Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Years Eve Prediction for 2017---More Fake News

Post by well-known Canadian Activist
Betty Krawczyk in Radical Press

December 31st is the last day of the Year AND my birthday.  So every year it's like an accountant's report....done up to the last day of the year with a new "fiscal" starting on January 1st.  Quite convenient.  I want to take this opportunity to wish all my readers from around the world a very Happy and Healthy New Year 2017.  I always include "healthy" in with "happy" because I've learned that good health is one of the foundations/pillars of earthly happiness.

Along with wishing everyone a Happy New Year...another of the traditions of this day is to make "predictions" for the coming year.  Being a bit of a risk taker and gambler (two necessary ingredients of a geopolitical blogger, IMO) I do like to stick my neck out and make predictions.  This year I am going to play it rather conservatively and only make one prediction for the coming year....there will be more FAKE NEWS...a LOT more.  The only event that would prevent this prediction from coming true is a world wide revolt against the evil liars that control the mainstream news outlets.  Canadian activist Betty Krawczyk is also frustrated by the prevalence of fake news and the destruction it is doing to international peaceful relations.  Betty is what they call a "tree hugger" from way back in the 70's.  She was arrested and jailed several times for participating in anti-first growth logging on the West Coast of British Columbia.  When she spent time in jail, she knitted and sent out bulletins (this was pre-Internet).  She was one of my heros and a mentor in her own way.  Here is what she says about US "Fake News" as obsequiously parroted on the Canadian tax-payer funded public broadcaster...the CBC:

......It’s as if the US is telling itself fairy tales and getting very angry when any collection of individuals or even one individual, who says, by way of resistance “but wait…I personally do not believe the bull excrement you are shoveling onto my doorstep (and into my airways)”. Not that any important media, or important person, for that matter, at least recognized by Canada, is trying to do this. But I personally rebel when the Canadian press and media, following the US story line, tries to persuade me, and millions of others, that Hillary Clinton lost the election because Putin personally elected Trump as US president by hacking into the American voting machines. I have to say they are lying through their expensive implanted teeth."

Yes, this morning the CBC was falling all over itself in a pathetic, clumsy effort to minimize the damage Obama did to himself and the US by his ludicrous "sanctions" and diplomatic expulsions of the past few days.  The following excepts of a report by the CBC are an apogee of  the tactic of "limited hang out".  The term "limited hangout" derives from the Watergate crisis in the 70's in the US.  The White House crooks were caught on tape strategizing to embed a bit of the truth in an ocean of lies.  Notice as well that all the "experts" quoted in the report below are Jewish.  I'm sorry, but I'm SO tired of seeing every "expert pronouncement" tacked to a Jewish if that is an imprimatur or nihil obstat of some sort. it is and I have bolded the "limited hangout" falsehoods:
The sanctions announced by Obama, then, are part of a strategy to make a public decree about Russia's actions and Russia's meddling in the electoral process, she [Lauren Goodrich] said. This is of particular importance with the European election cycle next year and fears that Moscow may want to interfere and create instability in Western Europe.

"The U.S. wanted to make a very public statement on this is what Russia is doing. This is the harm it can cause," Goodrich said.


But Robert Kaufman, a political scientist who specializes in U.S. foreign policy at Pepperdine University, disagreed. "It's too little, it's too late," Kaufman said about Obama's recent measures. Indeed, the president's whole approach to Russia and Putin's regime has been rather feckless, Kaufman suggested. "The response to Putin is more out of personal pique that Putin dared to undermine Hillary Clinton's election chances rather than any concrete, strategic, programmatic response."

"If you're really serious about stopping Putin, you've got to go after their energy sector, banking sector, you have to arm Ukraine with defensive arms ... and start calling Russia for what it is." At the beginning of his administration, Obama sought to "reset" relations with Moscow. But Kaufman believes that despite Russian geopolitical aggression, Obama continued to adhere to that principle.

"During his administration, right up until the end, he resisted any and all measures to abandon the reset even after Russian behaviour literally falsified all of its premises."
"I think even if you are an Obama supporter, this last-minute flurry of petulant diplomacy doesn't do any good. This is Donald Trump's issue now. Not Obama's."

Limited hangouts are the bedrock of FAKE NEWS.  Limited hangouts were the grist for the seminal fairy tale reports that have permitted the occupation of the West by the Deep State Cabal, beginning with the Warren Commission Report on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  The Warren Commission swaddled the kernels of truth (President Kennedy was shot down like a dog in the streets of Dallas and killed with a bullet to the head) with a WTC-tall blanket of lies and limited hang outs. Truth Investigators have spent over 50 years pulling the blankets away like skins of an onion and have revealed what Jim Garrison (that rare diamond of a man in a pile of horse manure legal system they have down there) told us in early days:

The Fakesters were so successful with the Warren Commission blankets of lies Report that they doubled down on it with the 9/11 Commission Report.  Have you ever tried to read this thing??? I have, and could only read the first two or three pages.  It is a brazen, audacious insult to normal intelligence.  It has the professional investigatory impact of a dime store novel...without the literary quality of same.  Like Garrison said about the Warren's not worth the paper it's written on...or, in the case of the 9/11 Commission Report...the RAM it uses up on your hard drive.

