Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Breaking News: Facebook Bans Fort Russ Editor, Joaquin Flores

I am having trouble posting this morning.  Blogger is infested with keyboard glitches.  But when I read the following story I decided to 'power through' and post this important development about that sly globalist propaganda spyware, the so called social media communicator, "Facebook".

When I read stories like this as I did this morning, it just serves to reinforce two strong convictions that I have had for some time now.  The first is that Facebook is a bag of Sh!t...and the second is that WWIII has already started and is an a "cold" phase at the moment.  Here are  snippets from the announcement in Fort Russ this morning.  I will have further thoughts in comments to follow:

Fort Russ and its team of independent translators and analysts have been hit by yet another round of social media censorship.

Fort Russ senior editor, Joaquin Flores has been slapped with an indefinite block on Facebook. Just six days ago, Fort Russ' Russian guest analyst, Dr. Eduard Popov, was also hit with another lengthy Facebook ban for sharing "extremist" material...from November 2015! Fort Russ' team members have also reported increasing problems with posting and sharing our articles on Facebook. 
NSA and CIA collaborator Mark Zuckerberg shows no signs of letting up the war on independent media.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

These are not the first such incidents, and definitely won't be the last. Ever since the "Fake News" hysteria began in the US in late 2016 and Fort Russ was featured on the PropOrNot list spread by The Washington Post, Fort Russ has faced a skyrocketing number of obstacles. Censorship and "Fake News" filters on social media and search engines have cut down our page views and strangled our outreach to global audiences.

What's more, the modest earnings we get from advertising that we use to support our professional and volunteer staff and investigative journalism have been deliberately slashed, as we've since learned, due to our "political content."
While this may surprise our readers, maintaining an independent news source providing free content to upwards of 80,000 readers a day is not something that can be done without resources and sacrifice.

While we've expanded our staff and coverage to bring readers like you daily news on the war in Syria and a growing number of exclusive accounts from Donbass, the censorship war being waged against us has constantly undermined our ability to cover our basic needs. Our parent organization, the Center for Syncretic Studies, has even had to step in to keep us afloat in the most dire times. Unfortunately, this is unsustainable even in the short term.

This is a war of attrition on independent news and analysis. The discredited mainstream media and their Internet resource collaborators are trying to starve out Fort Russ. We need to show the powers-that-be that we aren't going away...."

I have known Joaquin Flores via the Internet for several years now.  I first became aware of him through Morris's Interviews.  Flores has always been a responsible geopolitical analysts...one of the best interpreters of what is going on in the Ukraine in particular but also throughout eastern Europe.  I can see why the PTB want to get rid of him...and his colleagues.  What was it that Orwell said about truth? 

"In times of Universal Deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act"...or something like that.

Flores using the Facebook propaganda platform to tell the truth doesn't fly well with its owners...the Ziofascist cabal.  This is why I never belonged to Facebook...."belonged" being the operative word here.  I always knew that the old maxim "too good to be true--probably isn't" applied to it.  I knew that the MIC owners of the Internet would never allow anything altruistic like a purely social media communication system be set up on the Internet.  It would have to serve some purpose of theirs.  In this case it is spyware/propaganda. Full Stop.  At first, they cagily allowed real truth tellers on as a draw and a fake presentation...but always with the end goal of isolating them and weeding them out.

Same with advertising.  Blogger has advised me that I could get a paltry fee of something like $14 (US) per month to allow advertising on my blog.  Don't tell Blogger...but I would be willing to pay Blogger  $14 (Cdn) to keep their gross Ads of rotting meat and people with open wounds on the back of their heads OFF my blog site. But I'm waiting to hear from Blogger that they are going to place their repulsive ads on my blog with no remuneration...anyway.  That's the way it goes.

The good news is that, as I have said in numerous other posts on this topic, Humanity is hard wired to seek the truth.  We cannot believe horseshi! indefinitely...or, at least the 37% capable of critical thinking cannot.  Truth rises, like cream, to the top of human intellectual discourse.  Truth does not have to be defended by laws.... or by banning truthtellers from popular communication platforms.  Ultimately a secondary Internet is going to emerge where the truthtellers can draw their followers.  Facebook will be left to the sheeple...where they can graze and grow fat on the puerile navel-gazing, disinformation and propaganda.

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