Monday, March 13, 2017

President Bashar al Assad's Interview with Chinese Media

Readers of the previous post below will note that there was an engaging discussion in the "comments" about the merits of this latest interview by embattled Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad.  Reader James graciously provided a link to the video (above) and transcript:

And the transcript can be read here-
President al-Assad to Chinese Phoenix TV

My take on this interview is that the experienced, world statesmen politicians Assad and Putin, as tightly knit as ever....are playing "good cop", "bad cop" with the new guy on the block...US President Donald Trump.

As has been noted elsewhere.  Russian and US generals met two weeks or more ago and apparently came to some détente as to what their soldiers were going to do in Syria...the US having determined to send some soldiers into the country to fulfil an election "promise" made by Trump to tackle ISIS.

Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia General Valery Gerasimov (left)
and Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford (right)
in Baku, Azerbaijan, 16 February 2017

It would appear, to this observer at least, that Assad and Putin decided to "under-react" to the "too many cooks" American "invasion" of Syria...for a multitude of reasons, as you can imagine, not the least of which is to prevent an Armageddon.  The Russians are treating this very impulsive act with kid other words, are being the "good cops"...going along and "mentoring" the newbie, as it were.  Meanwhile, Russia from the air and Syria from the ground are making slow and steady progress eradicating ISIS and the other proxy militants from Syria by themselves.

Assad, on the other hand is the "bad cop"...reading the "riot act" in this interview.  He states categorically that the Americans and the Turks are "invaders".  This alerts the Syrian citizens not to aid or abet them in any way.  It was Assad's constitutional duty to state the obvious to his people and to the world.  He is a stickler (as is Putin) for the constitution and the rule of International Law.

Putin is treating the Yanks the same way he treated the Turks...hoping to de-escalate and negotiate them away from shooting up the main streets of the meantime, Assad is alerting the international community and public opinion that the "invaders" are at it again.  China and Russia recently blocked Western sanctions against Syria at the UN.  China may attend the next peace negotiations scheduled for March 20th in Astana.  Assad, during the interview VERY significantly called China a "loyal ally" and said Chinese corporations were being "invited in" to Syria to begin the rebuilding process.  Hmmmmm...perhaps Assad will invite the Chinese military he invited Russia in.  Now that would certainly be interesting.  I have not touched on the Turkish situation with the Kurds...which is a whole other area of concern.  All I can say is...I hope Erdogan has not forgotten (again) what side his bread is buttered on.

I am sure geopolitical observers will be watching this very combustible situation closely in the days and weeks to come.

Map of the Biblical Armageddon


SingingSam said...

Absolutely right GC, this is a geopolitical situation worthy of close observation.

Several things are obvious from this interview with Assad especially if you watch it instead of just reading the transcript. Assad has a sense of humor, laughing at things like the White Helmets winning an Oscar. This is not a man in crisis mode.

He is a daddy and a family man. How easy it would be to use leading a nation at war as an excuse to avoid familial relationships and responsibilities. He doesn't.

Also, he is a soldier's president. He shows no weariness of the fight, no lack of resolve, and no proclivity for self-indulgence while his soldiers endure danger and deprivation.

Finally look at him. He is well past the age when metabolism is your friend, yet he appears to be in decent shape physically and mentally. This is a smart guy who has mastered himself, knowing that the enemy will use any opportunity to drive a wedge between him and his family, his people, his army and even his own health.

The war isn't about Assad. No amount of MSM character assassination can make it about Assad. It is far larger, and the stakes are far higher than the sovereignty of a single small nation. It is about the future of Empire. Can it continue to extract wherever it wants, built pipelines wherever it wants and subjugate the 99.99% wherever it wants? The world is watching and taking sides.

Turkey remains on Turkey's side first and foremost. But the thawing of its relationship with Russia is real enough to annoy the US and its EU vassals. That's a good thing because the only thing worse than having uninvited Turk and US boots on your soil is having them working together.

The other trouble maker, the US, isn't exactly all in. They have maybe a thousand marines hunkered down inside armored Stryker vehicles towing M777 howitzers that can lob DU shells at targets 25 miles away. They appear committed only to putting on a show of force while taking minimal casualties. They'll do the only things they are good at, as noted by Assad, which are blowing stuff up, killing civilians and leaving the land poisoned.

At the end of it all Syria will be battered and broken but still standing. Watch the interview and you'll see an important reason why this outcome looks increasingly likely.

greencrow said...

SingingSam says:

"...The war isn't about Assad. No amount of MSM character assassination can make it about Assad. It is far larger, and the stakes are far higher than the sovereignty of a single small nation. It is about the future of Empire..."

So true. Assad is the first designated "Regime Change" leader who has catapulted the western propaganda. Most people in the world (even his enemies) see him as an old-fashioned hero. A leader who really does put his people and his country first. Above all...he is something the West hasn't produced in a couple of generations...Assad is a Statesman.