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US Civil War Looms on Horizon as Governmental and Societal Fractures Deepen

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I was one of the first, if not the first, alternative blogger to identify and write about the covert Civil War currently going on in the United States.  I've been writing about it for a couple of years now...way before it became commonplace to refer to the battle going on between the Deep State (which has a stranglehold on the machinery of US government and the media) and the people.  The "good guys" are those few remaining Constitutionalists and Peace former Congressman Ron Paul, as one example.

The Constitutionalists won a brief battle in this war with the election last November of President Donald Trump...or, at least, they "hoped" they did.  Even during the election campaign...Trump was so all over the map with his policies and views that nobody knew what he really stood for.  Now, Americans are finding out the sad truth.  Trump is an idiot who lacks principles, philosophy or long range thinking.  Here is just a recent example...from alternative blogger Stephen Lendman:

Playing to his neocon base, along with south Florida anti-Cuban extremists, Trump slammed the door on improved US relations with the island state - the latest administration embarrassment.

On Friday evening, Cuba’s leadership responded as follows:

“The Cuban Government denounces the new measures to tighten the blockade, which are doomed to fail as has been shown repeatedly in the past, and which will not achieve its purpose to weaken the Revolution or to defeat the Cuban people, whose resistance to the aggressions of Any type and origin has been proven over almost six decades.”

“The Government of Cuba also reiterates its willingness to continue respectful dialogue and cooperation on issues of mutual interest, as well as the negotiation of pending bilateral issues with the United States Government.”

“The United States is not in a position to give us lessons. We have serious concerns about the respect and guarantees of human rights in that country, where there are numerous cases of murders, brutality and police abuses, particularly against the African American population.”

“The right to life is violated as a result of gun deaths. Child labor is being exploited, and there are serious manifestations of racial discrimination.”

“Threatening to impose more restrictions on health services, would leave (at least) 23 million (more) people without health insurance.”

“There is a wage inequality between men and women. Migrants and refugees are marginalized, particularly those from Islamic countries.”

“Its intention to erect walls will denigrate neighbors and abandon international commitments to preserve the environment and address climate change.”

Trump’s Presidential Policy Directive is scheduled to take effect in 90 days. Maybe he’ll take further steps to prevent improved relations with Cuba. In a few short months in office, he broke every responsible policy pledged. Instead of draining the swamp, he filled it with hawkish generals, billionaires and neocons. He delegated economic and financial policy to Goldman Sachs. He kept power in Washington instead of “giving it back to you, the people.” “(C)hanges starting right here and right now” never happened.
“The forgotten men and women of our country” continue being ignored. “The American carnage (didn’t stop) right here and right now.”

“The oath of office (he took was) an oath of allegiance” to America’s privileged class, not “all Americans,” as promised. Instead of “unit(ing) the civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism,” he supports it in multiple US war theaters. Instead of making America proud, prosperous and great again, he made it more of a pariah state in a few short months in office. Looking ahead, it’s hard being optimistic after being betrayed so many times before - Trump like all the others infesting Washington, part of a corrupted system too debauched to fix."

One of the very few positive initiatives of the disastrous Obama regime is being wiped out.  Why?  It's not really explained by Trump or his administration...just some vague mumblings about "not being a good business deal."

Worse, Trump's short-sighted thinking has even placed the planet in danger of yet another catastrophic nuclear radiation leak.  Apparently, the US has the largest military defense budget in $600 billion dollars, it is more than all the rest of the planet's nations military budgets combined.  BUT, Trump can only raise funds to cover this defense budget by robbing Peter to pay Paul.  He has cut back the budget to clean up the festering Nuclear Reactor site in Hanford, Washington State by $120 million.  Here are the details of that despicable act as published in RT

Published time: 16 Jun, 2017 21:39
The aging infrastructure at the largest US nuclear waste site at Hanford, Washington is breaking down, making incidents involving the release of radiation more likely, according to the senior Energy Department official at the site.

The Hanford site, located along the Columbia River near Richland, Washington, stores nuclear waste dating back to the early days of the US atomic program. Workers at the site have been repeatedly exposed to toxic fumes and “burps” of radiation, with crumbling structures posing a continued risk of radioactive release.

The official deadline for cleanup at the site is 2060. Doug Shoop, who runs the Energy Department operations office at Hanford, told AP this week that some of the structures at Hanford could collapse before then.

“The infrastructure is not going to last long enough for the cleanup,” Shoop said in an interview. “It will be another 50 years before it is all demolished.”

