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UPDATED: Who wants Christians out of the birthplace of Christianity aka--the Middle East?

UPDATE:  May 26, 2017 According to this France 24 Report, Egypt has responded to the cowardly terrorist attack on unarmed Christians by bombing terrorist training bases in Libya

Bus splattered with blood after Gunmen
in military uniforms kill
28 Christians in Egypt[GRAPHIC]

Following Egyptian President al-Sisi's courageous confrontation with the demonic perpetrators of evil the other day--I posted a snippet HERE of his speech before Trump and the leaders of Israel and Saudi Arabia, I wondered when the retaliation would come.  Al-Sisis condemned the true supporters of terror--those who create, train, equip and support ISIS and other proxy terrorists, i.e. The US, the UK, Israel and Saudia Arabia.  As I feared, it did not take long for the Satanists to respond.  Please read the following report from RT below and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

Children among dozens killed as gunmen ambush convoy of Egyptian Coptic Christians

Gunmen opened fire on two buses and a truck carrying Coptic Christians in Minya, Egypt on Friday, killing at least 26, including children. Some 26 people were also injured in the attack. The group of between eight and 10 gunmen, reportedly dressed in military uniforms according to eyewitnesses, approached the convoy in three four-wheel-drive pickup trucks before opening fire, according to local media reports and the Egyptian Interior Ministry.

"They used automatic weapons," Essam el-Bedaiwy, governor of Minya told state television as cited by AFP. Security chiefs established a perimeter around the scene and launched a hunt for the attackers, setting up dozens of roadblocks in the area and sending out patrols to scour the desert road.

The Grand Imam of al-Azhar Ahmad al-Tayeb believes the attack was intended to destabilize the country. Al-Azhar is a center of Islamic learning in Egypt that dates back more than 1,000.  "I call on Egyptians to unite in the face of this brutal terrorism," al-Tayeb said while on a visit to Germany, as cited by Reuters.

The shooting, which occurred on the eve of Ramadan, happened as the victims travelled from Beni Suef province to the Coptic Orthodox Anba Samuel monastery near the southern city of Minya, 250km (155 miles) south of Cairo, according to local security sources, cited by Haaretz.

There is no immediate claim of responsibility. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi called an emergency meeting of security officials in the wake of Friday’s attack, Reuters reports.
Al-Bedaiwy confirmed the preliminary death toll, reports Reuters. Ambulances dispatched from the cities of Beni Suef and Minya are transporting victims to local hospitals in Adwa, Minya, Maghagha, according to local news outlet Youm7.

The US Embassy in Cairo warned of an imminent but unspecified terrorist attack on the night of May 24. “The Embassy is aware of a potential threat posted on a website by the Hassm Group, a known terrorist organization, suggesting some kind of unspecified action this evening,” the Egypt mission said in a statement.

The three-month state of emergency, declared in the wake of the Palm Sunday bombings in Tanta and Alexandria, is yet to expire. On April 9, twin suicide bombs targeting Coptic Christians killed at least 44 people and injured more than 118 in Tanta and Alexandria. Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Coptic Christians make up roughly 10 percent of Egypt's population of 92 million and are the Middle East’s largest Christian community. Pope Francis visited Egypt in April to show solidarity with Christians following the April attacks. He met Pope Tawadros II, the spiritual leader of the Coptics in Egypt.

In response to the Catholic Pope's visit, IS promised to escalate attacks in Egypt, warning Muslims to avoid Christian gatherings.  “The growing number of these terror attacks is not at all reassuring,” Fr. Rafic Greiche, the spokesman for the Egyptian Catholic Church, told local Egyptian media as cited by the AP

Some entity is bound and determined to rout all Christians out of the Middle East.  Who and why are the only questions.  Geopolitical analyst Mimi "Partisan Girl" recently alleged that it is Israel who wants Christians make room for a "homeland" for their favoured Kurd allies.  Surely, Syrian Christians have also been targeted in Syria.  Now, if the Bus had been full of Jews on their way to a Jewish holy site...there would be a worldwide condemnation and search for the killers.  The holocaust would be invoked and the Western Press would be full of lengthy tirades, particularly because this is the third such attack since Easter (the holiest time on the Christian calendar).  Some entity is bent on genocide--trying to wipe out Christians.  Who can it be?

Well, all I can do from this vantage point is to repeat the words of Egypt's President al-Sisi which he directed at the leaders of the US, UK, Israel and Saudi Arabia just within the last week...and which, IMO, spurred the demons to spill more Christian blood:

In Front of Trump, Egypt's Al-Sisi
Exposes the true supporters of Terrorism

Christians have become far too complacent over the past centuries.  The Devil hates those who believe in Christ more than anything.

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