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New Russian "Cauldron" Developing in S.Syria.... Plus: Putin "Stones" The West Part IV

Vladimir Putin and Oliver Stone with Translator between 

Looking at today's headlines, it appears that Russia is responding militarily to the US's continued insouciance as exhibited in the Congress imposing even more sanctions on Russia yesterday.  Russia revealed today that it killed the ISIS leader in Syria:

Russia claims to have killed ISIS leader in Syria

So, if the leader is now dead and ISIS on the run...what further need is there for the US and it's "coalition" to be fighting ISIS in Syria..where it was not invited, has no legal (under international law) right to be and where it has been targeting the military of the sovereign, internationally recognized government of Syria?  Is the US a Rogue government?  Is the Pope a Catholic? as we used to rhetorically ask (even THAT is not assumed anymore as deposed pope "Benny the Rat" was more likely Jewish).

Today we read that ISIS also travelling under the identity DAESH, is absent in the area of southern Syria where the US has become isolated and surrounded by SAA and Russian troops.  Rather than pack up and go home, the US has ordered and set up HIMARS  multiple-launch rocket systems from Jordan.  In the absence of the terrorists, who are these rockets targeting?  You might well ask.

Here is the report and H/T Alethonews

Daesh Absent in Area of US’ HIMARS Artillery Deployment in Syria – Lavrov

Sputnik – June 16, 2017

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, commenting on the US military moves, pointed to the near absence of Daesh or other terrorist groups in the vicinity of the HIMARS’ staging area.

The United States transferred on Wednesday two High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) multiple-launch rocket systems from Jordan. The systems were deployed at the US special operations forces base near al-Tanf located 11 miles from the Jordanian border.The Russian military is analyzing the US deployment of artillery systems in southern Syria where terrorist groups are said to be virtually absent, Lavrov said Friday.

“The Russian military is naturally analyzing everything that is happening in this country, including taking into account the channel that we have with the US to prevent unintentional incidents,” Lavrov said at a briefing.

“In this area, there are practically no Daesh units and the deployment there of such serious weapons, which are not particularly suitable to combat Daesh… will not ensure the stability of communication channels between government and pro-government forces in Syria and their partners in neighboring Iraq,” he said.

With the recent Ukraine 2014/15 civil war [Dalbaltsevo cauldron] as a clear example...this is exactly the strategy that Russia loves to pursue....setting up a "cauldron" around the enemy.  Militarily encircling it and then just sitting back and the enemy runs out of supplies, is exposed to the elements of nature...and "withers on the vine".  At the same time, the "cauldron" is a very dangerous the enemy could well panic and try to force its way out of the "cauldron".   Remember, USrael insanely believes itself to be omnipotent, infallible, undefeatable, the works.   USrael is so crazy that it doesn't even believe that Russia exists...much less poses a military threat.

Putin "Stones" The West Part IV (Oliver Stone's Putin Interviews Documentary)

Speaking of Russia, I watched the last episode of the four part documentary, Oliver Stone's Putin Interviews last night.  While it was not as riveting as Part 3, Part four did have some new information...but it also had some repeated portions of the previous episodes.  Here are my notes on the final chapter:

-  In my previous review of Part III I forgot to describe Putin bringing Stone into the Russian "Situation Room" where the Russian leaders have "real time" face to face (via live TV) with government and military officials in all regions of the country.  I believe that Putin did this as a response to Stone making him watch "Dr. Strangelove"...where the US "situation room" is prominently featured.  Putin looked very serious as he discussed military matters with the Russian General on the big screen.  I believe he was actually enjoying himself and humourously creating a satire of the American stereotypical belief system about Russia.  In that regard, Part IV does bring out Putin's keen sense of humour.  Perhaps [like Canada did decades ago see, for example, the works of Canadian actor James Carrey] Putin has come to understand that the best way to get through to Americans is via humour and satire!  But more about that later.

- A lot of Part IV was focused on cyber warfare, past, present and future.  Of course, Stone and Putin revisited the canard that the Russians "hacked" the 2016 US Federal Election.  Again Putin denied and used logic to try and convince Americans that it was not worth it to Russia to hack the election...because US policies wouldn't change anyway.  Of course, logic means nothing to Americans.

