Sunday, February 5, 2017

Fake Reason being presented by Fake News for Trudeau's Dive in the Polls

Fake Reason being presented by Fake News
for Trudeau's Dive in the Polls

You will never read the truth in the CBC (aka "Fake News North") but it's shocking how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (le dauphin) is tanking in the Public Opinion Polls.  The Deep State Puppetmasters to the south are wringing their hands in perplexity at how this matinee idol-handsome handpuppet...that they thought had a 'best before' shelf life of at least a suddenly beginning to show mold and putrification...and might need to be removed prior even to the next (s)election three years hence.

What to do?  What to dooooooo?!  Well, first you have to make up a reason for the nosedive in popular support.  You can't have the truth leak out to the world that he has been rejected due to his supplication before the losing Clintonite Deep State cabal....and all the stupid political positions he took as a result...twisting himself into an illogical pretzel supporting the Kiev Junta in Ukraine, as one example.  The Ethnic and Russian speaking citizens of the Donbass and Crimea behaved just like Trudeau's home province of Quebec French-speaking citizens would have behaved...had the French language been summarily outlawed in La Belle Provance.  Quebeccers would have voted to leave Canada in a heartbeat....and nobody would have blamed them.  But Trudeau had to ignore that political and cultural reality by condemning the actions of the Crimeans and citizens of Donetsk and Lugansk.  Why, Canada even sent our military over to Ukraine to help train (and probably supply arms under the table) to the Junta soldiers.

Instead of the Trudeau puppetmasters admitting that Trudeau made several classical political mistakes (showing him to be the principle-lacking toady that he is) such as "backing the wrong (Clinton) horse" in an election and then appointing grotesquely inappropriate ministers to prominent posts in his cabinet (i.e., Chrystia Freeland) they're making up a story out of whole cloth that he's becoming unpopular because of his stand on electoral reform.  Folks!  Canadians don't give a rat's @$$ about electoral reform.  Particularly any Trudeau version of same.  Any reform of Canada's first-past-the post electoral system would have to be a part of a much larger package of constitutional reform, including the dreaded "Senate Reform" question.

Puppetmasters order CBC not to say who initiated latest Ukraine conflict

But the panicky perps have to throw in a stinking red herring--to divert the sheeple from the disgusting and morally reprehensible fact (that the CBC is hiding from Canadians) that Canada is part of a diabolical plot to reignite the war on the Donbass in eastern Ukraine.  This war is being heated up to drive a wedge between newly elected Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin.  Can you imaging that Canada is going to support women and children being killed and communities destroyed over such a venal and cynical goal?  Not to mention that this goal is already dead in the water.

Putin tells the truth about Ukraine flare-up

Vladimir Putin, in a press conference last week told the truth about the uptick in violence in Ukraine.  He said that the Kiev Junta was desperate to "play the victim" to attract the attention and sympathies of the new Trump Poroshenko and his fellow corrupt Ukraine oligarchs could maintain their latching on to the US financial teat...and the Canadian mini teat, I might add.

Trump has now again voiced support for Putin and said he "respected" him as a leader in an interview to be made public today.

Trump's interview of today
Trump takes M$M bait re Putin
Should have refused to answer
slick "High School debate" question
re Putin is a "Killer' - where
ANY answer would/did cost him

All this détente between Putin and Trump leaves petit dauphin Trudeau out in the Canadian political winter of discontent.  Canadians don't like being used as a wedge, or a lever, or a buffer...or whatever service it is that Trudeau is being ordered to bend over and perform.  We want to return to our former status (lost many decades ago now...mainly during the Harper years) of "honest and neutral broker for peace".  This was a role that earned us respect "back in the day".  It is this continued journey down the swirly of "international 'perpetual war' gopher and toady" that we reject and this is why Trudeau's poll numbers are tanking.

But you won't be reading or hearing about it on the CBC.


Anonymous said...

The CBC is making this ALL about electoral reform.......pure bullshit!

It is about his pipeline support and his pandering to big oil and Trump that has his followers leaving in droves.

The average Canadian probably knows and cares less than he/she does about the Ukraine, sadly. While Trudeau and Freeland the nazi are doing exactly what you say they are, it is not on the radar of most Canadians. The pipeline lies show clearly that he will serve big oil and Trump.

But the way our evil rulers handle their puppets, is to have the next one ready to replace the broken one. When Trudeau runs out of support by screwing his base, the swine Kevin O'Leary will be next in line. He will be Trump north.
Lots of fakery everywhere these days, especially fake alternative media who continually portray Putin as some sort of good man. He is an servant of the NWO just like Trudea or Trump or Obama and so are the filthy scribes who sing his praises.

greencrow said...

Thanks for your comment, anony. So, what politician(s) would you say are actually serving the people these days?

greencrow said...

Anon says:

".... The pipeline lies show clearly that he will serve big oil and Trump."

Again, while this issue is very divisive (east against west) for Canadians...I do not agree that it is the primary reason for Trudeau's nosedive in the polls. While, yes, it is yet another indication that Trudeau is unprincipled and his polices are "for sale", pipelines were not the reason for Harper's defeat in the last election. Harper was defeated and Trudeau was elected BECAUSE CANADIANS ARE TIRED OF OUR PERMANENT WAR FOREIGN POLICY. THEY ARE TIRED OF CANADA GETTING INVOLVED IN THE MIDDLE EAST FOR ISRAEL AND IN THE UKRAINE FOR THE SAME MIC DEEP STATE THAT HARPER SUPPORTED AND THAT WANTS WAR WITH RUSSIA.

So, it is the discovery that Trudeau is no different than Harper that has caused his poll numbers to dive. But the Fake News M$M can't admit that...noway nohow.