Monday, December 19, 2016

Leader of Free World Responds to Latest Terrorist Assassination

Leader of the Free World, President Putin of Russia
Responds to the Assassination of
Russian Ambassador in Ankara, Turkey

President Putin vows to investigate the murder and identify those who "gave the orders".  Most sentient beings on the planet understand that this assassination was not only an attack on Russia but it was an attack on all peaceful and civilized people who wish to live under the rule of law.  NOTE:  There may also be a subliminal message for President-elect Trump in this assassination--which took place on the very day he won the electoral college vote.

It is interesting that the news ticker at the bottom of the RT report says the assassination took place in an Art Gallery located close to the American Embassy...and that the US State Department announced the murder.  I have already noted in a comment how the New York Times seemed to be crowing about the crime in its report, showing several graphic and insensitive photos of the victim....this is their way of informing their co-conspirators who did it.

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BuelahMan said...

Putin is, as Trump, just another clown in the clown car.