Sunday, June 18, 2017

UPDATED: Putin "Stones" the West - Epilogue

State of the Nation blog has a good review of the Documentary Series "The Putin Interviews" by Oliver Stone. It also provides links to the four video installments, which I've copied here:

"...Now, watch truth in action for yourself.

Russian President Vladimir Putin with
US Movie Director Oliver Stone

I received some (few) negative comments on my four part review of Oliver Stone's Documentary, released on "Showtime" last week.  I was accused of being a "Putin Lover".  I guess that's what passes for reasoned criticism these days.  I was going to write a "Prologue" to the series anyway, summing up what I learned or didn't learn...when along comes this excellent summing up of Putin from Oliver Stone himself.  From Fort Russ News we have this short report on an interview with Oliver Stone:

One of the main driving forces behind Russian President Vladimir Putin's politics is to strive for international law and order.

Such an opinion was stated today in an exclusive interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", with the American director Oliver Stone. His new documentary about the Russian president made its debut on television in the United States from 19 to 22 June, and will be soon shown in Russia's "First Channel".

The Russian leader criticized those politicians who do not look 25 to 50 years in advance, and are guided by short-term interests.
"Putin is committed to a working international order" - Stone said when asked about the long-term facilities of the Russian leader. - "He constantly repeats it, the concept of fundamental law, mutual understanding between the two countries, based on sovereignty -be it Iraq, Libya, Syria or any other state in the Middle East. "
"He is a lawyer by training" - recalled the director. "Without this framework, if the United States continue to operate in a unipolar world, and it would be more correct to say acting unilaterally, this will collapse the existing world order" - Stone said. - " Putin wants to return to a balance."
"He does not seek to expand Russia" - says Stone - "I've never heard him talk about it. He took the new Russian border, although the 25 million Russian remained abroad. " (After the collapse of the USSR.)

The four-hour documentary film The Putin Interviews was filed over two years - the summer of 2015 to early 2017. He met and talked with the President of the Russian Federation more than ten times. It is noteworthy that the original film was to last two hours. However, when it was completed, the director refused to reduce the final result of 4 hours.
I keep going back to something I read on the Internet back in its early days, about 15 or more years ago now.  It was back when I was first beginning to browse and surf the Internet. Looking into all the deep crannies where actual truths were beginning to be told...along with a lot of very weird stuff.  Those places have mostly been diked up by Google now.  Filled with distractive crap and disinformation.  But back in the day, I read a predictive piece about the future...kind of like Nostradamus.  This post foretold a great crisis with the threat of nuclear Armageddon and planetary annihilation.   BUT it said that this crisis would be averted and resolved at the last the coming of another great individual. That individual would come from "the East".  I read this prediction around the same time I read another prediction.  This was long before Barack Obama came on the scene.  I read that more than 20 years ago, someone had been speaking with some Russians in far eastern Russia, Vladivostok I believe.  He was just casually speaking with them during a social evening.  They told the individual that there was going to be a black President of the United States who at that very moment was being groomed from birth by some Communist mentors.  So the two weird predictions are connected in my mind and provide a kind of reference point.

But, back to Putin, in the above interview, Oliver Stone succinctly sums up why Putin is such an important leader and why the world (with the notable exception of USrael) has gravitated towards him.  Putin stands, almost alone, against the threat of world tyranny through USrael's pernicious agenda of "a unipolar world" and "globalism".  He stands for the rule of international law...a concept that is anathema in "the Wild, Wild, West."

It was very brave and an historical event, to be precise, for Oliver Stone to have made and released such a documentary.  It was extremely shrewd and almost genius for Putin to have allowed an intimate glimpse into his world...a world of tedious bureaucracy carried out in sumptuous palace rooms. It was genius for Putin to have intellectually built and presented his legal cases for his political decisions...something no American President has done since the [all too brief] days of Kennedy.

In Summary, The "Putin Interviews" is a documentary series for the ages. It is clear that Putin has thrown down a challenge to the Western leaders--and specifically to the President of the United States.  Either come up with your own documentary series...showing the intellectual rationale for your programs and policies...or shut up and go home!

Oliver Stone Interviewed about
"The Putin Interviews"


Anonymous said...

In your own words describing Putin
:Putin responds to questions like he's "testifying under oath" very carefully and deliberately choosing his words. He always does this, but in this case it is even more apparent as he slowly builds his case over the issues of Ukraine and Syria.

To me
That is calculating behavior
I admit watching Putin
He does not dictate,at least in the videos released showing his image,where most Amerikan politicians always seem to dictate and use the hands flailing around
For that example,Putin seems honest and direct
but when you say this
"Putin responds to questions like he's "testifying under oath" very carefully and deliberately choosing his words. He always does this, but in this case it is even more apparent as he slowly builds his case over the issues of Ukraine and Syria."
To me,that is someone hiding the truth
He was kgb??
That whole thing is secrets and games
and a lawyer
I never met a laywer I trusted
Speaking of tv and tonto
I will resume next post
Thank you

greencrow said...

Hi Anon:

Could not make sense out of your second post. In the post above, you regard my comment that Putin responds to questions as though he is "testifying under oath..." This is not a criticism it is more of a compliment. You see, Putin TAKES RESPONSIBILITY" for what he says and does. That is why he is careful. Western Leaders, on the other hand...take NO responsibility for what they say. They can let the media "air brush" [edit] their mistakes and foibles...out of the report. Even if their stupid remarks get published or shown on TV...they still lie and say they didn't say it or that they "misspoke" themselves.

In the end, it is all about taking responsibility...or NOT.