Monday, July 31, 2017

Ganges Harbour on Salt Spring Island, BC

Ganges Harbour at Sunset

Hello folks.  Here we are at Ganges Harbour on Salt Spring Island.  I spoke too soon about Internet connectivity NOT being a problem this year.  Last night there was NO connectivity!  Today there is, but it's very slow and cuts out unexpectedly.  Above is a photo of the Ganges harbor at sunset.  This is a view we enjoyed from the balcony of one of the many seaside restaurants.

Gabriola Sunday Morning Fair
In Which Maki confronts a larger
dog and greencrow introduces
readers to her maniacal laugh (lol)

Before leaving Silva Bay yesterday, the crew enjoyed a shore trip to the local Sunday morning fair put on by the arts, crafts and farmers of Gabriola.  The items being sold were of top quality.  I wanted to buy one of the puffy felt pillows but they cost about $300! for a medium sized one.  So I bought a locally made glass bowl instead.  Oh, I did give "Mickey" the artist $5.00 for allowing me to videotape him.  As a fellow artist I do respect those who try and sell their work.  Mickey was also selling sailing excursions but that's like bringing coals to Newcastle for us.

Cruising to Ganges...
wherein greencrow
mistakenly calls Indigenous Petroglyphs

Here is greencrow making her video debut.  I wanted to point out the cliffs where the First Nations have carved petroglyphs on the rocks.  When it comes to Indian Land Claims, it's pretty hard to deny the claims of First Nations to these islands when they have their thousand year old writings etched on the cliffs.  Readers may have noticed that many of the Gulf Islands have Spanish names.  Names like Gabriola, Galiano and Valdes Islands are named after the Spanish explorers who sailed up from California.  They met up with the British explorers in English Bay off the City of Vancouver.  Since Spain and England were not at war at the time, the meetings were peaceful.

Americans know this chain of islands off the Pacific North West as the San Juan Islands low of the 49th Parallel which is the border between the US and Canada.  North of 49 they're known simply as the "Gulf Islands".  We've sailed the San Juan's as well and they're also lovely but a bit more domesticated than the Gulf Islands.  Normally, to avoid border issues we just stay north of the 49th.

More thoughts on the Avro Arrow Search

Following my last post re the search for the remnants of the Avro Arrow prototypes, I'm reconsidering the notion that the Canadian government "dumped" the prototypes and drawings, etc. of Canada's only supersonic jet fighter into Lake Ontario in 1959.  Now, with 20/20 hindsight.  I am inclined to believe that was a lie...and a hoax...just like the lunar landings that happened only 10 years later.  I believe this was a lie to throw Canadians off the track of where this Canadian tax-payer funded materials and technology went.  It is far more likely that the entire collection of materials and models, along with the scientists, aviation engineers and technologists went to the US with the "brain drain" that followed the elimination of the program and the firing of 30,000 Canadian workers.

Sign on Marina Window
Local Salt Spring Island Humour


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Kudos, Greencrow.

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