- Then Stone brought up Snowden and referred to the movie he has made about Snowden where Snowden describes going to Japan and being involved in CIA programs there that actually hacked into the Japanese power grid and inserted viruses that would, should Japan ever try to break out of its US military occupation, cause the electricity to fail, etc. etc.  He suggested to Putin that if the US was willing to do that to an "ally", what might Russia have to fear from a similar "cyber-warfare" attack?

- Putin generally laughed it off "Russians aren't afraid to be in the dark".  Stone was clearly upset that he was not getting through to Putin on this issue.  He then brought up the "Stuxnet" virus that USrael had inserted into the Iranian nuclear facilities a few years ago.  Again Putin was nonplussed.  Of course, I was waiting for Stone to mention that the Stuxnet virus also found its way into the Fukushima nuclear reactor in Japan and caused it to melt down...leading to the ongoing environmental crisis that the world faces today.  But this did not come up...perhaps both Stone and Putin decided "not to go there".  But Stone did again verbally challenge Putin with evidence that the US DID attack the Russian banking system immediately after the US election...and certain US leaders (Joe Biden and Obama himself) even alluded to this attack and promised retaliation for the supposed "Russian hacking".  At this point, Putin clammed up.  He would not confirm or deny the US cyber attack on Russian banks.  Ah Ha! said Stone:  "You're hiding something!"  Suffice it to say, there was an awful lot NOT said about the potential of cyber warfare in the future.

- Finally, there was more effort to ferret out information from Putin of his electoral plans for the future.  Some of this was repeated footage from earlier episodes.  But it did impact me as to the kinds of decisions that Putin needs to make very the Russian election looms in 2018, next year.  The camera zoomed in on Putin's wrist watch just before Stone asks him about his personal wealth.  USrael has always accused Putin of having "expensive tastes" and uses his wrist watch collection as an example.  Putin denied having secret bank accounts in Cyprus or anywhere else and scoffed at the suggestion by Stone that he is "the richest man in the world".  Again, Putin tried vainly to use "logic" against the American lies...saying that there are some things more valuable than money and you can't have pockets in a coffin....but, again as money is the God in USrael, these logical arguments won't hold water in the West.

- The last scene in the documentary has movie director Stone trying to direct "actor" Putin in an elaborate scene where they "meet for the first time" in a sumptuous Palace ballroom, full of gilt and chandeliers and frescos on the wall.  Putin is supposed to emerge through a huge, ornate doorway.  As requested...Putin goes to the other room.  Stone shouts "Action!" nothing happens...he shouts "ACTION!" again.  Still Putin does not emerge.  But another camera on Putin's side of the door captures him standing and smiling broadly.  He turns and winks at the camera. Back on the other side, Stone, clearly annoyed, says to his translator.  "Shout ACTION! in Russian."  The Translator obeys and Putin emerges through the doorway...carrying two coffee cups.  Stone collapses in laughter.  Putin says "Do you take cream and sugar?"

- Putin is a very quick study.  He has learned that the only way to reach Americans is through their funny bone.  This was shown just yesterday when Putin said in a Moscow TV call in Question and Answer Session with Russians that:  "Former FBI director James Comey is welcome to seek asylum in Russia if he needs to."

- The Final Interview is wrapping up and Stone and Putin are saying their goodbyes and hugging each other and shaking hands with the filming technicians.  As they shake hands for the last time, Putin asks Stone:  "Have you ever been beaten?"  Stone looks perplexed...he does not know what Putin is driving at.  Finally he understands when the translator asks,  "You know, have you ever been beaten up?"  Stone admits "Yes, I guess I have."  Putin gets in the last word when he says:  "Good!  You have experience, then...because you will surely be beaten up [once this Documentary is released to the public.]"

True enough, Oliver Stone is making the TV late night show rounds and recently, pathetic Stephen Colbert...who is still in therapy after Hilary's electoral loss...tried to ridicule are the details.

Colbert makes ASH of himself over Stone's Putin Interviews

BTW, when I use the word "ASH" to describe self-denigrating behavior...I am not trying to censor myself from using ASS.  I really do mean that the individual is reducing himself to an ash, a cinder, through behavioural self-immolation.

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