The site’s annual cleanup budget is $2.3 billion, but Shoop says that fully decontaminating the 580-square mile (1,502 square kilometer) site will cost at least $100 billion. President Donald Trump’s proposed 2018 budget cuts Hanford’s funding by $120 million.

Shoop’s comments come after two incidents, a month apart, that involved collapsing infrastructure at the site. On June 8, demolition work at a 1940s-era plutonium extraction plant caused a release of radiation, but the levels were declared low enough to be safe.

The plant processed 24,000 tons of irradiated uranium fuel rods to remove plutonium for nuclear weapons during the Cold War. It hasn’t been operational since 1967.

Hundreds of workers were evacuated and portions of the site were placed on lockdown after the roof of a 1950s rail tunnel storing radioactive waste and contaminated rail cars collapsed on May 9, opening a 20-foot-wide sinkhole.

The 360-foot (110-meter) long tunnel held eight railroad cars that transported waste in the 1950s, and were buried there until they can be decontaminated. The dirt that fell into the gunnel prevented the release of radiation into the air, officials said. Workers have since filled in the sinkhole and covered the tunnel with tarpaulins.

“There are a whole bunch of things analogous to the tunnels,” Shoop said.

Hanford has 177 underground tanks made of steel, which contain more that 54 million gallons (204 million liters) of radioactive and chemical waste. In April 2016, some 20 workers at the site workers requested medical evaluations on because of potential exposure to chemical vapors and toxic fumes.

“We are sending people into environments no one was expected to go to,” Shoop said. “Is there the potential for more alarms? Absolutely.”

Built during World War II as part of the Manhattan Project to develop the nuclear bomb, Hanford still contains roughly 53 million gallons – over 2,600 rail cars – worth of high-level nuclear waste, left from the production of plutonium for the US nuclear weapons program.

It is a sad commentary on the fractured and dysfunctional state of affairs that Americans, if they learn about any of these ominous decisions at all, learn about them from alternative bloggers like Stephen Lendman or from foreign news sources like RT.  The  corrupt, compromised domestic media being all tied up covering (or covering-up) false flag attacks or personality wars like between Alex Jones and Megyn Kelly.

Still, the drum-beat of the coming US Civil war maintains it's steady throb...the sound coming ever closer and louder with each passing week.  This week, the drummers rounded a corner and could be heard marching down Main the military cauldron was being set up in Southern Syria.  I wrote about this Russian war tactic in my last blog post on the Putin Interviews.  This situation (US military being surrounded by Syrian Government Army/Russian allies) in a South Syrian desert outpost, certainly has the potential to bring the US covert civil war into the open.

The Americans have bolstered their military force with long range rockets...seeming to be digging themselves in for a conflict with the Assad army (there being no terrorist proxies in the vicinity anymore).  Russia has given the US a strong warning not to fire on the Syrian/Russian forces surrounding them...or there will be dire consequences.

The USA Deep State needs to maintain its illegal position in Syria.  It is under orders from USrael, the parent corporation.  If it backs down from the "Seven Countries in Five Years" Yinon Plan, then it will be subject to blackmail of the worst kind.  All kinds of embarrassing revelations, assassinations, and viruses embedded in electrical/nuclear plant grids, etc., etc., etc.

So, as I type, the civil war drums are now pounding at eardrum-shattering decibel level.  As they say in law: "the issues have been joined".  If the Deep State goes ahead and has direct military conflict with the Syrian/Russian army...and the Russians respond in force...all hell will break loose in the United States.  The People will finally wake up to what is being done in their name...and with their tax dollars.  They will finally realize that the outcome of the last election is exactly the opposite of the peace and prosperity they voted for.  Of course, the Deep State has been preparing for just this moment for years...the repression of the citizens will be beyond anything we can currently imagine.


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul supports the 911 lie.

Everybody who knows how politics really works, knew Trump was a servant of the elite from day 1, just like Bush's and Clintons. No surprise that he is now proving it, at least not to people who understand that opposition is only controlled or killed, NEVER allowed to flourish.

The evil powers that be are trying very hard to start civil war in the USA and in Europe. Dividing people along left/right, color, religion and immigrant status is an operation in full swing. Scummy corporate media are leading the charge, and sadly so are many blogs that try to present themselves as alternative.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Yes, Ron Paul does not pass the 9/11 litmus test, that's true. But I forgot to mention in this post that the civil war is not only between the Deep State and the Consitutionalists, like Ron Paul...but between elements of the Deep State itself. That is why you have the confusion coming out of the White House/State Dept/Pentagon re Qatar. That is why Trump will say something one day and the next day the State Dept. will say the opposite.

Was it Lincoln who said "A House Divided Shall Not Stand"?