Saturday, August 5, 2017

Maple Bay, Vancouver Island....and What Happened to the Trench Coat Sleuths?

Victoria Harbour in the 1800's 
Cover from book of Navigation Charts

Hi Folks.  Here we are moored in Maple Bay which is just north up the coast from Port Sidney and Victoria.  The Marina here is in a lovely little bay that has seen enormous growth since we used to anchor here back in the 80's and it was virtually deserted.  Now it has hundreds of slips and a thousand or so boats tied up.  We are on "I" slip.  Unfortunately, as I was told by the receptionist, the Wifi only goes to the "H" slip.  Some invisible barbed wire fence separates us from connectivity on our boat.  I am therefore up in the "Espresso" bar blogging.  The reason they cut the Wifi off at "H" is because "J" is a slip with privately owned houseboats and the Marina owners don't want the houseboat owners siphoning off any Wifi that might trickle over from an "I" slip connection.  Got me thinking how dependent we are on the invisible microwaves that trap us in our existence.

At some point, I'm going to tell the Marina Receptionist that I'm blogging about the various amenities in the Marina's that we're mooring at and that Maple Bay's cheating us our of our Wifi may come back to haunt me laughing like I laughed during the video I shot of the local market on

Trench-Coated Sleuths "Guarded" Seth Rich in his final hours

So I was thinking some more about Limited Hang Out Artist, pseudo journalist, Seymour Hersh's blathering the other day about the Seth Rich Murder and the DNC Hack and who was responsible for both.... and I started wondering whatever happened to the 4 channel resident doctor who posted about Seth Rich being alive for hours after the attack...sitting up in his hospital bed and talking...while strange men in trench coats and fedoras guarded his hospital room door and wandered the hospital corridors.  Surely the hospital records must show clear evidence of how long Rich survived for and what was the final cause of his death.  Is the law enforcement system in the US SO broken that this hard core evidence is not available to the authorities...or any true investigative reporters?  What does Hersh have to say about that?  What do his "Top Level Insider Sources" tell him?

But, just this morning, I read that Hersh is "backing off" his blather.  Well, IMO, that's part of the strategy of the "limited hang-out".  First you make a big "Breaking News" splash with the hang-out and then the next day you "back off".  Plausible deniability is what it's ALL about.

Sailing Update:

One more night in Maple Bay and then on to Ladysmith tomorrow.  The forest fire situation in BC is still "extreme"  there's a thick smoky haze hanging everywhere but at least it's cutting the heat during the day.  We haven't had rain here for more than six weeks.  That's baaaad for the environment in a "rainforest".


Ed(itor) said...

I can't afford the train fare to get to DC and anyway there are so many investigative journalists down there that i'd need lessons in parkour in order to stay on top of things. But I recommend trying some crowd funding to see if we can get you one of those new-fangled satellite phones. If that works, maybe fuel and gear for the boat, extra dog food, and pay for the Cap'n.

greencrow said...

Extra dog food would suffice. They're down to "Convenience Store" basic food for dogs.