Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Port Sidney Harbour, Vancouver Island, BC

greencrow explains 2 hour delay leaving Ganges

Trouble in paradise this morning, folks.  We couldn't get Limerence to start.  Tried everything.  I must have turned the key a dozen times.  Captain pulled the whole boat apart trying to access various engine and gizmos in an effort to fix the problem.  Finally, it getting hot, I took the dogs and went to get breakfast at a local restaurant famous for breakfasts.  Sat there for an hour, shot the above video, then got a phone message from the Captain.  The boat was fixed and he was waiting for me.  We grabbed our breakfast "to go" and returned to the vessel.

Once underway, I asked him how he fixed the starter and got the boat running.  He said he just gave the "starter" a couple of hard wacks with his hammer and it started right up. Hmmmmmmmm. Sounds like those Coke vending machines that you end up kicking in frustration...and then the can of Coke comes tumbling out.  It is such a relief to have a "natural" mechanic on board. ; )

So we had an uneventful sail/motor to Port Sidney on Vancouver Island where we're now nicely settled in.  Port Sidney is much different than Ganges.  It caters to a lot of big American boats that come up to visit nearby Victoria.  There are a lot of "amenities".  There is an air quality alert throughout BC due to the extreme forest fire situation.  There is a heavy haze in the air here in Port Sidney.

Tyranny on the Internet

Saw this video by Mark Dice this morning where he bewails the coming hyper-censoring by YouTube:

IMO, this censoring started long ago and I can really connect the dots between the PTB trying to force Hillary Clinton down the throats of Americans during the last election (big fail) and the same entities trying to restrict free thought and comment on the Internet (this will also be a Big Fail).  In both cases, the PTB cannot see that they are behind the curve of human social evolution.  The genie is out of the bottle.  People are not going to go back and agree just to say the "approved" commentary that the perps require.  It makes me sick that bloggers like Mark Dice and others, who have over a million subscribers...are being paid the same as fast food outlet servers...meanwhile the Internet giants are extorting profits from their hard work and technical abilities.  It is just proof positive that we do not live in a democracy...we live in a tyranny!

The only solution that I can see for this coming crackdown and end of interesting [truthful] sources for information on the Internet is exactly what has happened regarding Newz.  The only news channels I visit anymore for actual news are RT and PressTV.  Russian and Iranian respectively.  These channels should go further--and offer channels/platforms for bloggers to upload their commentary and analysis on.  There needs to be an alternative to YouTube and google and in a true democracy there would be.  How can a so-called capitalistic country allow success (as in having over a million subscribers) to be lack of funding or access to funding, while at the same time reward mediocrity in the M$M in which viewers are dropping like flies.

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Ed(itor) said...

It always helps to know exactly where to apply the hammer.

There was an audio book I once listened to and transcribed that flew under the title "!00 Ways to Motivate Yourself" by Steve Chandler; #30 ended with "... make your own news. Don't listen to others to find out “what's happening”. Be what's happening."

Greencrow is, in her departure from Port Sidney Harbor, being what's happening.