a brick through a stained-glass window."
So very well said .