How did the perpetrators of the Kennedy Assassination and 9/11 (actually the same cabal) get away with their atrocities?  Nobody read either report.  They counted on that.  They made the reports so chock a block full of useless irrelevant details and boilerplate advisories that nobody could plough through them...with the exception of heros like Jim Garrison.

But, it's all over now...or is it?

With the coming of the alternative media, foreign press like RT and PressTV, coinciding with the "jump the shark" hysterical reporting of the main$tream media during last presidential campaign...the public has finally got fed up with Fake News based on Fake Reports/Evidence.  Witness the analysis of the effort of the Obama White House to pin the loss of Hillary Clinton in the last election to "Russian Hacking".  Read this post and particularly the comments after it, to see the cynicism oozing out from chattering classes.  Will this cynicism trickle down to the "sheeple"? If it ever does...and the sheeple take another look at the Warren Commission Report and the 9/11 Commission Report sans blinders...there will be a mass vomitation...followed by a dragging of the perps through the streets and shoving of rifle butts up their @nu$es.  Just like what happened to that poor American Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, in Benghazi. But don't expect the perps to stop, as Betty Krawczyk says, shoveling bull excrement onto your doorstep."  They can't.  They can no more tell the truth than we can bring JFK or the "jumpers" from the WTC back to life.

Fake News will always be is up to us to discriminate between it and the truth and to "choose the truth" no matter what the cost.

Happy New Years to All and to my fellow bloggers...Happy Blogging 2017!


Anonymous said...

Greencrow I love your writing, your blog is one of my favorites. Wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for your awesome blog. Rachel

greencrow said...

Hi Rachel:

Thanks for the encouragement. I write for readers like you. All the best in the New Year to you and yours.


Penny said...

Hey Greencrow:

the story about the Santa Perp originated with one private news operator in turkey- in other words it was fake news..

the perp was head to toe black- I don't think any eye witness's account for that claim

From my update:

"Private NTV news channel said the assailant entered the upscale nightclub, on the shores of the Bosporus, on the European side of the city, dressed in a Santa Claus outfit.

Security camera footage obtained by AP from Haberturk newspaper, shows the male assailant dressed in black and carrying a backpack as he shoots down a police officer outside the Reina nightclub.

Who provided NTV with this fake info- Or did NTV plant false information intentionally to signal the delivery of a "gift" There is NO mistaking a guy in head to toe black with Santa Claus

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Thanks for the update and I will check your blog. IMO, the goal of this False Flag terror attack perpetrated by the "usual suspects" is to steal the headlines from Russia/Putin outsmarting the US/Obama on the diplomatic expulsion caper. Did you see that shocking interview of Russian Spokesperson Maria Zakarova recently? In it she says that throughout all the laborious negotiations between Lavrov and Kerry over Syria...Russia was continuously being threatened with a media disinformation campaign to portray it as the "aggressor" in Syria.

She said that high level US "diplomats" kept saying to their Russian counterparts: "If you [Russia] don't cease your bombing of the terrorists, we will hire a media company which will twist everything around to make Russia appear the aggressors."

That's what they do...we live in THEIR manufactured reality...produced by media companies. And that's what was going down with the "Santa Attack" in Turkey.

greencrow said...

Here is the link to the "must watch" Zakharova interview

Penny said...

Hey GC: I disagree with the reasoning being the diplomatic expulsion caper- that was well handled and upstaged obama very easily

I lean more towards the whole successful agreement between Turkey and Russia- going to the UN to get the work Turkey and Russia had done approved- totally put the US on the spot- completely upstaged the US on the world stage

Russia and Turkey working together, outside of the bogus UN, to create a peace deal the US/UK/France and Israel never wanted. But was forced to endorse- loosing even more 'face' globally

Not only that, some parties demanded changes so the UN would not have to endorse the ceasefire aspect- it's not hard to figure which parties would have demanded the changes- the ones that didn't want peace

Penny said...

the interview is very telling- "we live in THEIR manufactured reality...produced by media companies"

I don't disagree with that!

greencrow said...

Penny says:

"....I lean more towards the whole successful agreement between Turkey and Russia- going to the UN to get the work Turkey and Russia had done approved- totally put the US on the spot- completely upstaged the US on the world stage

Russia and Turkey working together, outside of the bogus UN, to create a peace deal the US/UK/France and Israel never wanted. But was forced to endorse- loosing even more 'face' globally."


Yes. The combination of the above severely humiliating blows to the US/UK/France and Israel power structures forced the cabal to respond. But. As to the timing? Timing is everything ....and at the moment of the attack...Russia controlled the headlines with Putin's "high road" response to the expulsion. It's difficult to believe the cabal could be so childish about controlling center stage...and so desperate and atrociously destructive in order to regain it....but they are.

greencrow said...

As evidence of the purpose of the is the current CBC headline:

This is the main story

Now....doesn't that take your mind off Putin inviting American children to a Christmas party at the Kremlin? Not to mention the Syrian Peace Treaty, the "unanimous" UN resolution in support of same....and all the other "bad" news?

Penny said...

Hey GC:

I had to delete one entire post to restore the blog- the newest post of course
clearly some code had been inserted that screwed the entire blog up
the odd thing is- the blog worked and then sometime later..
it didn't
I saved all my info- but still it will take some time, but, I'll get it back up